Posted by: bree1972 | March 13, 2011

Just Two Georgia Peaches 3/14/2011

Not long after I met and became good friends with Jill on Mackinac Island (our second full summer there), she began to tell me about a friend of hers who, according to Jill, “looks just like you”.  Now everyone, I’m told, has a twin somewhere, so that didn’t really tweak my interest as much as what Jill said next.  “And she lives in Georgia in the winter and comes to Mackinac Island in the summer – just like you!”  My interest register went up a few more points. 

“Where does she live in Georgia?” I asked Jill.  “Someplace called Warner Robins,” Jill said, watching my eyes grow bigger.  “Jill!”  I said amazingly, “That’s 45 minutes from the ri’vah!”

Jill wasn’t the only person to see a resemblance between Jane Winston and me.  Molly, our minister’s wife, said the same thing – and a couple of others commented on it.  So I began to look forward to meeting this Jane person, and later that summer I did. 

Now Jane had been hearing the same thing about me – from Jill.  Jill would email Jane and tell her about the startling resemblance and that we both did the Mackinac/South Georgia “thing”, and we practically lived next door to each other down south.

So, long story short, a few days after Jane arrived on the island that year (she has a beautiful home there), we finally ran into each other.  It was funny really.  I could feel Jane looking me over, and I’m sure she felt me doing the same to her.  Then we both laughed and said almost simultaneously, “I don’t see it.”  And we still don’t.

Jane and I are still growing our friendship.  She doesn’t spend nearly as much time on the island as we do.  When her husband was alive, they spent the whole season there, but after his death she found the days and nights just too long to stay for months.  But she comes every summer, has lots of company come up while she’s there, and goes to Little Stone Church.  And, in the way of the island, we see each other on the street, or we’re on the same taxi, or I might be walking past her house on the way to town, and see her relaxing on her front porch.  And I’ll stop and chat.

Somewhere along the way, I learned that Jane loves the theatre and acts with the Perry Players (Perry is a small Georgia town about an hour from our house).  And so it was that when March rolled around, and I was in charge of  “Lake Ladies Girls Night Out”, I checked the Perry Players web site and saw that “Father of the Bride” was playing and had a Sunday matinee.  So our Ladies Night Out became a Ladies Afternoon out today (Sunday, March 13), and seven of the ri’vah girls piled into two vehicles and headed up I-75 to Perry.

Jane and I had chatted online several times, and she knew we were coming.  She wasn’t in this particular play, but she was working the door.  It was wonderful seeing her, and we told and retold the “twin” story to several of her friends there, and I had mentioned it to the ladies from the ri’vah.  And you know what . . .

. . . we still don't see it. But hey, if everyone thinks I resemble the lovely, charming Jane Winston, I will take it as the highest of compliments and say "Thank you very much."


Ri'vah ladies at the Perry Players Theatre. That's Deb, Patricia, Renae, Lisa, Sally, and Dawn.


A scene from "Father of the Bride". What a talented cast!

A busy week ahead!  Bear and I are working two days this week in Albany, and I have another trip into Albany for doctors’ and other appointments.  AND – Thursday, St. Patrick’s Day – is our 22nd wedding anniversary.  I’ll see you back here on Friday – have a wonderful week!



  1. I don’t see it either but I bet if I saw you together in person and you both began to speak, I just might see something there. So nice that the two of you have become friends. Have a good week.

  2. Fun story. I just read that you share a special day with the Nelson family. Happy early anniversary to you both. Our WILLOW JANE turnes 4 on your anniversary. I do think that we may be able to meet up on our way north. I’ll call. Nice story 🙂 I don’t see it either but I bet it is the voice and smile along with the sparkel in all 4 eyes.

  3. I can’t see it either but how nice to make new friendship with Jane. Have a great week and Happy early Anniversary to you and Ted!!

  4. I have heard that same story, about everyone having a twin somewhere, but other than two beautiful ladies, I’m not seeing it too much either. But it does sound like you have a few things in common. Sure does sound like a busy week, hope all appointments go well. Happy early Anniversary to you and Ted!!

  5. I don’t see that you’re twins but there is a bit of a resemblance. Maybe long lost cousins many times removed? Glad you enjoyed the play and Happy, Happy Anniversary to you and Ted.

  6. I’m betting that the resemblance has a lot more to do with the pitch of your voices, inflections, common speech patterns and phrases, maybe even hand gestures and the way you walk. You know, the kinds of things that a still photo can’t show! And you know, peaches are beautiful!

  7. Well, Happy Anniversary to you and Ted. Are either of you of Irish descent? Is Horton an Irish name?

    As far as you and Jane being twins, maybe it’s fraternal twins, but it’s obvious that you both inherited the best from your parents.

    I remember when (Oh no, here he goes again.) I was working on The Island back in the mid-fifties,and it seemed like everywhere I went kids would call be by the wrong name (I don’t remember what it was.) and I would always tell them that wasn’t my name and they’d made a mistake. Finally, I talked to them about it and they told me there was a guy who worked at a stable on Mahoney Ave. between Cadotte Ave. and Huron St. who looked just like me. Poor guy! I walked by there and sure enough; there he was and he actually did look like me. I don’t remember talking to him, but I suppose I did.

    • Ted is of English descent, Lowell. I’ve never traced my ancestry, although my dad always told the story that his side of the family had Native American blood somewhere down the line. I would love it if that is true.

  8. How great to meet someone who does look like you! And how cool you both live in Georgia and summer in Michigan! Happy Anniversary to you and Ted!

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