Posted by: bree1972 | March 10, 2011

Winter’s Last Hurrah?

We’ve been enjoying wonderful, mild weather here in the South for a couple of weeks now.  Bulbs are bulbing, grass is greening, and early bloomers are blooming.  It seems to never fail though that as soon as all this starts happening, we will have one last cold snap that forces us to worry if all the spring growth will be stunted and the plants will have to recycle themselves into a “second spring”.  I have a feeling winter’s “last hurrah” will be this weekend here on the ri’vah.

It began as the southern edge of the powerful storm that swept the middle of the country on Monday and Tuesday edged into our neck of the woods on Tuesday night.  We awoke on Wednesday to gusty winds and threatening skies, with tornado and severe thunderstorm watches blanketing our part of Georgia.  By noon on Wednesday, the skies had darkened, and warnings replaced the watches.

1 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. Dark clouds, and the American flag stood straight out as winds blustered up the lake from the south. Except for the wind, it was eerily quiet in our yard. The dozens and dozens of birds usually dancing around the crabapple tree limbs had vanished, seeking shelter in something more substantial than those thin, leafless branches.

I walked out of the yard onto the dock, leaving Bear waiting behind the fence. Whitecaps were rolling across the lake, stirred by the winds, and splashing against our seawall.

Trying to capture a big wave by looking directly down on the seawall got me the shot . . . it also got me wet!

Our flowing well is going strong, as it does most of the year. The only time it might dry up is in the heat of summer, when farmers nearby are irrigating crops during a really dry season. Our water is provided by a well, and I love the taste of the well water (Ted, on the other hand, prefers bottled.) Several years ago we paid to tap into the city water system, but we still haven't hooked it up. It's there for us if the well should ever dry up or become contaminated, but we've just continued to use the well.

The storm hit around 1:30, with heavy downpours and really strong winds.

A sound like a rifle crack, followed by a heavy thud, had us rushing to the front door . . .

. . . where we saw that two big branches off the huge pinetrees in our front yard had landed in a flowerbed. They didn't do our azaleas a lot of good, but better there than on top of the house!

Thursday morning dawned cloudy and warm, but after lunch the wind kicked up again, and temperatures started dropping.  We’re supposed to have near freezing temps for lows over the weekend, then a steady warming.  After that maybe Old Man Winter will pack up his packs and take a hike.  And good riddance!


I’m leaving you for the week with this special video of a proud grandmother who received a call from outer space a few days ago.  Nope, it’s not a joke.  Her grandson Eric Boe, was piloting the final flight of the Space Shuttle Discovery.  Eric is the nephew of Lisa Leggett, one of our friends here at the ri’vah.  Lisa, Eric’s “Nana”, and other family members were on hand for the Discovery launch, and Discovery will soon be on its way to the Smithsonian Museum .  Click here for the story:

Have a wonderful weekend!  See you Monday!



  1. Brenda.

    Thank you for the pictures. Storms are exciting, but only if I’m inside looking out.
    However, when I was in my teens on Mackinac Island, I would go stand on the sea wall in front of Fort Mackinac and next to the Coast Guard Station and the waves would crash into the wall and go all over me. I thought it was great enjoyment then. I don’t think I’ll do it again.

    I hope you didn’t have any more damage from the storm than the tree branches.

    • Why is it Lowell that I can instantly imagine you on that seawall with the waves crashing over you? You have the BEST memories of the island! I love storms also. Have always wanted to stay somewhere in Washington State or Oregon on the coast where they have those unbelievable winter storms (to watch from the safety of the inside, of course).

  2. I also hope that ole man Winter starts heading where ever he goes when he’s not here.. soon. lol. I think most of us have had enough of him this year. I know I have! Love the pictures of the storm…I’m like Lowell…I like to watch them from inside too. Glad you didn’t have anymore damage then what you had.
    Great video…that is one proud “Nana” !

  3. “Bulbs are bulbing….” I LOVE it!!! 🙂

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