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Sand Between My Toes! 3/38/2011

Yes!  It was sunny and warm!

Yes!  The sand was white and fine as sugar!

Yes!  Becky and Larry’s house was wonderful!

Yes!  The seafood was to die for!

Yes!  We had a blast at the beach!

Need I say more?!  Oh, okay I will! 

Before I start to show you our weekend at Panama City Beach in photos, let me mention one little matter.  Our hosts, Becky and Larry, don’t do the internet “thing”.  They aren’t on Facebook, don’t read blogs, and just don’t want to have their faces and lives posted for all the world to see.  And that’s perfectly fine, and I totally respect that.  In fact, in the near future, there will probably be a lot more of us who wish we had also felt that same way.  Anyway, to honor their request, you won’t be seeing pictures of Larry and Becky and their beautiful beach house on this post.  I did take a lot of photos of them AND their home at the beach, and I plan to have prints made for their albums.  I just wanted to mention that so you wouldn’t wonder why in the world you’re not seeing photos of them.  

And awayyy we go . . . . .

Ted and Ed trying to figure out why Sally and I needed four suitcases and three garment bags for a weekend at the beach. Men just don't "get it". Larry and Becky left the lake for the beach on Thursday afternoon. We followed them on Friday morning, after Ted dropped Maddie and Bear off at the kennel.


Sally and I piled into the backseat of Ted's truck so Ed could ride "shotgun" in the front. Those are dogwood trees blooming in Sally and Ed's yard.


We pass through Colquitt, GA on our trip south. This little rural community has been designated "Georgia's Mural City" and has eleven of these huge drawings, depicting life in the south, spread out throughout the town. This one really caught our eye. It's the Agricultural Icon Mural by Charlie Johston and is painted on all four sides of a 27,000 square foot peanut silo. It depicts a hard-working peanut farmer tending his crop. Ted stopped long enough for me to jump out and take this photo, and it fascinated me so much that when I got home this afternoon I did a little research. YouTube has a great video of the mural as it was painted, and I highly recommend watching this beautiful scene "come to life" at It's really amazing! (I've just noticed that you can't click on the link above and go to the site. No clue why not. It does work if you cut and paste the link into your browser address.)


This is how close Becky and Larry's house is to the beach. You can stand in their sunroom and look down the street and see the ocean. Their house is precious - a real "old Florida" beach house that they've renovated beautifully. We loved it!


Sally - in the golfcart that makes getting all the beach gear to the beach a lot easier.


Men on a mission - a couple of beers, the beach, the sun . . . need I say more?


Sally - at the top of the steps leading over the dunes at the end of Becky and Larry's street. At the bottom . . .


. . . sugar-white sand already filled with the footprints of the coming summer.


It was windy on the beach!


Did I mention it was windy on the beach!


First stop for seafood - Dusty's! Take a dozen raw oysters (one at a time), place each on a saltine cracker. Cover oyster with a dollup of horseradish sauce. Cover horseradish sauce with a double-dollup of cocktail sauce. Place entire concoction into mouth. Chew once. Swallow. OH. MY. GOODNESS.


Dusty's from the back deck - overlooking a little lagoon. Perfect weather!


We walked back down to the beach for a few minutes before getting ready for dinner Friday night. It was a little hazy, looking down the shore at the high-rise condos in the distance. In another month, this beach won't be nearly this deserted, and a month after that you'll have to fight for a space large enough to put your beach towel. To me, October through April is the ONLY time to go to a Florida beach. When I was younger - much younger - I had another, completely different theory on that.


Dinner at Captain Anderson's - one of our top five favorite Florida restaurants. Ted and I ate our all-time favorite meal there - a Greek salad, followed by a whole flounder stuffed with crabmeat. OH. MY. GOODNESS.


On Saturday morning, we lazed around until almost 11:00, then rode over to near Grayton Beach for brunch at Another Broken Egg, a favorite breakfast place. Cute pic of Sally and Ed at the table there.


They have this omelet that Ted is mad for - the Floridian, filled with crabmeat, cream cheese, onions and, of course, eggs. No, it's not high-calorie - not at all. Have I mentioned that we did a LOT of eating this weekend?!


