Posted by: bree1972 | November 28, 2010

Holiday Fun! 11/29/2010

“I am in a food coma!”  That was Blake’s statement after returning home from Thanksgiving dinner with the Sumner clan (my daddy’s side of the family). 

We all get together – on a rotation basis – each Thanksgiving, and this year Wanda was the lucky one whose house was invaded by 25 hungry folks.  There are five of us Sumner first cousins, and the assorted children, grandchildren, wives and husbands make up quite a crowd.  We all have such a good time when we get together and, being an only child and not privy to big families when I was growing up, I always look forward to the one time a year when we come together and catch up with each others’ lives again.  The noisier the better!

In the car on the way to Thanksgiving in Sylvester (where I grew up). That's Jason, my 38-(going on 12) year-old son, and his beautiful wife, Blair.


Tossing a football around outside occupied the guys while dinner was cooking. Of the five cousins, we have produced seven boys and one girl. And there are only male grandchildren so far. Don't know what happened to the girl gene in our family!


I can see their names in lights already - the next "boys band" - watch for them in about 12 years!


Ronald, carving up a deep-fried turkey, while wife Julie and sisters Wanda and Sharon look on. Don't worry, all you health-conscious folks out there - there was also a baked turkey. Both were Y-U-M-M-Y!


You know that last 10 minutes before you serve a huge meal when everything starts to happen at once? This was that moment. We couldn't have gotten one more person in that kitchen if we had tried!


Relaxing on Wanda's deck after dinner and enjoying the 75+ temperature Thanksgiving afternoon. Eventually everyone went back inside for dessert - we were way too full to have it right away.


Ted - preparing fresh fruit for breakfast. Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and bananas - who needs anything else?


I did prepare these fancy crescent rolls one morning - a recipe borrowed from Ed, a friend here at the lake, who is a super cook. Very simple - mix equal parts apricot preserves and orange marmalade, and microwave 30 seconds. Spread mixture on each crescent roll triangle, and roll up. Make an egg wash (1 egg and 1 T. water, well beaten) and brush over rolls. Sprinkle with sliced almonds and Sesame seeds. Bake at 375 for 11-13 minutes (or until nicely browned).


All of us together (except Ted, who took this pic) just before the kids left to go back to Atlanta. Top row: Jason and Blair (with Casey-Mae, their Maltese, in her lap) and Beyla, their Bernese Mountain dog beside them. Next row: Bear, me, and Blake (holding Maddie). If only Julie and Matt and the two grandchildren Jordan and Matthew could have been here! Maybe one day we will all be together in one spot at one time.

I’ve got a lot to write about this week, so expect an extra blog or two.  The big news that you’ll hear all about tomorrow is this – Bear passed his test this weekend to become registered as a Therapy Dog!!  I’ll tell you all about it on Tuesday morning.  If you want to catch up on what’s happening on Mackinac Island, you can see the newly posted Off-Season Weekly Update at

See you Tuesday!



  1. Brenda,

    Well, my Thanksgiving didn’t turn out to be nearly as nice as yours. The family get together was at my mother in law’s house and because I came down with a terrible cold, I didn’t get to go. I think I’ve told you before, but my mother in law will be 91 years old next February 1 and I didn’t want to take a chance on giving her the cold and it go into pneumonia, so I missed the whole shabang. Actually, I didn’t mind staying home by myself. There were 29 people there so I don’t think I was missed much, although my wife’s nephew did talk to me on the phone and told me they missed my good conversation. I think it was nice of him to lie like that. Makes an old guy feel good.

    By the way, while you were sitting on the deck basking in the warm temperatures in your sleeveless blouses, we were having temps in the mid 30’s with a stiff wind. Had snow flakes in the air most of Friday, but they soon melted away. Real winter will soon be here and the snow will be beautiful, although I don’t play in it anymore or build snow people.

    I want you to tell Bear I’m proud of him. I knew he would do it!!!

    Say, you have a beautiful (that should be handsome, shouldn’t it) family, including the dogs.

    • Awww, Lowell, I’m sorry you were sick on Thanksgiving – but, you know, sometime a day by yourself is just what the doctor ordered. Sounds mighty chilly where you are, and for the last two days we’re finally getting some cold weather too. In the 30’s the last two nights. Hope you’re feeling better now, and I don’t believe for a minute that you don’t still build snow people. B.

  2. I’m with Lowell here, I envy the running around outside in short sleeves. We didn’t have snow flakes but we did have the cold temps. The flakes will be here all too soon. Looks like Thanksgiving turned out wonderful and everyone looked like they had a great time. Spending time with family that’s what it’s all about!

    Bear your my hero! 😉

  3. Sounds like you had a storybook Thanksgiving! Glad you had so much fun. Looks like you had quite the spread, it all looked delicious!

    And, WOO HOO BEAR!!!!! I knew he’d pass!!!!! Can’t wait to hear the details!

  4. Way to go!!!! Bear and Bree!

  5. Ok, are you from Sylvester…I use to live there back from 78 to 82…..I lived on Isabella Street in one of the old homes there….Went to First Baptist Church, and was a member of the Women’s Jr League…what was your madien name…I loved Sylvester….

    • I grew up in Sylvester from the third grade on. We lived on Washington St. (one street over from you). My mom and dad were Leonard and Louise Sumner (Daddy was with the Bank of Worth County – now Suntrust). Small world, huh?

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