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TV or not TV 1/24/2011

I don’t do television.  I can’t tell you the last time I sat down and watched a complete TV show on a television set, although the other night I did sit through 45 minutes of American Idol just so I could see how J-Lo (that’s Jennifer Lopez) and Steven Tyler (lead singer for Aerosmith) were going to do as judges (before that I hadn’t watched Idol in three years).  In case you’re interested, J-Lo surprised the heck out of me with her style and her compassion.  AND she made some really good, constructive remarks.  Steven Tyler – just plain gross.  The only things he added to the show were stupid remarks, loud screams for no reason at all, and totally inappropriate remarks to several very young female contestants.

I used to like Criminal Minds, and yes, the show is weird in a truly creepy way.  Then it got too truly creepy, and I stopped watching.  I stopped reading Stephen King for the same reason. 

I joined Netflix a while ago, and now I watch old TV series and old movies in all their magnificent glory on DVD on my laptop (another bonus on that is I can sit out on the sunporch in front of the fire).  I’ve just finished the first season of ER, and I’m signed up for all 952 seasons.  Gosh, they don’t make TV like that anymore, and George Clooney was just as beautiful back then as he is today.  Sigh.

So now I’m going back and watching the shows that survived for years, but that I never watched because I didn’t get interested in them when they first came on.  After they’d been airing a couple of years, I’d hear all these great reviews, they’d win 52 Emmys, and I’d think, “Why don’t I watch that”?  So I’d tune in, but have no clue what was going on.  With Netflix, I can just order up the whole series from Episode One, and now I’m finding out what all the hoopla was about. With no commercials.  And if I want to watch half a season in one night – I can!

Take LOST.  Now that show is a real doozie.  Just finished the first season of that one too, and can’t wait to continue with Season Two.  And Everwood! Did I ever even know that show was on TV?  It is totally awesome – a wholesome, sweet, lessons-to-be-learned in every episode family show.  Season One is behind me, and I can’t believe there are only two more seasons to go – guess it was too wholesome for TV these days.  AND I just finished watching the Pillars of the Earth series that I heard was on a couple of summers ago and missed.  Oh my gosh, it follows almost step by step that fantastic book of the same name by Ken Follett.  I recommend it highly!

But maybe I’m missing something here.  Maybe there are series I need to be watching that are airing right now.  So I’m asking . . . what do you watch at night that you consider “must see TV” every single week.  Tell me your favorite show – drama, comedy, late night, etc. – and why you like it.  I promise to check it out!  And if we get a really good discussion going in “comments”, maybe we’ll all discover a gem of a show we need to watch!

But right now – I think I’ll start on the first season on 24.  I heard each season covers just one day in the life of this Jack somebody.  Sounds interesting . . .

Oh – for some truly stunning photos of Mackinac Island during the winter, check out this week’s update at:



  1. I never miss Chuck, too sweet and so funny. Dexter appeals to me in a way that disturbs me sometimes, but my husband I wouldn’t miss it! I mean really, he only kills serial killers. How bad can he be, and he loves his little baby boy…

    • Haven’t tried Chuck, Marty, but I did watch the first episode of Dexter off Netflix. Same opinion as you – weird in a rational kind of way.

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with Big Love on HBO. I hate the characters and what they do, but the writing is so good and compelling that I love to watch!

    Also, I dig watching American Pickers and Pawn Stars on History. History is on my tv 90% of the time I watch tv.

  3. Medium (all finished now!!) was one of our favorites – a little weird but the explanation always satisfied in the end. CSI and NCIS (and the LA one now), Bones, Mentalist and Criminal Minds. I often end up sleeping through some of these, especially those that come on after 10 pm. History Detectives on PBS.
    They can’t be ‘must see’ because schedules change and we have filled up the hard drive of the DVR so many times it’s not funny. We don’t have cable or satellite TV as there are just not enough hours in the day to see everything on broadcast (and we’re cheap!) Our daughter gets Netflix and over New Years we discovered the joys of the streamed movies. Haven’t gotten a subscription yet (refer to last comment) but might consider it.
    I truly prefer a book – it’s always there, you can pick up where you left off, and the characters are always the way YOU imagined them!

    We love Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance; haven’t really gotten into Idol, but the a cappella group show was very good. And the new one – Undercover Boss – is sometimes good, if they’d only keep showing it regularly.

    • Wow – Irene, you covered a lot! Of the ones you named, I’ve watched a few episodes of Bones and Mentalist. I DO watch Dancing with the Stars IF they have a good group I’m interested in – like this last one! Was SO excited Jennifer Grey won! I’m with you on the BOOKS – I’m going to start THAT discussion soon also!

  4. I love watching Chuck too! And CSI – the original one. Dirty Jobs is another fav as Mike Rowe makes such funny faces and comments. Survivor has always been a fav – but I would never go on it – too many bugs and no showers – ick!! Ha Ha!
    Happy Monday!!

  5. Well like Tom the History or Military channel are on alot here if hubby is watching TV. We have completely different taste in tv. I do like to watch Pawn stars and American Pickers sometime but the Military channel is just not my cup of tea. I love the reality shows like Survivor, Amazing Race (love the see the different places they go) and So You Think You Can Dance. I know there are more, but it’s awful early in the morning and I don’t think I should even be awake yet. Been up since 3 and it’s still a little hard to think right now. 😉 Oh by the way, love Mike Rowe!

    • I always watch the FIRST episode of each Survivor and Amazing Race. Just can’t get into Survivor anymore. Amazing Race is good, and I DO watch it off and on.

  6. We always watch Castle and The Closer. Love them both! And although Bill doesn’t care much for it, I could never ever miss Grey’s Anatomy 🙂

    • LOL about Grey’s Anatomy, Lana! That was one of my “never miss” shows for the first couple of seasons. I’ll have to go back and check it out again!

  7. I enjoy watching The Middle on ABC on Wednesdays. It is with Patricia Heaton and it is a funny comedy.

  8. I never miss Fringe. It’s a little bit like The X Files, but not as scary. My favorite character is Walter. He’s a lovable kook.

  9. Check out the new series “Harry’s Law”. It stars Kathy Bates. Looks like it could be a good one. The series is just starting. On OWN, the specials of Oprah’s are interesting. Shows what all goes into putting a show together. Discovery has some really interesting specials and beautiful scenery.

  10. If you love old movies and a Cary Grant fan, rent “Walk Don’t Run” I believe Netfix has it. It a wonderful comedy, and also his last film.

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