Posted by: bree1972 | November 16, 2010

Party and Paint 11/16/2010

A bunch of us went out to eat Friday night at the “new” Olde Inn to celebrate Stevie’s (Dawn’s hubby) birthday.  This is the restaurant we kept hoping would open (under new owners) before we left last May, but never did – until two weeks after we left for Mac Island.  So Ted and I were excited to go celebrate Stevie’s birthday AND try out a new place to eat.  There were six couples, and I think everyone ordered something different. 

I always pity the poor server who gets this rowdy crowd when we descend on a restaurant, but the girl who waited on us (anyone below the age of 40 is now a “girl” to me) handled us pretty well.  I really liked what I ordered – grilled amberjack – but I have to admit my favorite river restaurant is still Daphne’s. 

Birthday boy Stevie (in foreground) and wife Dawn - then Marianne and Cecil (Stevie's mom and dad), then Ed (who had just retired that day and was celebrating also)!


Sally (Ed's wife), me taking a pic of Ed taking THIS pic, Ted, then Gary and his friend Karen.


Ted and I, Sally, Samille and Ralph (sorry, Ralph - didn't have a single pic with your face)!

Renovation Update:  Charlie worked almost 10 hours today, and he still has about half a day to go to complete the den.  I think his estimate of “through with everything in 2 weeks” was off because he really didn’t realize how many windows had to be scraped, and the ceiling was a “BEAR” (his quote) to finish.  Here’s a few update photos, and I’ll post some more on Friday (when nearly everything should be done).

I love this green in the den. And with the new white, white ceiling and the floorboards, crown molding, and window trim all now a glossy white, it is going to be perfect once the furniture goes back in.


Ted – checking it out.


We're also putting in those 2" faux wood blinds in all the den and bedroom windows. That's the new blind on the left. They sure look better than the little mini-blinds that have been up for 14 years!


I'm still fretting over the bedroom wall color, so now the wall over our bed has THREE different samples on it. There's a pale yellow/cream on the left, then the gold color I first put up, and on the other side of the picture, a color a little lighter than the first gold. I'm probably going with the original gold because 1) Ted likes it the best and 2) Ted likes it the best.

Hopefully, I’ll be back on Friday with lots of photos of the completed project . . . but just in case – I’ll be back on Friday with photos of the almost completed project!  See you then!



  1. Sounds like you and your friends had a fun enjoyable evening together. Your room is coming along so nicely – I love that shade of green! We painted our living room the same shade of gold that Ted likes. I really like those type of window blinds – we need to replace our ancient roller shades and get some of those. Have a great Tuesday!!

  2. Happy Birthday Stevie, and congratulations on your retirement Ed!!
    Love the green. It’s almost the same green we have in our living room and part of the upstairs. I still love all the windows in your den. I’m a window person…I like lots of them to look out of. Brings more of the outside in. I guess that’s why I love sunrooms so much.
    Be back Friday for more! 🙂

  3. I also love the green as I have that same color in my kitchen and powder room. And I agree with Ted about the bedroom color-the first gold color is my favorite. Hope it’s finished soon- all of us fans from afar are excited to see the ‘after’ shots!

  4. Brenda,

    No, I haven’t been sick since the middle of September when I almost died (actually) with a reaction to prescription niacin. I’ve just been busy getting the yards, shrubs and garden (I do my mother in law’s yard too) ready for winter. I can only work 2-3 hours a day and then I’m down for the count for the rest of the day.

    I hate to be such a disagreeable old man, but I’m not a fan of green, even though my last name is Greene (Of course, that extra e makes all the difference. I tell people that makes me special. Maybe I better not say that anymore. Not long ago, a guy said -very sarcasticly, “It sure does make you special!”). Now the bedroom is a different story. I think Ted’s right about the yellow, although I’m not so sure my approval is worth anything. Many years ago I picked out a yellow for my mother’s house, and even did the painting for her. She had it repainted green within two months!

    All of you sure looked like you had a great time on the night out for Stevie’s birthday, but I have to ask, what is amberjack? That’s a new one to me.

    Looking forward to seeing the pictures of the “almost finished” painting.

    Also looking forward to hearing how the training is going for you and Bear.

    • Oh No Lowell..I hope your doing much better!! You take it easy on that yard work and get your rest!

  5. I have to go with Ted too on the gold. My bedroom is the green color and it is so tranquil. The palate outside is remarkable with the last blaze of color against those blue skies. Aren’t we grateful we have eyes to see.

    • I would have loved to continue the green from the den into the bedroom, Mary, but my bed linens clashed with that green.

  6. I too, love the green.

    So nice you all could celebrate together.

    I want to thank all of you who may have prayed for my son-in-law to find work. He starts a new job today, making 1/2 the pay of the old one, but he is working now. In 90 days he’ll have a chance to bid on other jobs and shifts in the plant. April 30th was his last day of work. This seems to be a good company and is growing. It has been in business since the 70’s. We are all thankful. God is good.

    How is Blake doing with his search? I’m still praying for him and all others out of work.

    • Oh, Judy, wonderful news about your son-in-law! Thank the Lord! Blake is still searching – still no word from Nashville, but they told him it would be the end of November before they made a decision – I guess I’m not really confident about that one working out. Just don’t understand why it would take so long. He really has no real leads at the moment. He’s coming here Friday and staying through Thanksgiving. It will be wonderful to spend some time with him, and the first holiday he will be in the states in four years. Thank you, Lord!!

  7. Ok, I like the gold as well…good eye Ted…where did you guys eat? When you say Lake Blackshere, is that in Worth county?

    • The Olde Inn is in Crisp County, just over the 280 bridge (between Cordele and Americus). Daphne’s is just up the road from the Olde Inn (also in Crisp County).

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