Posted by: bree1972 | March 6, 2011

Ri’vah Camellias 3/7/2011

Hi gang!

It’s really been a slow weekend at the ri’vah, and frankly there is just nothing to write about today.  So, I’m going to post a few photos of the beautiful camellias we have blooming in the yard right now, then forward you on over to some springtime “memory” shots of Mackinac Island (it was a slow news week from the island also).

You know me! I have no idea what variety camellia this is. All our camellias were planted by the original owner of our little cabin many, many decades ago. They are old, old bushes and would be as tall as trees if we didn't cut them back every few years.

This dark pink bloomer is on one of our neighbor's bushes. But since it grows right through our fence, I claim it as half mine.

My favorite so far this year. I love the light pink on the outside of the petals and the dark pink at the center.

Clicking here: will take you to my Mackinac Island Winter Update site.  While going through some old photos this week, I got nostalgic for the island and posted some springtime pics from our first week back on the island last year.  Hopefully, they’ll give you a lift from this dreary weather we’ve had in south Georgia this weekend. 

See you Friday – hopefully with something a little more entertaining!  Have a great week!



  1. Thanks for the gorgeous flower pictures Brenda…I sure could use those right now. Everything here is either still brown or white and I am dying for some Spring sights!Heading over to the island now for some more Spring 🙂

  2. Agreeing with Hilde on needing to see pictures of the camellias. Brown or white or raining here. Spring hurry this way and up Hilde’s way also.

  3. Brenda,

    Thank you so much for the taste of Spring on this snow covered 12 degree morning. I sure needed it.

  4. Are the blooms fragrant as well as gorgeous?

  5. Thanks for the beautiful Spring flowers pictures!! It brightens my dreary grey Indiana morning today. Happy Tuesday!!

  6. Love the pictures of the camellias. Here in Illinois, we have flower envy.

  7. Such beauty. I wish I was a gardening person, but I’ll just love everyone else’s flowers instead of having my own. Have a great day, Brenda.

  8. Such beautiful flowers! I checked to see if my crocuses were starting to peek out yesterday but alas, they’re still buried in a foot of snow. Thanks for brightening my day…

  9. These photos made my heart feel lighter today!! It is another dark/rainy day in spite of the snow that is still on the ground here. I can’t wait until my tulips and daffodils
    peek up and say “hello, we’re here”. I think I’ll buy some flowers to perk me up! Beautiful photos as usual..thank you for starting my day with beauty!

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