Posted by: bree1972 | January 11, 2011

An icy, snowy, slushy, rainy week in Georgia 1/12/2011

What’s up with the weather in Georgia for the last two winters??!!

Last year I flew to Mackinac Island in February (where there was very little snow), and I got home just in time to watch the grass here at the lake slowly disappear beneath a beautiful layer of the white stuff!  In south Georgia!  And now, as I’m sure you’ve been hearing on the news, the South is once again having a round of “not-normal” below-freezing temps, icy roads, sleet and snow! 

As they say, “location is everything”, and where you were in Georgia on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday determined which version of precipitation you received.  Anything that doesn’t qualify as “liquid” in the South is big news, and we had a little of everything!  With relatives and friends living from one end of the state to the other, I gave a “shout out” and received an armload of photos of the winter event.  I know for all my northern readers these pics are nothing to write home about.  But to us Georgia peaches, this is a big deal!

The northern part of the state got hit the hardest. According to the newspapers, Atlanta - where Jason and Blair are - is basically "paralyzed" until Friday. Downed power lines, lots of snow, then freezing rain and several nights of below freezing temps have kept the roads too dangerous to travel. Of course, that doesn't mean people have not traveled, and that translates into lots and lots of accidents. Jason and Blair haven't left their house for two days - well, they've left their house, but haven't left home. Can hardly tell where their yard ends and the road begins in this pic.


Beyla, Jason and Blair's Bernese Mountain Dog, thought he had died and gone to doggie Heaven. Like Bear, he is much better suited for cold weather than our usual warm southern winters.



Same Atlanta - different location. This is at my friend Lana's (of the cooking blog house this morning. Love the snowman her husband Bill made - right after he shoveled the snow!


My second cousin, Scott, attends the University of Georgia, and he shared this hilly snow-covered road in Athens today.


Another photo from Scott - of a wooden bridge somewhere outside of Athens.


The university was closed Monday and Tuesday, so Scott spent the day rambling around with his camera. Talk about some cold-looking water! Brrrrr!


First cousins Julie and Ronald (Scott's mom and dad) live outside of Sylvester (where I grew up - and about 40 miles from where we are now). This stand of bamboo was covered in tiny slivers of ice yesterday - beautiful!


Frozen red berries in Julie and Ronald's yard.


My friend Dawn took this great close-up shot of a pine spray - each needle individually encased in ice.


Unlike my family and friends, I've watched this cold weather event from the cozy warmth of our sunporch. Ted has occasionally been forced outside to bring in more firewood (we lost power for about three hours Monday morning), but baby, it's been COLD out there!


On Monday morning, after the sun rose high enough that we could see outside, the deck revealed a light dusting of snow. That quickly turned into slush, then froze back into ice. Bear's first steps out the door looked like a routine of slap-stick comedy as he slip-slided away


All of our trees wore ice dresses, including the old cypress out by the dock.


Maddie, like me, stayed all "snugged up" by the stove. Hot chocolate, reading, watching movies on the laptop, an occasional scurry out from under a throw to grab another log to top off the fire . . . that's been our routine the last two days here at the lake.


"Don't bother me, mom, I'm all warmmmmmm."


"You either, Bear".

We’re at least supposed to see the sun tomorrow, but the temperatures are only supposed to get colder over the next few days.  Not as cold though as where Blake is this week, where it was 4 degrees this morning.  Haven’t talked to him since he arrived, but have gotten a couple of very short emails – all positive.  Yeahhhh!

Stay warm, and please stay off the roads if there’s ice where you are.  See you Friday!



  1. Sounds like you are having Michigan weather Brenda!! It’s snowing here and we have around 5 inches..but it’s tapering off now..I think Georgia got it worse than us!! Enjoy the white stuff!! Blessings!!

  2. Yes Brenda, You have just a little sample of our southwestern Michigan weather. 🙂
    In our corner (Niles) we were gifted with 24 inches last Friday and Saturday. (It was so deep our snow blower wouldn’t work.) We got stuck under a lake effect snow band that tried to bury us. We’ve had an inch today, but if the wind shifts we could be dumped on again. Sigh. Sometimes we get more snow than Mackinac island. UGH. Hurry up spring!

  3. It’s all that global warming.

    • LOL – yep, that must be it, Tom!

  4. We’ve lucked out the last week, not getting any snow, just cold temps. Yesterday we had to take our daughter to the airport for a flight back to school. Flight was scheduled to leave at 8 last night, so what happens? It snowed all day yesterday making for a very scary drive. Thank goodness all is well and as of 12:45 this morning she was back at school. Yup, I’m so ready for Spring!!

    • Glad she’s safely back at school, Hilde. I know we all are much more worried about our children’s travels than we are about our own.

  5. As Alice said, we got about 5 inches of snow. I was just out cleaning off the porch and the side walk and it is dry and fluffy. We are indeed fortunate. I still have to clean off the car, but I had to come in the house and rest before continuing.

