Posted by: bree1972 | December 9, 2010

Baby, it’s cold outside! 12/10/2010

When I logged onto Facebook Wednesday morning around 11:30, I was surprised to find this message on the Shepler Mackinac Island Facebook page: 

Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry Weather check today – It is 16 degrees this morning on the dock. What’s the weather like where you are?  Go ahead and make us jealous, Brenda!

I got a huge chuckle over that.  Since writing a blog about Shepler’s this summer, I’ve become friends with Misty Martinchek, who is in Shepler’s Group Sales and Marketing Department and monitors their Facebook page.  We chat back and forth a lot on FB and email.  She loves telling me how cold it is in Mackinaw City and how much snow they have (because she knows I want to be where it’s snowing), and I love telling her I’m running around in short sleeves and capris pants doing my Christmas shopping (because I know she wants to be where it’s warm).  With the popularity of their Facebook page, I wasn’t surprised to see that within a couple of hours of posting that “blip”, people from all over the U.S. had checked in to talk about the weather – from Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Florida, Louisiana, Indiana, California, Tennessee, and both Dawn and I got in our two cents worth about the weather in south Georgia.

You can be assured that Dawn and I haven’t been in short sleeves and capris pants for the last few days though.   We’re getting the full affects of some mighty cold air, and yesterday when I walked to the mailbox, I saw 14 snowflakes, seriously – I counted them.  It never got out of the 30’s on Wednesday, and although it’s been a little warmer today, Ted started a fire in the wood stove on the sunporch as soon as he got up this morning, and he’s kept it going all day.  I LOVE sitting out there – looking through catalogs, reading, napping, and just generally being retired and happy.

"What? I can still chase squirrels in a sweater!"


My favorite nest. Sunporch + Christmas lights + a fire in the wood stove + cold wind blowing outside + me in a pair of ratty old flannel PJ's = Happiness!

All of the registration papers (all 18 pages) for Bear and I are in the mail.  Now we can just sit back and wait for the mailperson to deliver our ID badges and official gear.  Ted took several photos of Bear and I so I’d have a few to choose from for the ID badges.  When I couldn’t decide which one I liked the best, I sent my four favorite shots out to four friends and asked their opinion.  All four friends chose a different photo – LOL!  Here’s the one I sent in:

Wish I had more to write about, but I’ve been inside most of the week because of the weather.  Because of that though, I’ve almost finished my Christmas shopping – all online, and that’s a good thing.  Now I’ll hold my breath that it all gets delivered fast, so I’ll have time to wrap and load it all in the truck for our trip to Arkansas.   Bear and Maddie are ready to be outside more and have started acting like two three-year-olds with cabin fever.

“Give me my ball back, Maddie.” “Make me.” “Mooooommmmm!

Note from Maddie:  Mom finally was outside with the camera today when I used my superior squirrel howl to scare one of the pests out of the crabapple tree.  Although this one was only leaping from one tree to another – and not to the ground – you get the “picture” of how far they’ll go to get away from the ri’vah’s champion squirrel chaser!

"This a squirrel's version of a half gainer with a twist."

I’ll leave you with good wishes for a wonderful weekend and a little “post-it” note from God that a friend sent me this week:  “When you get to your wit’s end, you’ll find God lives there.”

God bless, and see you Monday, good Lord willing.





  1. We got some more snow last night and we’re having a slight heat up for the next couple of days. 26 degrees as I type this with a high of 32 tomorrow!! Course it is suppose to snow more tonight. Next week will be starting off at a high of 14..yikes!
    My youngest daughter comes home from school tomorrow for winter break. Not looking forward to the drive to the airport, but can’t wait to see HER. Anytime you want me to send you some snow, just let me know. It shouldn’t melt too fast with those cold temps you having. 😉 The fire sure does look nice though.

    Any new news on Blake?

    • His interview in Colorado went well, Hilde. Now he waits again. Hopefully, he’ll know something one way or another within a couple of weeks. Thanks for asking, and have fun in all that snow this weekend!

      • Glad his interview went well…will keep him in my thoughts.

  2. I’ll join Hilde in sending you some snow any time you want it. It’s been cold here in Northern IN with snow every day since last Friday (I think that’s when it started). More coming starting tomorrow evening. At least I’m not in Buffalo, NY. Will continue prayers for Blake. Nice picture of you and Bear. Maddie you certainly did a good job scaring that squirrel. Have a great weekend.

  3. 26 here too Hilde, with 2 inches of snow so far. I’m in Ann Arbor- it’s still coming down and not supposed to stop for a while. Quite an interesting drive to work this morning as everyone got their ‘snow legs’. Hopefully things calm down on the way home.
    Bree-that’s a beautiful shot of you and Bear. Hope your paperwork arrives safely and your id card gets to you quickly. Good luck with the rest of your shopping, hope you have a fabulous weekend yourself!
    Oh yeah, so glad to hear Blake’s interview went well. One more thing to celebrate!!!!

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by faith hershiser, Brenda Horton. Brenda Horton said: "Baby, it's cold outside!" Bree's blog from south Georgia […]

  5. Good Lord Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise…or in your case the Riv’ah. Blessed weekend.. and a shout out to Maddie from the North.

  6. Maddie, now I have two favorite photos of you!! You look gorgeous in your beautiful blue sweater!! You have such a pretty face! The other one is the one from the other day of you sleeping (or pretending to be) on the couch with that pretty red collar on. Hope Blake hears soon, I’m still praying for him.

    Hope the gifts and your papers arrive soon!

  7. Sorry for my late comment, we are still digging out of our blizzard this weekend up here in the frozen tundra… we got 17″ of that lovely white ‘stuff’, & have been ssshivering in -12 degrees temps. UGH- could use some of that GA heat! you USUALLY have.

    What cute couple! A great pix of you & your handsome fella, Bear..And Miss Maddie, oh my goodness- you are a just fashion DIVA in that sweater!! Just way toooo cute.

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