Posted by: bree1972 | February 3, 2011

Where Everybody Knows Your Name 2/5/2011

Making your way in the world today sure can take a lot.  Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot.

Wouldn’t you like to get away . . .

 Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.

You wanna be where you can see our troubles are all the same.  You wanna be where everyone knows your name.

When I began writing Bree’s Lake Blackshear Blog last winter, all our friends here at the lake wanted to know when I was going to talk about Booger Bottom.  It’s taken me two years to work up to doing that, but since our lives on the ri’vah (well, at least Ted’s life on the ri’vah) revolves around this famous little watering hole, I felt I had put it off long enough. 

First, the name . . . . Booger Bottom.  I have no idea at all where the name came from, but I’d heard it mentioned a long time before we moved to the ri’vah 16 years ago.  In fact, if you live anywhere within a 100-mile radius of Lake Blackshear and come to the lake even once during the summer, you’ve heard of this little bar & grill.  The ladies on the ri’vah usually refer to it as “the Bottom”, but it’s also called Spring Creek Marina, the Booger Bottom Yacht Club, or even “the Booger”. 

If you live at the lake and don’t drop in at the Bottom at least one night a week, you’re just not part of the “local” lake community.  Now I’m not saying that the Cypress Grill and 88’s (both at the Lake Blackshear Resort & Golf Club) aren’t happening places, but frequent visitors to those two spots are “river” folks.  When you visit the Bottom, you become a “ri’vah” person.

If you watched the sitcom “Cheers” that was on so long it was practically a national institution, you are familiar with the premise of the neighborhood bar where the locals drop in on a regular basis for a cold one (or two) and hang out to hear the latest gossip for the day.  Now I know that the ri’vah guys who read this will never own up to gossip, but I’m sorry – you guys gossip every bit as much as we females do.  You just don’t do it in front of us.  Ted drops in at the Bottom at least twice a week – more during football season.  There’s just something about a bunch of guys getting together and watching football together at their favorite hangout.  It’s all part of that male bonding thing.

 Booger Bottom has seen owners come and go over the years, and the present owners are Mr. Charlie and Sue Barnes – two of the sweetest people you will ever meet – and great friends.  Charlie used to played football for the University of Georgia back in the day – which makes him a local hero.  When it’s football season, and the Georgia Dawgs are playing, there’s no better place to be than at the Bottom for the game.  We get real serious about our football down here, and nowhere is it taken more seriously than inside that little wooden building sitting on the banks of Spring Creek.

These days Charlie and Sue’s son Rick, and daughter and son-in-law Renae and Joe, are taking a more active part in the daily operation of the Bottom, and it even has it’s own Facebook Page now.  I love the description they’ve written there: ” Need some rivah’ therapy?! We’ve got the remedy.  Close your eyes and hear the tab pop on that first cold beer you’ve just ordered. Now, smell those onions cooking up to perfection to top the best burger you’ve ever put in your mouth. Hear that barstool squeak under you? If it could only talk.  Combine all these senses together along with some of the most down to Earth people you will ever meet. This is Booger Bottom!”

Renae is the reason I’m finally writing about the Bottom.  I’ll come back later with another story for the guys, but this week Renae decided to host a wine & cheese tasting at the Bottom – for girls only!  Well actually, Renae couldn’t officially close the Bottom to men, and a few did show up.  They were ignored by everyone except Mr. Charlie, who was the official “men’s” bartender for the evening.  And, this gives me a good place to post photos of all the girlfriends whose names you’ve heard me mention for two years during the winter!


Everyone brought a bottle of wine and filled out a card telling all about it. The whites went into the ice bucket . . .




. . . and the reds were lined up on the counter that runs the length of the building.




A bevy of blonde, beautiful Boogerettes - yep, that's what we call ourselves! If you don't believe me, just look at their wine glasses. By the way, that's Renae on the left - the whole party was her idea, and a great one it was!




That's good friend Marianne and I hanging out by the food table, which is really the pool table with a tablecloth. And yes, that's a Nascar chandelier. If the guys aren't talking about football, they're talking about race cars. I think we're going to hang a couple of fern baskets from the wheels when we have our next girl party.


Owners Mr. Charlie and Sue.


