Posted by: bree1972 | January 16, 2011

Coming soon – Bear’s First Job 1/17/2011

Hey!  Bear here!  I’m about as excited as I can possibly get without there being a tennis ball involved. 

Sunday afternoon Mom got out all this neat “stuff” and showed me what I’ll get to wear to my first job on Wednesday.  You know Mom and I have been in training for about three months to become Pet Partners with the Delta Society.  We finally passed all the tests, and Mom sent off all the paperwork before Christmas.  Then we had to wait . . and wait.  We still haven’t received our Delta Badges (that’s the one that will have mine and mom’s photo together on it), but we received our official Delta registration number by email, so we can go ahead and start working NOW! 

I had to get in that FORD on Friday to go into Albany for a bath, and before my first “job” on Wednesday, mom will have to “spruce me up” with another little mini-bath.  That’s because we have to be very, very clean when we go into hospitals, nursing homes, schools, hospices, and assisted living homes.  On Wednesday, I’m hoping to spread some joy at Easter Seal, and Mom says I’ll even have to brush my teeth!

Here I am just getting home from the groomers. They always give me a snazzy neckerchief. I think this is my favorite of all the ones I've come home in - maybe 'cause it has bones on it! Mom always says I look like a different dog after a bath - at least two blonde shades lighter (maybe it's those highlights I told the groomer to add to the shampoo - can't wait till Mom get the bill on that)!


Here's our gear for when we work at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital - well, all of it is mine except for the badge with mom's pic on it. I will wear the green harness, my badge (with my pic), and the patch that reads "Do Not Pet Me, I Am Working". I'm serious, I have to wear that. I think it's because in the hospital we will be traveling from one department to another on a tight time schedule, and they don't want people stopping us. Man, it's going to be hard not to get all those pats on the head I'm used to getting! But Mom says I have to follow the rules. So I will.


And here I am wearing all my gear AND my specially-made-for-me neckerchief with my NAME on it. Wow!

Mom will probably be more nervous than me on Wednesday, so if she’s too wired to write about our visit for Thursday’s blog, I’ll do it for her.  I am READY!!!

There’s no real reason for this next picture to be here, except that Mom snapped it last week and thought it was about the best photo she’d ever taken of me.  She was going to save it for another blog, but I knew where she put it, and since she’s letting me write today, I thought I should get to decide which photos to use.  Don’t tell Mom!

See you Thursday UNLESS Mom comes up with something to write about before then.  You might better check each day . . . you know Mom!



  1. I love the profile pic of Bear. It reminds of the old Breck Shampoo ad with the little blond haired girl in it. Since we are about the same age you should remember those.

  2. Good luck to both of you, I know it will be great!

  3. Oh Bear you are the most handsome doggie ever! I KNOW you are ready for this and you are going the be just great. Everyone is going to love you! Just tell mom to take some deep breaths, she will be fine. You Go Bear!!

  4. Bear, you are soooooooo handsome, even beyond handsome!! Your mom is getting to be quite the portrait photographer. You look so great in all of your photos, but I must say, you look regal in the portrait, very business like!

    I send you and your mom fantastic wishes and I know you will both have such a wonderful time. Tell mom not to be nervous. You both know what to do and you will be just fine. You’ll both feel like a million dollars when you are through for the day. Your are doing wonderful work. God Bless.

  5. Bear what wonderful pictures of you. I love your new neckerchief. You and Mom will do a great job. Everyone will fall in love with you and Mom. Your will do a great job.

  6. Oh Bear, you’re going to be the best Pet Partner ever! And, I think your mom ought to send a couple of those photos to a ‘beautiful doggie’ contest as you’d surely win first prize. Can’t wait to hear about your first day on the job!

  7. Awesome! You two will do a fantastic job! LOVE the pics….

  8. Bear, I’m so excited that you and your mom will be showing off your skills on Wed. Those of us who know you personally know what a sensational job you will do. You are not just a pretty face and that will give you a chance to show the world what we already know. Your profile picture is beautiful and you are right to be proud of that. Keep up the good work.

  9. If only your little harness could be fitted with a Bear Cam!

  10. Bear…You and mom are going to make so many people happy!!

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