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Party Time! 4/25/2011

Oh.  My.  Gosh!  It’s been a week since we’ve talked!  I hope everyone got the notice that technical difficulties with the program I use for my blogs caused a temporary shut-down on posting.  No clue what happened, and things still aren’t “right”, as you’ll be able to see below.  The format is just “off-kilter”, and things don’t look like I want them too (I get really set in my ways sometimes).  But –  I’m up and running again, and maybe they’ll have things straightened out soon!

Last week was pretty crazy for two reasons.  One – Blake was in Atlanta on business for a week, and after working two days with Bear in Albany, I ran up there for the weekend (April 16) to see him, Jason and Blair.  Ted didn’t go this time, so I faced Atlanta traffic on my own . . .  and I did good!  I found another route to take that bypassed downtown Atlanta (which scares me to death).  I can make it from our front door to Jason and Blair’s front door in almost exactly three hours – even with potty breaks.  It’s beginning to look as if the south will be one of Blake’s “areas” to work, and he’ll be using Atlanta (and his brother and sister-in-law’s house) as base camp once in a while for a few days.  Sure is easier to drive 3 hours than fly to China!  Or Colorado!

Second reason for the crazy week?  Ted and I had some folks over for a party and dinner on Saturday night (April 23).  Talk about red alert!  I wanted to do an Easter “theme”, and Ted wanted to throw food out on some tables in paper plates and eat with plastic forks.    Let’s just say we had a small discussion about all this, and in the end I got to do some cute decorating, and Ted won on the paper plates issue (he had already bought them, so what the heck – it’s the ri’vah).

Friday night – deck newly stained, red chairs painted, a few new pillows, and pots of geraniums placed in little Easter baskets from the Dollar Tree (with Easter “straw”).
A supply of fans and fly swatters is a necessity for outside parties at the lake. I started collecting fans the year we moved on the water, and now I have enough for a pretty big party.
A bunch of “good ole boys”.
When we counted heads, we had 31 folks with us Saturday night – most of them old friends, but  a few “soon to be” friends came also.  People are always moving to the lake, and it’s fun getting to know new neighbors!
Having Jason and Blair home for the Easter weekend was so much fun. And believe it or not, they enjoyed hanging out with the “older” crowd (or at least they were sweet enough to SAY they enjoyed it).
The weather was perfect on Saturday – but very warm. With temps reaching almost 90, we were very glad that the back of our house gets the MORNING sun. By 5 o’clock, the sun was over the roof, the deck was in shade, and with the help of a couple of electric fans, we were able to enjoy sitting outside.
We set up tables out in the yard. Ted grilled beef tenderloins, and I made salad, mashed potato casseroles, copper pennies (an old marinated carrot recipe), and grilled French bread. Guests brought more food, and we finished up with strawberry delight, pineapple upside down cake, and all kinds of dessert bars. Oh my goodness – I am still stuffed!
Bear walked out the backdoor, took one look around, saw the crowd, and immediately went into “therapy visit mode”.  He made sure each and every guest got at least five minutes of quality time petting his big golden head – whether they wanted to or not.
A few couples came by boat.
“Just-a swingin’!”
Dinner time!
The biggest excitement of the night was looking out the front door and seeing this huge stream of lights sitting on the street right in front of our house. We all went rushing out to the road to discover a tow truck with our neighborhood firetruck attached. It seems a house about two miles down the road from us had caught on fire, the emergency vehicle had arrived and put out the fire, and then the engine wouldn’t start when it was time to leave. Since ours is a dead-end street, the tow-truck couldn’t find a place big enough to turn around!   They finally had to go around the block on tiny dirt roads and come back out to our street.
Hmmmm . . . I think Terry is saying, “Good party!”

We had a great weekend – the party, Jason & Blair’s visit, and of course – the most important thing – it was Easter.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with family and friends.  How precious to know that we serve a risen Savior!

Another busy week ahead.  Bear and I work on Monday and Wednesday, we have company coming this weekend, and then we’ll settle into two weeks of packing and closing up the lake house.  I’ll see you right back here on Friday with all the news.  Have a great week!



  1. Glad Jason and Blair could be with for the weekend. The party looked like the happin’ place to be on the ri’vah on Saturday evening. Have a good week.

  2. and we had a great time!

  3. We had so much fun and Ted outdid himself on the food.

  4. Happy Easter! Looks like so much fun you all had! The “Just-a swingin’!” picture is just great-you wear JOY so well and I love your necklace-very stylish! Bear put a big ‘ole smile on my face, what a love! Poor Maddie was probably thinking putting her head in a hole in the ground was more fun. The Copper Pennies sound delicious-the name is brilliant. Everything looked wonderful, the food, the lake, the yard, the deck, the people! The geraniums in the Easter baskets is a very clever & cute idea-the fans & fly swatters are too!! Y’all sure do know how to throw a party!!

  5. What a wonderful party! I love your collections of fans! What a clever idea! (Never lived in the Deep South, but I understand the need!)

  6. Yes, I love the fan collection too! Very vintage looking and fun. Lots of food, friends, family and fun. Can’t get much better then that! What a great way to spend the holiday. 🙂

  7. Brenda,

    I’m jealous. I wish I could have been there to enjoy the party. However, I don’t know if I could have taken the tempature. Probably would have been too much shock to my system. Those great fans take me back to when I was a kid living in Austin, Texas. Of course, I don’t think there were any Georgia peaches or watermelons on them. Maybe a longhorn or lone star.

    By the way, do you think you could bottle up a little of that South Georgia heat and bring it north with you? I’m not asking too much. Just enough to keep it in the sunny 70s.

  8. Sounds like you threw a most excellent party! Love your hair in the pic w/Jason and Blair, btw. We finally had 2 sunny days in a row here-not anywhere near 90 but we were able to be outside without a jacket or umbrella… Happy belated Easter to you and your family.

  9. Hmmm, does everyone from Albany grow up knowing how to throw a great party? Seems so!
    Love the color you stained the deck, and the red chair, and the Easter basket geraniums and the menu – love copper pennies! – and and and. LOL! The smiles all around tell all. BTW, that picture of you a-swingin’ is frame worthy. I can just see it on a desk or a mantle – can’t you?

    • WOW! Ya’ll are making me feel like Queen for the Day here! Thanks so much for all the compliments on the party. What makes a great party, though, is the people who attend – and our friends at the ri’vah are a special, special group. Can’t even begin to say how much they’ll be missed while we’re away. It’s hard to leave every year . . . but it just makes the coming back to our south Georgia home that much more special.

  10. I loved your party. I wish I had been there. Too cold to have an outdoor one here. But our Easter was beautiful. I really love your swatters and your watermelon fans. We only used Grandma’s fans and swatters at church camp meeting. Those little suckers–and I do mean suckers, used to find every crack in the bench to bite through.

  11. Looks like everyone had a great time. “Bear mode” moment , so sweet, made me laugh. What a precious creature. Love the fans and red chair, what a pretty shade!

  12. I feel your pain as you leave these dear friends and also your excitement as you think of long,cool,green,walks/bike rides with all your new friends up north. Waiting for you,my friend. Great party You gave me the idea of hand painted fans how neat is that?

  13. Looks like a lovely party! Can’t get any better than a party on the water. Oh wait. Maybe a party on the ISLAND! 🙂

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