Posted by: bree1972 | November 12, 2010

Just when you think . . . 11/12/2010

Things were going so well . . .

Our contractor, Charlie, worked for two days on the ceiling in our den and was set to come back on Wednesday to “texture” in the design.  That meant he could paint on Thursday, and by Friday we’d be able to move back into that room and start on the bedroom Monday.

After Charlie promised to arrive at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, I waited until 9:30 before calling Ted, who was driving veterans to Dublin.  “Maybe you should give him a call,” I said.  “Something must have happened.”  Before Ted could make the phone call though, Charlie showed up – looking white as a sheet.  He had been working for two days with an abscessed tooth and no pain medication because he knew he couldn’t function while on the meds.  After being up all night in pain, he had made an appointment for his dentist to pull the tooth and ran by to cover some supplies he had left open.  Bless his heart – I felt so sorry for him.

Charlie was back bright and early – and pain free – on Thursday morning and put in a good five hours of work on the ceiling before beginning to scrap the loose paint on the window frames.  If things go as planned, he will still paint the den tomorrow, and he might work some on Saturday to get started on the sunporch floor.

Our newly textured ceiling - I really like the "design".


This is the paint we've decided on for our bedroom. Sherwin-Williams makes up these little samples now for $5.00 that allow you to bring home enough paint to really see what you're getting - much better than an inch square piece of paper!

Hopefully, by Monday’s blog, the den will be painted, and all the furniture will be moved back in there.

I’ve been meaning to tell you about the water being down now.  Every two years, the water level is lowered in the lake so people can work on their docks, piers, and boathouses.  To do this, more gates are opened at the dam down river, and the water is allowed to flow out.  The water started down on November 1, and right now is definitely not the prettiest time to live on Lake Blackshear.  The water will start to come back up the middle of December, so by Christmas we will be at full pool once more.

We are waterless from our seawall all the way out to the boathouse (glad the boat got fixed and back onto the boat lift before the water went down).


Too bad this shoreline isn't sand - we could pretend we're at the beach!


Remember that cypress tree growing out of the water next to our dock? This is the same tree - you can see a lot more of its roots now! Around it, you can also see roots of trees that have been chopped down when the water was lowered at some time in the past. Cutting down a cypress tree is illegal, and we have no idea when these were cut (way before our time here). Sometime people do it to have a better view - really a no-no though. Cypress is a prized hardwood that is resistant to decay, and the trees only grow in the very wet, swampy soils of riverbanks and floodplain lakes. I just saw a new house the other day on the river with Cypress ceilings - oh my gosh, they were beautiful! If cutting was allowed on public lands, they would soon become even rarer than they are now.


Before the water went down, the waterline on this cypress was just below those lower branches.


Looking back at our house from the "dry" boathouse.


Our UGA Bulldog still keeps watch on the deck.


And with temps still in the high 70's during the day, I can sit out here every afternoon and read, or watch the birds gorging themselves at the birdfeeder, or watch Maddie catch a squirrel - which she finally did this week, after five years of trying .

I contacted both Albany hospitals this afternoon about beginning the process of becoming an authorized volunteer – something I must do to go into either one as a Pet Partner team.  Hopefully, I’ll have all those requirements taken care of before Thanksgiving – orientation, TB test, flu shot, and background check.  After all that, I might as well go ahead and start medical school!  If Bear passes his test the Sunday after Thanksgiving, we’ll be able to start working together before Christmas.  Can’t wait!

A belated THANK YOU to all our veterans – past, present, and future – who have given us the gift of awakening each morning to freedom.  Our granddaughter, Jordan, did a special school project for Veterans Day this week on her great-grandfather Harris Horton, Ted’s father.  Lt. Cmdr. Horton was a Naval Officer.  Thank you also to my daddy, Leonard Sumner and his brother Hubert, who served overseas in WWII, and to my Uncle Hubert’s son Ronald and our brother-in-law Charlie, who both served in Vietnam.  Oh how I wish I could have hugged my dad today and said thank you one more time.  Love and miss you, daddy.

