Posted by: bree1972 | February 10, 2011

A Little of This, A Little of That . . . 2/11/2011

The week is ending a lot busier than it began!  The weather never got any better, but Bear and I worked on Thursday afternoon, and on Friday I have to drive into Albany to be trained on “how to look and breathe like an alien”.  Yep!  Friday is the big day – I get my BiPAP machine and mask.  And yes, I promise on Monday there will be at least one photo of said machine and me wearing the mask.  Never let it be said that I won’t do anything for a laugh!  On Saturday we’re going to Daphne’s to celebrate Valentine’s Day (it’s early, I know, but our favorite restaurant isn’t open on Mondays).  By then, according to a Weather Channel meteorologist, our temps are supposed to be inching into the upper 50’s, and by the middle of next week (same meteorologist) we could see the 60’s – with SUNSHINE!  Oh please, Lord, let it be so!

Not much more to chat about, so I’ll just launch into some random photos AND a few from our therapy session today.

A couple of weekends ago (on one of those days when I swore if I didn't get out of the house I was going to start kicking things), we loaded up Maddie and Bear and headed for the Georgia Veterans State Park. Our aim was to stretch our legs and let the dogs romp. Turned out to be a GREAT afternoon - no sunshine, but warm enough that Cuddl Duds and gloves weren't needed.


As you can see, everything is still brown, brown, brown. Didn't bother these two in the least - for them it was just about "new stuff to smell!"


Yes, that IS a giant watermelon! Cordele (about 15 minutes away) is the Watermelon Capital of the World, and event planners were staying at the Lake Blackshear Resort and Golf Club that weekend.


This is a fire ant bed - a really small one. Fire ants came into the United States from South America on ships in the 1930's They are now in 13 southern states and Puerto Rico. Fire ants don't like cold weather, and they don't like dry climates. The South is hot, humid, and rainy - just what your typical fire ant family is looking for. You DO NOT want to stir up a bunch of fire ants. Trust me on that.


Bear and Maddie loved getting out of their yard and into the woods.


Guinness World Record number of birds at/in/on our window feeder at one time – eight!


I didn't ask permission to take photos of residents' faces in the assisted living homes we visited today - but I think these photos speak volumes just showing the dogs and the residents' hands.


This is a staff member (I DID get her permission). Bear and I visited today with Linda P. and Buddy and Linda G. and Dewar. Here, Bear and Buddy get some cuddles.


Little Dewar's face - looking up at a resident through the sides of a walker. That's Buddy in the background, waiting his turn.


Bear getting some wonderful ear rubs!


Buddy and Dewar - this lady was talking to them both about the dogs she'd owned over the years.


This lady begins saving up her snacks two days before the dogs are scheduled to come so she has plenty to spread around. Today, the dogs voted her "Most Likely to Get Kisses".

Bear and I both are enjoying our therapy work so much, although we are still having issues about loading into the car (at home).  And he is still more anxious on the ride to and from than I’d like to see him be.  We continue to work on that.  If he didn’t immediately calm down as soon as his feet hit the pavement where we’re visiting, I’d be more concerned, but he seems to love doing the work.   Wish I could help him get over this faster, but maybe that’s what the problem is – I’m trying to make it happen TOO fast.

Blake spent Wednesday night in Louisville, KY, then drove about 625 miles to Manhattan, Kansas Thursday.  I think he’s hoping to make it to Ft. Collins on Friday – only another 550 miles.  He says “so far, so good” on his grandmother’s car, although he said it looks pretty bad – covered in snow and slushy mud (and salt, I’m sure), but it’s running fine.  Thank you, Lord.

That’s it from Lake Blackshear for the week.  Have a wonderful weekend, and God bless.



  1. The look on those dogs faces, it’s like they KNOW that this is what they are meant to do. Waiting their turn so patiently. How sweet they all look. Soon your brown grass will get green, ours still has to go to’s been white for the last 2 1/2 months. Our weather is suppose to be in the 40’s by the middle of next week. I can not wait!
    Happy to hear that Blake’s trip has been uneventful so far. Sending good vibes that the rest of the trip will be the same way.
    Have a great weekend and enjoy your Valentines celebration!

    • Thanks, Hilde. I know Bud will have you a special Valentine!

  2. Love the pictures. The birds seem to shine when the rest of nature is quiet. I love the pics of your bird cafeteria. Just as people are sometimes lucky enough to know what they were put on this earth to do, the expressions on these puppy faces shows an awareness that they have a mission, too.

  3. I’m with Hilde-you can just see the love passing from the dogs to the people. It’s just wonderful and I envy you being able to be there in person to see it all…

    I just called and made reservations at the Murray for the weekend of the 8 mile race!!! Yay!! 209 days till we’re on the island! And, for anyone interested, if you’re on Facebook and click “Like” on the Murray’s page, you’ll get a 10% discount on your room! Double Yay!!!
    Glad to hear Blake has had a safe trip so far, hope the rest of the trip was as well.
    Have a great weekend!

    • All right for the Murray! Hope readers are reading the comments. Maybe I better mention it next week. Thanks, Annie!

  4. I love your pictures of the hands scratching and petting! Just wonderful! (I always think Lady worships me only because I have fingers!)

    When Maddie walks into your ‘brown’ woods, she almost disappears!!

    God bless Blake on his journey! (and I hope he packed his long johns! Colorado has had a very cold winter, too!)

  5. The pictures you post of the dogs doing therapy work is doing double duty – it’s therapy for all of us who see them, too. Such sweet faces and eager smiles! I think I’ll go call our grandkids – the eagerness and smiles remind me of them. . . .

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