More beautiful beach scenery . . .


. . . . late in the afternoon.


Cool Panama City Beach sand between my toes - boy, does that bring back some wonderful growing-up memories.

Being only three hours from my south Georgia home of Sylvester, GA, my mom and dad often brought me to this beach in the summers.  This is where I’d carry my little shovel and pail down to the edge of the ocean and carefully fill that pail with wet sand.  Then I’d gently turn the pail over, depositing a perfect “turret” for the sand castle I never quite around to building.  Loved to make those turrets though.  It’s here, in my teenage years, that I’d come and “lay out” for hours, cooking my skin into that perfect tan every teenage girl of my generation thought absolutely necessary.  Sunscreen?  What was that?!  And it was to this same beach that – much  later – I’d go with my mom and dad – taking them this time instead of them taking me.  Sitting on the beach late in the day with my parents, watching them as they put their sweet heads back on the beach chairs and drank in the ocean breezes and salty air – a blessed memory.

We came back home Sunday afternoon to storms.  Friends had called us at the beach on Saturday afternoon to tell us that a tornado had struck two boathouses less than a mile from our house.  It turned a pontoon boat in one of them into a pretzel, tossed it out of the boathouse into the lake, and sent a tree through the cabin that belonged to the boathouse.  After we picked up Maddie and Bear Sunday, and about a mile from home, we ran into a hailstorm and rain so heavy we could barely see the road.  We were very glad to find our house, yard, boathouse and boat intact.  Crazy weather this year.

We had a wonderful time at the beach with good friends.  What a great way to get spring started!  Thanks, Becky and Larry, for having us! . . . . . Will someone please call up Becky and Larry and read this to them?



  1. Sounds like you had a perfect weekend. Happy to hear everything was alright with your home and property. Bet the fur babies were happy to see you and Ted.

    Now to rest up from your great weekend.

  2. Yup, have to agree with Charlotte, sounds about perfect to me too! That sand sure looks nice between the feet, sounds like great food although I have never had or wanted oysters and the weather sounds just right. Glad ya’ll had a wonderful time and missed the tornado back home and that it missed your house. I bet Bear and Maddie sure were happy to see you. 🙂

  3. I watched the weather maps this weekend and was worried that your trip to the beach was ruined. So glad to know it turned out to be as nice as you and Ted expected it to be and that the storms “back home” didn’t damage your place.

    Still cold here in southern Michigan. 15 degrees this morning. Hard to believe it could be so warm in the south.

  4. I forgot to mention your picture of the wonderful mural in Colquitt, GA.
    I watched the youtube presentation (very interesting) and then googled the town I sure would like to go there. I can’t imagine a little town like that having so much as it appears to have. It would be a great place to visit.

  5. Oh my does that sand look wonderful! I’m very glad you have no pretzels in your boathouse and that everything else escaped intact. Crazy weather indeed. As Lowell noted, it’s been very cold up here-even something in the 40s would be welcome! But I’m hoping things will change for the better soon. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  6. Just found your blog today, I live in greensboro on lake Oconee and have a place in Mexico Beach. I’ve been to the same places to eat. The flounder at Capt. Anderson is so good. We have not been down in awhile so now I’m home sick for the beach. Glad your place is OK the storms were coming one right after another all night.
    I’m really glad to find your fun blog jo

    • Hi Jo! Glad to have you as a reader. If you have any interest at all in Mackinac Island, Michigan, I have another blog on that part of the country. We live there May-October.

  7. Ahh yes. I remember white sand between my toes. I remember warm sea water. I remember the sound of waves washing onto the beach and seagulls screaming insults at me. Trouble is… I forgot when it was, and I am sooo jealous!
    Hurry up warm weather and stay for a while!!!
    I’m glad you escaped damage from the storm and the pups were safe too.

  8. Happy you had great weather for your week-end trip. I bet the dogs missed you both! Glad your property was spared.

    Sweet photos, love the white sand. Your photos always make me feel good. It’s like looking at a travel magazine.

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