Jordan with her Veterans Day project.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Stay safe, enjoy your families, and God bless.

A beautiful pink glow - at sunrise this morning.



  1. Ohh I like that ceiling design too, I’ve never seen that before, but what I like even better then that is the picture hanging in the bedroom! 😉
    The shoreline does look very different without all the water but that is a really nice thing for them to do, so that people can fix whatever needs fixin. Can I ask why it is illegal to cut down Cypress trees that grow in the water? I would think it would make the water safer for the boats and stuff…but what do I know.
    Great job Jordan on your school project!!

    • Great question, Hilde. Cypress is a prized hardwood that is resistant to decay, and the trees only grow in the very wet, swampy soils of riverbanks and floodplain lakes. I just saw a new house the other day on the river with Cypress ceilings – oh my gosh, they were beautiful! If cutting was allowed on public lands, they would soon become even rarer than they are now. I think I’ll go back and add this info to the blog. Thanks, Hilde!

      • I guess that makes sense. They are beautiful trees and I find it so unique that they grow out in the river. 🙂

  2. Hi,

    Just curious…what did Maddie do with the squirrel?
    Also, when the lake water comes back up, how do people boating on the lake avoid the cypress stumps underwater?

    • Hi Joan, Well, let’s just say the squirrel is now in squirrel Heaven. It was very fast – anything Maddie catches is basically “snapped” almost like a whip – she’s done it with snakes before. Horrible to talk about, but I think she breaks their neck. It’s in her bloodline – that’s what she and all dachshunds are breed to do – go after “vermin”. She doesn’t try to eat what she kills – thank goodness. That was probably waayyy more information than you wanted. The river channel is across the lake from us and is very deep. So any stumps are far below the boats. As far the rest of the lake, people who live here just know where to go because we know what the lake bed looks like. We know this because in 1994 this entire area was flooded by a tropical storm. The dam broke and except for the river bed (which was just a trickle of water), the lake was dry for about a year. To me, it’s still dangerous to ski anywhere except in the river channel itself.

  3. Bree – the watercolor over your bed is St. Anne’s on Mackinac, right? If not, it sure looks like it!

    • Yes, it is a print of Mackinac Island’s Haldeman Bay by Richard Wolfgang. We bought it matted and framed and had it shipped to Georgia the first or second year we visited the island. One of our favorite possessions.

  4. Love that yellow you chose for your bedroom! I also really like that shot of the ‘before the water went down’ trees.
    Good luck to you and Bear with all of your testing-I’m sure you’ll be fine and out on your therapy rounds very soon. And, as sad as it was for the squirrel, yay to Maddie for finally getting one! She must have been very proud of herself. Have a great weekend and I hope your nice weather continues. I think we’re about at the end of it here in Michigan.

  5. I’m glad I finally remembered to add this blog to my blogroll. You have the perfect life! Summers on the island and winters in Georgia! We have a house on Lake Martin in Alabama and the ceilings there are textured just like your new ceiling. Your photos made me feel like I was home, because Lake Martin is taken down every winter, so we have some ugly months on the lake too!

    Enjoy your new bedroom!

  6. We, too , have that type of ceiling and design in our living room. I like it.

    Jordan is growing up fast. How sweet of her to do a project about the veterans. We must always remember them. I have 3 uncles who served in WWII and two husbands (one at a time, thank you), who served in the war ’57 thru ’63.

    I wonder if Maddie will slow down since she has finally gotten her squirrel!

    Love the sunrise!

  7. I had to do some repairs on the ceiling in my living room and nowI am trying to match the texture pattern and unable to find the tool that would do this – it is the same design that you posted on 11/12/10 – do you know the name of this pattern or can you put me in contact with the person who did the work? Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks so much

    • Billie – I have no idea what pattern our ceiling is. The man who did it “said” it was his own design, and he used a homemade tool (basically looked like a wad of cloth on a long stick). He’s moved out of the area, so I don’t know how to get in touch with him.

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