Posted by: bree1972 | April 7, 2011

Spring’s Back! 4/8/2011

Spring is back on the ri’vah, and the azaleas and dogwoods have been beautiful in the neighborhood.  I don’t know if you’ll remember or not, but last year we cut back our huge azalea bushes right after they bloomed.  When you do that, you have hardly any flowers the next spring, so we have had to suffer through that here – blooms in yards all around us, but not so much here at the Horton’s.  But that’s ok – NEXT spring we’ll be back in the flower business!

One day last week Bear and I walked next door, and I took most of the photos in tonight's blog in our neighbors' yard. Hilton and Judy live in Birmingham and are rarely at their lakeside cottage. They have a beautiful yard in the spring, but they are almost never here when everything is in full bloom. So we enjoy it for them.


The azaleas in their yard are decades old and are NEVER cut back. So they just continue to grow and flourish and bloom.


Being the old variety of plant, the colors in their yard are mostly light and dark purple. Because they are left to fend for themselves for months at the time, it's easy to see just how hardy these old bushes are. They get watered only if God is in a rain-making mood, and they survive winter cold and summer heat with no complaints.


Bear enjoyed being in a different yard while I took photos . . .


. . . and even did a little posing for me.


Our only "full of flowers" azalea this year - the white one we didn't cut back.

It’s been an extremely busy week.  I’ve made out my annual “six week plan”, counting down the days until we leave for Michigan and marking off a task each day.  By the time we leave, I hope to have weeded all the flowerbeds and cleaned out every closet, cabinet and drawer.  I’m kinda crazy that way – and I totally blame my mom for that.  When I was growing up, she always worked her fingers to the bone before we went on vacation, saying, “We need to leave the house clean in case something happens to us while we’re gone.”  Another favorite was (I bet you heard this one), “Always wear clean underwear in case you’re in an accident, and you have to go to the hospital.”  I used to crack up laughing at both those statements.  What?  The ER staff is going to stop trying to save your life if your undies aren’t clean?  And if you’re killed on the highway, the first thing the home folks will do is check if your house passes the white glove test?

But you know what?  To this day – the house gets cleaned before we go on a trip, and ok – no worries in the emergency room either. I said I was kinda crazy that way.


Bear - after retrieving a new tennis ball.


"Seasoning" the new ball by rolling all over it . . .


. . . making sure the ball is totally saturated with his scent. . .


. . . almost there . . .


. . . and he pronounces it "his" . . .


. . . while Maddie looks on - wondering, "Why does he chase a ball . . ."


. . . "when he could be digging up the yard?"

That’s it from the ri’vah.  Hope you join me Monday for the photos and story from Girls Night Out at the Ri’vah last Wednesday night.  We all had a ball doing something totally different from our usual “nights out”.  I think you’ll enjoy hearing about it and seeing the finished “products”.  And next Friday – can you believe I’m planning this far ahead – we’ll take a boat trip down the river to the Georgia Power Dam, and I’ll tell you about the great flood of 1994.  It flooded nearly every house on  the lake and breeched the dam, emptying Lake Blackshear.

Have a great weekend, and God bless.



  1. Wow! Those azaleas are beautiful-Michigan isn’t good for growing them (it’s not just you Lowell) but, we do have wonderful lilacs! Thanks for the great pictures, that Bear is a natural supermodel and that Maddy is just adorable! Our mothers had the same vacation and undies rule, it cracked me up & now I’m the same kinda crazy. Some folks get annoyed that people are odd; LUCKY folks know that’s the FUN part!

  2. Hi Brenda,
    We arrived on the island yesterday. It was sunny and not so cold at all!!!! Had a whole cartful to take up to the house and then to the Mustang for a coke (diet, of course!!!). It was so fun to start seeing the friends who stay all winter who were trickling in and out of the Mustang. Unpacked a little last night and am up early and ready to really get that task going. And, oh definitely, I left a very clean and neat home in Traverse City!!! As for the undies, that goes without saying. My Mom always said the same things. Hurry six weeks and you four get back up here.

    • Soooo good to hear from you, Loretta! You and Mary at the Grand are already back on the island – I’m so jealous. But we’ll be there soon, good Lord willing! Have a diet coke for me at the Mustang, and please tell everyone “hi”. See you soon!

  3. Looks like we all had mom’s with the undie rule. How funny is that. 🙂 The flowers are gorgeous and so.. Spring like. Sure is nice to look at since I haven’t seen ANY kind of blooming flowers here yet. This weekend looks to be promising for some warmer weather but the usual Spring rain is also in the forecast. Bear and Maddie look like they are enjoying Spring too!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Yay, Spring is springing here in Niles. The daffodils are up in our badly neglected garden and with all the soaking rain we’re having they’ll soon burst into full bloom. Your neighbor’s azaleas look so wonderful. We have a small patch of them under an ornamental crab apple tree. They barely bloom and when my husband starts raking under the tree, sometimes we don’t see much show up for a while. Tomorrow it’s supposed to get up to 80 here and then storm a lot. It will be nice to see 80, but the storm I can do without.
    I just love the smile that Bear always has. God never made a happier-looking dog than a golden.
    Keep the news from the island coming–I can’t wait to get up there.–and say hello to you too, Brenda. 🙂

  5. Looks lovely down there! We had hail this week but the daffodils are almost 1 inch out of the ground here in southern Michigan. Spring will happen eventually!

  6. What beautiful Spring flowers!! We are going to have a rare 80 deg day today so maybe things will turn green around here. Hope you have a great weekend!!

    • Happy Sunday, Diane. Looks like I’m not the only early bird up this morning.

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