Posted by: bree1972 | March 17, 2011

And the Luck of the Irish to Each of You! 3/18/2011

Hi everyone!

I truly, truly planned to write a nice blog today.  I already had it planned – it was going to be about a VERY unusual happening in our back yard this week.  And I PROMISE I will write about it on Monday.

BUT . . .  today has been busy, busy, busy!  I already had a doctor’s appointment scheduled in Albany – a mammogram, a dexa-scan, and a visit with my friendly OB-GYN.  On top of that (well, really, in spite of that), I decided it was a good day to pamper myself.  I scheduled a facial, and after that a visit to the hair salon to cover up the inch of gray hair at my roots.  After the roots were covered, I decided I might as well get some highlights – which I did.   With my face glowing and my hair shining, I walked into the doctor’s office at 1:30 and didn’t walk out until 4 p.m.  THEN, I decided to go back to where I’d had the facial and get the skin lady to do some special makeup for me because it was our anniversary, and Ted was taking me out to dinner. 

Long story short, I got home at 6:30, and Ted had dinner reservations for 7:00.  I HATED my makeup, so I washed it all off and redid myself in five minutes (which goes to prove how much makeup I normally wear). 

Dinner was wonderful (we ate at the Retreat), then drove over to Cypress Grill to see Jason for a few minutes.  He and 23 other guys from Atlanta are here playing in a golf tournament.  We just got home, I’m beat, and I can’t believe I’ve even stayed awake long enough to write this much.

So . . I’m just going to leave you with this little smile for the weekend, compliments of Jessica, who treated me to a St. Paddy’s Day mask made from green beer.

Never let it be said that my readers have not seen me at my best!

Hoping you all have had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day, and wishing you a glorious weekend of sunshine and warm weather.  See you Monday, and God bless.



  1. LOL You are so brave. What a giggle. You have a great sense of humor.
    Did you see the ad that was placed on this page? Split pea soup…with ham. 🙂
    I guess you fit right in. 😉

  2. Happy Anniversary! I guess I’m a little late, but I’m so glad you had a great day – and evening! Hope Elmo treats you well tonight, too! 😉

  3. You are fabulous!!!!!!!

  4. A green peach?

    I hope you and Ted had a wonderful evening.

  5. LOL Brenda, you just made my day! I’m glad you had “some” time to pamper yourself and that your dinner date was great. Here’s to many more wonderful years with Ted (lifting my cup of coffee to you) 🙂

  6. Congratulations to both you and Ted. I love your mask, looks like you are having FUN!!!

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