Posted by: bree1972 | December 21, 2010

Getting ready for Santa in Arkansas 12/21/2010

We’re in Arkansas! 

We left the house at 4:15 Sunday morning, and Bear promptly made me see red by jumping merrily into the back of Ted’s truck and curling up to go to sleep.  This is after he had to be lured into the Escape on Friday for his trip to the groomers and never once – not once – settling down during the entire trip to Albany nor back home.  WHAT is it about the new car?  I’m seriously beginning to think that he equates trips with me as “non-fun” trips and trips with Ted as “we’re going to have a good time” trips. 

Ted, bless his heart, caught a cold two days before we left home, and we seriously considered postponing our trip a few days to give him time to get better.  But he didn’t sleep well on Saturday night and was anxious to get on the road.  So off we went.  He finally let me drive for a couple of hours while he slept, but I got so sleepy I had to pull off so he could take over again.  Consequently, he drove 11 hours.  We stopped outside of Memphis to have lunch with Blair’s mom and dad at their home in Southaven, MS.  Jason and Blair were there for the weekend, and Susie (Blair’s mom) invited us to stop over and take a break from the road, since we go practically right by their house on the way to Arkansas.  We had a fun visit with them, and we were on the road again within an hour.  By the time we arrived at Julie’s, Ted was about ready to pass out, and he has been in the bed almost the entire time we have been here.  He’s feeling much better this morning (Tuesday) though, as we can easily tell by the delighted squeals of two grandchildren echoing through the house.  Their G-Daddy instantly turns into a six-year-old boy again when he’s in close proximity to Jordan and Matthew! 

The last stretch of our trip is through the Boston Mountains range of the Ozarks.

Little Maddie, who never rides and looks out the window, took a sudden liking to the view going through the mountains. She sat perfectly still for about 10 minutes, watching the scenery fly by in a blur. Then she threw up all over me.


Approaching the Bobby Hopper Tunnel, the only drive-through tunnel in Arkansas.

We arrived just in time to celebrate Jordan’s 11th birthday with cake and cupcakes and candles.  Our little girl is getting so grown up, and Matthew must have grown a foot since we saw him at the beach in May.

Straight from the shower, Jordan and Matthew finally get to enjoy birthday cake!


On Monday we celebrated Bear's 4th birthday!


Ready for Santa!


A beautiful place to blog – sitting at the breakfast table in Arkansas, looking out into the woods behind the house. Deer regularly appear in the backyard at dusk, enticed by the corn that the children put out daily for them.

I’ll try and post one more time before Christmas . . . have a wonderful week!

Santa Bearby.



  1. Glad to hear you made it safely and hope Ted is feeling better soon. Your grandchildren are such good looking kids! Happy Birthday to Jordan!

    Love the Santa Bear photo-it should be next year’s Christmas card!

  2. I got a huge kick out of Maddie looking out the window and then she threw up on you. That is just sorry, too darn funny. Poor Maddie and poor Bree. Hopefully that doesn’t happen again any time soon. But I love how you put it in that photo. 🙂

    Love too the picture of Bear in his Santa hat. Very cool indeed.

    Merry Christmas Horton clan!!

  3. Merry Christmas to all. Those grand-babies are babies no more. Bear looks fetching.

  4. Well you are practically in my backyard. Wave real hard and I probably can see you in Kansas :). I am fortunate to have my grandchildren right here. They give Christmas a special glow. Good times. God Bless one and all.

  5. Brenda.

    As far as I know, it is against the law to feed deer anywhere in Michigan, even inadvertently, so you may want see what the law is in Arkansas. There is actually a man near Gaylord, MI who was hauled into court because deer ate the seed that fell from his bird feeder. If you like, you can check out the story at Not just a silly law, but one that is completely stupid -in my opinion.

    Off the soapbox.

    I’m sorry about Ted being sick. I know from recent experience it’s not pleasant. I missed Thanksgiving because of it. Nevertheless, apparently you had a good and safe trip (except for Maddie’s mishap) to a beautiful part of Arkansas. And I think that Christmas Tree is beautiful too.

    Then there’s Santa Bear. What can I say? So Nice.

    I hope Ted is completely better soon, and no one else come’s down with the cold.

    By the way, the stockings hanging from the fireplace mantel made me think I should hang up my stocking this year. Do you think Santa might leave something for me?

    Merry Christmas To All and To All A Happy New Year!

    • Oops . . . don’t turn us in, Lowell. And make sure you hang that stocking, because Santa knows you’ve been a good boy this year :)!

  6. Have a wonderful holiday with your family! Merry Christmas!

  7. So glad you made it safe and sound and are getting to spend time with your darling grandchildren and family! What a beautiful Christmas tree ! What is on the top? It looks like a sprig of Holly Berries – it’s so pretty. Merry Christmas to you and your family Bree!

    • Julie says it’s several sprigs of sequined “bling” she bought years ago. Now you can find it in Target or WalMart – very easy to find in the Christmas decoration aisles.

  8. Merry Christmas to the Horton crew. Grandkids make Christmas so much fun. To bad they grow up so fast. Mine will be 13 on Christmas Eve and 10 on Dec. 29. My baby boy will be 40 on Dec. 29. So we have lots to celebrate this time of year. Enjoy your time in Arkansas.

  9. I’m so happy the trip was uneventful, well, except for Maddies little mishap, but I’m sure she is really sorry about that. 😉 I do hope Ted is feeling MUCH better now. Enjoy your family time and have fun with those grandkids!. They do grow up so fast, much like our own did.
    Merry Christmas Horton Family and to all the readers, and blog friends!!
    Safe travels for those you will be traveling during this time .

  10. Have a wonderful holiday and have a safe return trip back home.
    The children are beautiful and certainly growing fast.

  11. Great pictures from your trip. Maddie is like our Abby ( rescued westie), she gets car sick and we use motion sickness medicine from the Health Food Store for humans. Just spray in her mouth, they like the taste. Works wonders. As with Maddie it only happens when they look out the window. Give it a try! Hope you all have a beautiful holidays. Family is terrific.

  12. Merry Christmas, Brenda & Ted, Have a Blessed Christmas time with your family. I so enjoy your blog all the time, going on your adventures with you. Love the sweet doggies. Bear is Beautiful. Have a great time & safe travels back, God Bless you & yours…….

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