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Painting Pottery on the Porch 4/11/2011

April was Dawn’s month to host Girls’ Night Out at the Ri’vah (GNO), and she came up with a real winner for the once-monthly gathering of ri’vah girls. 

“Let’s paint pottery!” she said on the Facebook invitation.

I remember a little thought swirling through my brain instantly, “I am so not an “artsy” person.  What in the world will I paint?” 

That thought lasted about 3.2 seconds before I got excited about learning something new and actually having something to show for it!

Dawn works part-time at the Peach Palette in Fort Valley GA, a cute little “paint your own pottery” studio and gourmet cooking center.  The Peach Palette hosts birthday parties, Kids’ Animal Day (lots of baby animals in the store for the kids to pet when they’re not painting pottery – almost a tongue twister!), retreats, field trips, seminars and cooking classes.  They also sell pottery, kitchen products, and local food products like honey, jam, and homemade blueberry cider vinegar – (just in case you’re interested).

On Wednesday we all arrived at Dawn’s, eager to eat, drink, chat, and paint – and we managed to do all of that at once and do it all very well!

Dawn had all the supplies (including the pottery) we would need set up out on her screened-in back porch. The weather was perfect for this! We could choose from mugs, kitchen utensil holders, or three different styles of plates. We also had 60 different colors we could use.


Marianne - taking a moment to decide it she wants to use a stencil or a woodcut - or go free-hand.


Rosalyn and Deb - getting in a little chat time before the painting began.


Dawn had prepared tons of food - all delicious. My personal fav were the cinnamon-sprinkled Hershey chocolate bar pieces - wrapped in a tiny crescent roll and baked. Totally different flavor combo. Oh. My. Goodness. I'll just go ahead and tell you that it was sinful how many of those I personally consumed.


Audrey and Melinda, putting their heads together to decide what to create.


Our end of the porch was a little slow . . . and Dawn had to ask us to stop yakking and start painting.


Now let me just say at this point that I cannot even draw a stick man. I had looked for a stencil of a geranium, thinking that’s what I would put on my piece of pottery, and then I’d take it to the condo in Michigan where no one would have to look at it. No geranium stencils to be found. Then I thought of doing a turtle – again thinking Mackinac Island (the turtle is the symbol for the island) AND turtles go with the lake also.  I could use it both places. Dawn had a brainstorm and went into her kitchen and brought back a tile trivet I’d sent her for her birthday last year. It had an abstract turtle on it, and I thought I might could free-hand that (as long as it didn’t have to look too much like a turtle).


Sally - finishing the application of the base coat to her plate.


Dawn - chatting with her mother-in-law, Marianne, while Deb, Rosalyn, Terry, Audrey, and Melinda work.


Lisa - holding her cute utensil holder. She used one of the wood-cut blocks to create the flower.

 Here’s a look at a few of the masterpieces we created:

Sally's precious "abstract" plate - perfect for her granddaughter, Madelyn, to use when she visits the lake.


Deb's lake-themed handiwork.


More lake art from Rosalyn.


Some initial work - "L" for Lashley, as in Marianne . . .


. . . "M" for McKenzie, as in Terry . . .


. . . and GT, as in Georgia Tech, where Melinda's husband went to college.


Samille (who does the hand-painted wine glasses) created this cute Flip Flop Floozie plate . . .


. . . and Polly painted a beautiful tropical fish on a plate she plans to use in her pool house.


Do. Not. Laugh. Here's my turtle . . .


. . . and here it is after glazing and firing (which helped it tremendously).

We had such a good time letting our creative juices flow for Girls Night Out.  Can’t wait to see what’s coming up next month!

Dawn's plate, after glazing and firing - a momento from a fun night with all the ri'vah girls!

See you back here on Friday – have a great week!



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  2. What a neat idea! You all look like you’re having so much fun! And I love your turtle!!

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  4. What a fun evening out with the girls!! I think your turtle plate is very nice!!
    Happy Monday!!

  5. Looks like fun at the ri’vah! Love all the art and your turtle is cute Brenda. Also love the view from Dawn’s screen porch…oh my!

  6. I love the turtle plate! Very, very nice. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I’d have been looking for a stencil too as I’m sooo not ‘artsy” either!

  7. Look your turtle. All of you looked like you were having a great time.

  8. What a great “fun” idea. Could be done even if one had no kiln…………….plate could be used as a piece of art instead of table ware. I love turtles, yours is darling. Good project for me and my granddaughters next time I can spend the day with them!

  9. Your turtle is adorable! And those parties are fun. I’d forgotten ever doing it. Might have to do it again!
    A geranium might have been hard to do. . . .

  10. Bree, that turtle plate is awesome! You should patent it and mass produce them, set up a shop on the island. I’d buy one.

    • LOL, Tom! Unfortunately, I copied that little turtle from artwork by someone else . . . and not very well. But you certainly made my day! Thank you!

  11. I like the turtle too. Simple and clean.

  12. Your turtle is very cute. He’s even pointing in the right direction.

  13. Isn’t that pottery painting fun. I’ve done several but my favorite was one I did of Round Island Lighthouse from a photo. I gave it a blue sponge background and wrote Mackinac Island and the date on the outer rim of the plate.

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