Of course there's a jukebox! On weekends, the Bottom usually has live entertainment, but you can always throw a coin in this old machine and dance to your favorite country or rock-and-roll artists.


At the Bottom we can sit on the bar, and nobody says a thing about it. Usually though, it's so crowded you can't get UP to the bar. (You hear me talk about my friend "Samille" a lot - that's her in the white sweater on the left.)


Marianne and a new friend - Karen.


The Georgia Bulldawgs Hall of Fame wall.


Two more good friends on either end here - Deb on the left and Terry on the right.


Good friend and my sister in crime at the lake - Dawn.


Second generation Boogerettes.


That's good friend Sally in the yellow sweater and black vest. Her husband is Ed, who is my husband's partner in crime on the lake.


Group shot! What a fun night!

If you’re in the neighborhood – winter or summer – stop by the Bottom and order up one of those juicy hamburgers (seriously, the best I’ve ever eaten) and a cold one from the cooler.  In the summer, you’ll find more boats parked outside than cars . . . but that’s another story.

We’re off to Atlanta to spend some time with Blake before he makes the big move to Colorado next week.  We’ll be coming in on Sunday just in time to head to the Bottom for a gigantic Super Bowl party, so I’m going to just go ahead and say there won’t be a blog on Monday – I’ll post Tuesday instead.  Have a great weekend, and God bless.



  1. Great place to visit, even if you only get down to the ri’vah a few times a year.

  2. Looks like THE happening place to be 🙂 Maybe someday….
    Enjoy your visit with Blake (tell him we will miss him too), have a safe trip and have a fun Sunday watching the Super Bowl. See ya Tuesday!

  3. Looks like a fun time was had by all. I see Mr. Charlie getting in the picture with all the girls. Wish Blake good luck with the new job and a safe journey to Colorado. Have a safe trip to Atlanta and enjoy the Super Bowl party.

  4. Have a safe trip and a wonderful visit with Blake before he is off on an new adventure in life. He is on my prayer list every night along with my family members and the Peace Corps Youth you wrote about. Any news about them?

  5. “Brenda the Blogger” does NOT get a BOOGERETTE wine glass?
    Looks like y’all had a great time. LOVE seeing pics of everyone you talk about on the ri’vah.
    Someday I’ll be stopping by too.

    • Oh I’ll get one, Jill. I just wasn’t around the last time they were available. More in the works as we speak.

  6. I’m so flattered! Thank you, sweet Brenda, for such a great story on our little ole hole in the wall. It wouldn’t be the same without you and Ted! Safe travels and we’ll see you on Sunday 🙂

  7. You must live in heaven. A bar with a counter the length of the building surrounded by beautiful girls. Us jr. naval officers had a place like that in San Diego. We had to pour concrete tho to replace the one that burned. I still swear I had nothing to do with the fire. The conflagration was quite a sight when viewed on approach and landing. Give Blake Cathie and I’s best wishes. And you and Ted. And the dogs. And the folks at the bar.

  8. One of those “Boogeretts” sure looks like a lady judge from Americus. Could be a coincidence. Hope she didn’t get corrupted by the wild rivah ladies.

    • Steve, what goes on at the Bottom stays at the Bottom !

  9. Please tell me how to get to booger bottom? From scenic drive?
    We want to come!

    • Hi Holli! Go to Hwy. 280 and turn like you’re going to Americus. Cross the 280 bridge, then take a right on Lamar Road (across from Fat Boys). The Bottom is about 1 1/2 miles down Lamar – just before the Spring Creek Bridge. It’s on the right, down in a little “Bottom”. If you go across the Bridge, you’ve just missed it. Have fun!

  10. Thanks for the directions! My brother and I are looking forward to playing there tonight! Too bad Jason can’t make it, though.

    • I’ve heard all about it, Russ! Obviously, ya’ll made a very good impression on Renae that night! I probably won’t be there, but you can count on Ted being in the crowd! Have fun! Blair and Jason coming NEXT weekend.

  11. Grew up in Dooly County…and have heard of this place for years. Can’t believe I have never been. Next time I’m that way, I will have to venture in. I do frequent the lake alot though. Is this the little wooden building on a little cove off Lamar?? Anyone know the history of this place? How long it’s been in business? And is it for sale??

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