    I know how difficult it can be in the south. When we lived in Texas and it snowed or sleeted, there was no way to clean it off the streets. And for some reason that snow in Texas was a lot slipperier than in Michigan. Maybe it was a wetter snow.

    You’re right, Winter can be beautiful, but Spring can’t be too soon for me! Think green grass, new leaves and colorful flowers. Come on forsythia, lilacs, hyacinth, tulips and daffodils.

  6. By the way, on January 20 we will be driving to Oklanoma City for our oldest granchilds wedding. Please pray for nice weather for us. She’s 19 years old and I don’t think she’s nearly old enough to get married, but then what do I know, I’m just the grandpa.

  7. Yep-you got some Michigan weather all right… We got about 5″ last night-just enough to make the drive to work really rotten and there’s more snow on the way or so I hear. Woo Hoo! Not really….

    Brenda, I love the ‘ice dresses’ description and also really, really like the Dawn’s photo of the pine needles. My cousin is in South Carolina and got over 4″. She’s in the same boat as Jason and Blair. She is very excited though that she is able to use her cross country skis at home instead of having to travel to Michigan to use them.

    @Doris-my husband is from Niles! He grew up out by Barren (sp?)Lake and worked at Tony’s Supermarket in High School. His 30th reunion is this summer-unbelieveable how time flies.

    Hope everyone stays safe and warm.

    • It’s Barron, and Tony’s is owned by friends of ours and they closed it several years ago for mental health. (They were sick of it) 🙂
      Yep. Time does fly! Now I wish the snow would do the same and go away.

  8. I love winter!! It would be nice if the roads all had electric wires to keep them warm enough to melt the snow tho!! I’ve lived in MI all of my life. Love the change of seasons and always loved the snow. Lived at a beach on Lake Erie from 8 – 16 years old. Always skated on the lake. Sometimes my girl friend and I would pack a lunch on a Sat and stay down there all day and skate. We’d walk home numb, but loved every minute of it. Those memories are at the are at the top of my list.

    I absolutely love the pics you sent. Some are good enough for Christmas cards/calender/post cards.

    We have quite a bit of snow here in Ann Arbor, but not as bad as the areas getting his so hard. They are doing a great job of clearing the roads. Three snow plows just went down my street and we live on a small residential one! Everyone stay safe and drive SLOW!!

    • You are MY kind of girl, Judy! I wonder sometimes – never having lived in the north during winter – if I would really love it as much as I think I would. Ted says “no”. Sure would like to try it out sometime though – although I don’t think a winter on Mackinac Island would be the same as a winter in a “normal” city with cars, buses, etc.

  9. What beautiful pictures. You should enter them in a photo contest. We might have snow and ice, but thankfully nothing like they are experiencing in Australia. All be safe!

  10. Brenda, You are really scaring the socks off of me. My family and I are at Disneyworld and heading back home (Michigan) on Saturday and guess what-must go up I-75 through Atlanta. Bad enough in a car, but we are travelling in a 30ft motorhome towing a car-yikes!!! Hope they have this cleared up by Saturday afternoon when we are supposed to head through. I wouldn’t mind staying an extra day or two, but our kids must get back to work. Pray for a safe journey

  11. Those are some really pretty snow and ice pictures! I love when the snow or the ice is all over the trees – they look like diamonds. As long as it stays off the power lines. We have a lot of snow here but we get the lake effect off Lake Michigan. I am so excited for Blake in his new position too – Congratulations to him!! Happy Thursday to you all!

  12. We got a lovely powdery snow here in the southern Appalachians and thankfully no ice!

  13. Snow, just the way I love it…elsewhere. Beautiful pics, great comments. Love the thought of Bear and Bayla enjoying the snow and Maddie enjoying her nest. Stay warm.

  14. Love the conversations and pictures of Maddie — seems she knows perfectly how to use the cold weathering. Is Bear saying, “Who….Me??? What???”

  15. Hi Bree,
    Are you sleeping better? Hope so.

    Question: from the newbie blogger. How do you get your print to be like this small Ariel style and consolidated in the whole format. I’m still blogging away in the big Times Roman with no particular nice looking format. I don’t seem to be pushing any selections that give me the ability to change typestyle. Yours is still a no cost format isn’t it? Is it in the theme you choose? I think mine is “something Twenty” ??

    • Sue – the theme probably decides the font, because I haven’t “set” anything. I just type, and that’s how it comes out. I wish I COULD change fonts! I think my theme is “Ocean Mist?”, and no, I’m not paying for it. Well, actually now I DO pay because I’ve gone beyond the “free” limit in space I take up to save the blogs. But it’s only something like $20/year. Don’t have my machine and mask yet – probably be another week or so before I’m all set up. Anxious to get started and get used to it!

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