Posted by: bree1972 | December 5, 2010

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 12/6/2010

Ted and I have been married 21 years, and this will be our first Christmas without a fresh-cut tree sitting in our den.  Going out and cutting a tree became a tradition when we moved to the lake in 1995.  Before that, we would go to a “tree lot” in Albany and buy a real tree, but that’s not nearly as much fun as cutting it yourself!  

There’s a Christmas tree farm near us at the ri’vah, and I won’t ever forget when Ted and I went to cut one down the first time.  We must have walked up and down 100 rows of trees until we (ok, ok – until I) found the perfect tree.  Every year after that, it took a shorter and shorter amount of time to find Mr. Perfect Tree, but we still love having that fresher than fresh tree in our home for the holidays.  The leyland cypress we always choose makes the house smell like Christmas from the moment it is carried through the front door until Ted carries it back out after New Year’s.

But this year that tradition has been changed for another “first” – we won’t be home for Christmas.  Instead, we’re going to Julie and Matt’s in Arkansas to watch our grandchildren get up on Christmas morning and open their gifts from Santa Claus – we have never seen them do that, and that is just downright sad.  Blake is spending Christmas at his dad’s, and Jason and Blair will be in Chattanooga with Blair’s family.  So . . .  off we go to Arkansas, where we’ll stay until the day after Christmas, then drive back to Atlanta for Christmas with my boys and Blair. 

So . . . we decided not to have a big, fresh-cut tree this year.  Ted went up into the attic this weekend and brought down three little “table-top” trees that I place around the house every year during the holidays, and I decorated those on Saturday.  As I sit here typing, I’m looking out into the sunroom, where one of the trees is glowing brightly against the dark glass.  And it is beautiful . . . not scented, not large . . . but beautiful – as is the one sitting on a table in the den, reflected against a mirror, and the one sitting on a small table in the window of the dining room, twinkling a merry greeting to anyone who drives by the house.  And after all – isn’t it the lights that put the sparkle into our eyes at Christmas time? 

One tree – three reflections.

Here’s a wonderful idea I found on Facebook this week.  While we’re addressing our Christmas cards,  let’s all send one here also:  A Recovering American Soldier, c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center, 6900 Georgia Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20307-5001.  If each of us sends one card, and we all pass this message on to others, just think how many cards will reach these wonderful, brave, and special soldiers who have sacrificed so much so that we can celebrate Christmas in the freedom of America.  Note:  These cards must be postmarked by December 10th, or they will be returned.

Happy Birthday to Larry Odum, whose surprise birthday party we attended Friday night.  His wife, Becky, had told him they were having a Christmas party, but after everyone arrived, we all pulled out Birthday cards and sang “Happy Birthday”.  Larry said he was “kinda suspicious” when the band pulled up in the driveway.

Becky and Larry share a toast to his birthday!

See you later on this week!



  1. i just addressed my Christmas card, thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing the address for a recovering soldier with us. We need to thank them for all the do/have done for this country as often as we can.

  3. Your tree is beautiful! Sounds like you’re going to have a lovely Christmas.

  4. A whole new way of spending Christmas this year…your gonna have so much fun! I bet your grandkids are going to love it as much as you will.

    Thanks for sharing the address for the also said something about sending the cards out before a certain date, which of course I don’t remember now, otherwise they would be returned. I guess they want to make sure that the soldiers recieve them in time for Christmas.

    • Hmmmm – I don’t remember seeing that part about the date, Hilde. If you happen upon it again, would you let me know!

      • After you reminded me of who posted the address, I went back to check. They said they must be postmarked prior to Dec. 10th or they would be returned.

      • Thanks, Hilde – will update that on both blogs.

  5. Love those pictures of the blue lights reflecting on the windows. What a great idea for the extra Christmas card. Christmas sounds fantastic.

  6. Beautiful tree! Sounds like wonderful plans for Christmas also! Enjoy your day Bree!

  7. Unfortunately, the address to write to an injured soilder does not work. We tried for several years, and each year the card was returned. Just wanted to let you know.


    However, this link WILL gove you the CORRECT address in which to mail cards to!

    Thank you and Happy Holiday’s!

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