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Misty Morning 11/15/2010

Someone left a comment this weekend that Ted and I live in the best of two worlds – summers on an island in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and winters on a lake in south Georgia.  I couldn’t agree more, and there is very seldom a day that goes by that Ted or I one don’t say, “We are so blessed.”

I was thinking about that Saturday morning when I wandered out on the sunporch, coffee cup in hand to find Ted sitting in his chair with his little notebook computer in his lap.  I had already fed the two munchkins who had jumped into the bed with me a few minutes earlier, making it known in no uncertain terms that they were ready for breakfast.  They were following their “morning routine”. 

Morning routine from Maddie:  Dad gets up first and lets me and Goofy out the front door.  We hurry up and do our business, then come and bark at the door.  I do most of the barking because I am a lot more annoying when I bark than Fuzz Face.  Dad lets us into the kitchen, where we wait patiently while he makes the water that turns black after he pours it into that pot.  Then dad goes to our second favorite kitchen cabinet, and we each get a treat.  How cool is that!  We get a treat for waking up!  Then we follow dad around a few minutes to see what he’s going to do.  When the coffee is made, dad usually heads for the sunporch, and if it’s still dark outside, we settle down with him – me in his lap while he reads, and the great hairy one on the floor.  Just as the sun is coming up, it suddenly occurs to both me and Goldie – at precisely the same moment – that we’re hungry for breakfast.  And mom is in charge of breakfast.  And mom is still in the bed asleep.  So . . . . we both jump up and run as fast as we can into the bedroom and jump as close as we can to mom without landing on her.  I start at her neck and begin licking (I know she does not like me licking her in the face, so if I start close enough she will get up faster).  The furry one doesn’t help at all with this.  He is not a licker.  What he does is snuggle up as close as possible to mom and then puts one huge foot and leg across her stomach, while blowing doggie breath into her face.  Well, believe me, since I am in that same area doing all the licking, I can just tell you that his breath is enough to wake 20 people!   Now that mom’s awake, she grumbles and mumbles about having to wake up, and why didn’t dad close the door to the bedroom.  But we know she’s only kidding, cause she puts one arm around each of us and tells us what wonderful, beautiful puppies we are.  Then she gets up, and we have to wait outside the bathroom door while she does whatever moms do first thing in the morning.  As soon as that door opens, we hightail it to the kitchen and sit in front of our first favorite cabinet!  Mom gets out the dogfood, and soon we are chowing down!

So – all of that routine had been taken care of by the time I walked out onto the sunporch.  Ted’s first words after “Good morning” were, “I took some pictures this morning before the sun came up.”  I saw immediately why he had taken the time to do that – it was one of those foggy, misty mornings that turn the area outside our windows into a mysterious landscape where reflections off the water resemble images in a frosted mirror.

Wispy clouds, the fish lights at the end of the boathouse, and a log that is normally hidden from view almost made me miss that one bright star shining down over it all.


More mystic than misty.


As an experiment, I changed this one over to sepia tones. I really like how it turned out.

As the sun came up over the horizon, I took a few pics of my own:

A few ducks have discovered we are back home, but they must be finding plenty to eat in the shallow water off the "beach". So far, they haven't flown over the fence to graze under the birdfeeder.


Maddie's next target.


The ghostly image of a dead cypress rises out of the mist.


Ted and his notebook. That's a map of Lake Blackshear behind him. I should take a close-up pic of that sometime and explain exactly where we are on the ri'vah.


Yes . . . we are blessed.

I posted an update to the Mackinac Island blog tonight.  If you’d like to read that, you can click here:

Tomorrow – a renovation update and pics from a party!  See you then!



  1. Beautiful. Love those misty mornings. Tell the dogs to keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Ted for taking such beautiful pictures this morning. I love being at the lake on mornings like that. Right now it’s to cold to be at the lake here. Your furry “kids” sure know how to get what the want. But they are so lovable.

  3. What beautiful pictures! It’s so cute to see that your “babies” know who gives out the treats and who gives them breakfast 🙂 Have a wonderful Monday!!

  4. Ohh I like those pictures Ted took and that one of the dead cypress rising out of the mist is almost eerie. Very cool!.
    Great idea about the map and showing us where you are. That would be very interesting to see.
    Always love the way Maddie explains things. 🙂
    Well, gotta take a quick trip to Mackinac…see you back here tomorrow. 😉

  5. I love Maddie’s description of the morning routine. She has quite a way with words! Ted’s photos are amazing! I really love the cypress shots. Have a great week!

  6. Dear Bree, I love BOTH of your blogs and by love I mean LOVE… I read them every morning before I start work..I kinda ease into the mornin’/work day with them. I live in MidMichigan-Lapeer. My father has a cottage on Douglas Lk. in TN near Knoxville area and for his Birthday, framed a similar picture of the map behind Ted. I copied the map at Kinkos into black and white and used a manilla color paper..It gave it an antique look. I then sear burned the edges of the paper before I framed it..It turned out really nice. Keep up the great writing..I can’t wait until your return to “the North”.

    • Hello Todd – thanks so much for writing! I know your dad really loves that map you did for him – you would be amazed how much a simple, heartfelt gift like that means to us moms and dads. Glad you’re enjoying the blogs – I hear it’s snowing on the island right now – but not sticking yet. Still too warm in Georgia – 70’s during the day. Hoping for at least 60’s by Thanksgiving. Wearing shorts on Thanksgiving Day is just too weird :)!

  7. Beautiful pictures you two!

  8. The people above have said it all……great post from all of you!!

  9. What extraordinary misty morning pictures! They should be entered in a photo contest.

  10. Brenda,

    The blogs were really enjoyable, as they always are, and I sure liked the pictures. Of course, the misty morning pictures jogged my memory. When I was in high school back in the mid ’50s, 6 or 8 of us boys spent the night at the cabin of the uncle of one of the boys. It was on a small lake near Cheboygan. One thing I remember is that I was the only one that knew how to start a fire in the stove to warm us up in the morning, but the best thing was that we went canoeing (is that spelled right) on the lake just as the sun was coming up. It was absolutely beautiful. The sky was pink, the air was misty and mist was rising from the water. Aren’t memories grand? What would we do without them?

    • Lowell, Would you believe I just said to Ted today that I hadn’t heard from you lately, and hoped you weren’t sick. I’m so glad you wrote tonight with more of your wonderful memories. Brenda

  11. Love the photos of the trees in the mist! We too have a map of our lake on the wall in the living room. The lake is such an integral part of life in the south, and we use it to show guests where they are. Probably just like you do! 🙂

  12. Subtlety may deceive you; integrity never will.

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