Posted by: bree1972 | November 21, 2010

Almost there . . . . 11/22/2010

Almost done!

When Charlie left at noon on Friday, the den was finished, the sun porch was finished, and the bedroom looked like a hurricane had spun through and dropped a paint cloud in its wake.  I almost cried.  Not only did we have to get the bedroom finished, but Ted’s bathroom had not even been begun!  Ted worked all afternoon in the bedroom, while I cleaned windows in preparation for the hanging of the new blinds.  Blake arrived Friday night, and on Saturday morning he and Ted both started again on the bedroom.  Blake had to leave to go to a cousin’s wedding Saturday afternoon, and Ted worked on until dark, then rose early Sunday morning and finished the bedroom while Blake and I went to church. 

The old den - taupe walls and mini-blinds.


New den - fresh green paint, fresh white trim, new 2" faux wood blinds!


Old sunporch - notice dull floor and tree in corner.


New sun porch - shiny floors, no tree in corner - opening that space up and making me less claustrophobic.


Sunporch with the rug back down.


Blake only got to paint for about 2 hours Saturday before getting ready for a wedding he was attending, but he got a lot done in that short time.


"Hey, Mom! How long has it been since you dusted behind the dresser?"


This is where Ted was when Blake and I left for church Sunday morning. Maddie was supervising!


Old bedroom – those taupe walls again and the miniblinds.


New bedroom - tropical sunrise color on the walls. And surprise . . . I LOVE it! The windows are still bare, but we will hang the same blinds in the bedroom that we have in the den.

It’s going to be a busy few days, but I’ll get one more blog in this week before Thanksgiving – probably on Wednesday.    I have to be in Albany all day tomorrow – Bear and I both have to get our hair “done”.  Dawn is going with me, and we plan on just having a girls’ day out after I drop off the Bearster and before my appointment at 2:30.  Blake has to spend the day at the car repair shop – he’s got a window that’s stuck in the down position (bad news when it rains).  Ted is going to be working on his bathroom all day while we’re gone.  He thinks by Tuesday everything will be done – including getting all the blinds hung.  I have to give him five stars for all the work he’s done since the contractor left. 

Have a great week, and see you before Thanksgiving!

P.S.  I posted a new update over on the Mackinac Island blog.  You can see it at



  1. I love it! You may have inspired me with those beautiful green walls (but I’ll get over it). How nice you invited Blake down to the lake and then put him to work. The whole makeover is looking great. What did you do with the tree?

    • The tree is on our deck, where it may remain for as long as the good Lord and I can keep it alive. I made a pact with myself that by the time we left for the island next spring that I would replace all my live plants with silk ones. That tree and two peace lilies are all I have, and I was having to pay someone to come in and water them over the summer. Kinda ridiculous. I love, love, love live plants, and we’ll see how the ficus tree does outside until the cold weather comes (if it ever does). I might try to put it in the “shed” when it’s really cold and see how that works. And I might try and find it a new home with someone who stays in one place all year. The peace lilies will be easy to find homes for.

      • My experience with an “outside” ficus lasted only till the first cool spell. May I suggest Plan B. That is a beautiful tree and someone would love to have it. “Temperature: Hardy in zones 10B through 11. With the exception of F. carica, most Ficus are tropical, and require temperatures above 55F. …”

  2. I love the green walls and the new blinds. It gives the room a warm and open feel. I like the change in the bedroom. The blinds will brighten that room also. Ted really painted up a storm getting so much finished. Your welcome to Blake was probably not the sit back and talk welcome he expected but he did a good job of pitching in. Enjoy your visit with Blake.

  3. Oh! Your corner in the den looks so inviting, the green is beautiful-so fresh! Was hoping you’d go with Ted on the Tropical Sunrise color in your room, it looks spectacular! The floor in the sunporch is stunning, love the shine & the dark, rich color. So happy Blake is there to help out and spend the holiday. Glad Maddie could keep Ted company while he was doing such a good job painting!
    Prayers go out to you, yours and your readers for a Happy Thanksgiving, filled with the best of life.

  4. It all looks absolutely beautiful! All of the inconvenience and hard work has certainly paid off. How wonderful that Blake arrived and was able to assist with the painting. Good luck with the tree-I’d love to have indoor plants but I don’t have the light for them and I tend to forget about watering so silk it is for me!

  5. The difference in the colors from old to new are so much better. The rooms look so warm and inviting now. I think you can really tell that in the bedroom, in how well Maddie is able to supervise Ted 😉 I know you must really be enjoying the difference. Glad Blake could help out, now everything will be done in time to enjoy the holiday. Tell Ted that he has done a fantastic job and gets a big thumbs up for all the work he has done. 🙂

  6. Looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Nothing like a holiday deadline to spur us into working overtime! Your renovations are so pretty – warm and inviting. Good reflection of you and Ted, I believe!
    My very best for a grateful and loving Thanksgiving! You’re due some deck-sitting, looking at the river go by, talking with family time, that’s for sure!

  8. Everything looks great!!! Nice and “airy”.

  9. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! It is magical what a coat of paint can do. Love the before and after pictures. Enjoy.

  10. Brenda,

    Looks very nice. Just think, you’re columns are getting more lopsided.

    Enjoy the warm weather. We may be in “Southern” Michigan, but the wind and cold are downright uncomfortable. Nevertheless. each day is a blessing.

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