Posted by: bree1972 | April 28, 2011

Random Friday 4/29/2011

Where in the world did THIS week go? 

Bear and I worked at the hospital on Monday and at a nursing home on Wednesday.  On Thursday I took Bear in to the vet for the shots he needed and to get a six-month supply of his meds (thyroid and heartworm preventative).  This weekend two of Ted’s high school buddies are coming for a night, and we’re getting ready for their visit.  After the party last weekend and all the action this week, spending two weeks packing up –  and driving 1100 miles – will be a piece of cake!

I haven’t done a “random photo” post in a while, and today’s the day.  Here’s a little bit of this and that – photos that didn’t fit into blogs, but were saved just because I liked them.  Hope you enjoy!

"Seriously Maddie. Mom and dad need to make you an appointment to have your teeth cleaned. I had mine done a few weeks ago, and you wouldn't believe how many more people you can get away with kissing when you have fresh breath."


Is there anything that can make a yard look nicer than fresh pinestraw? It might even look like this most of the summer since the dogs won't be here to run through it, dig in it, and decorate it with - well, you know what with.


I took this photo from Ed and Sally's deck. When the river flooded in 1994, everyone thought this old train tressle (the tressle is the low structure in front of the bridge) would collapse. But, even though boats and trees and parts of houses rammed up against it and stuck there at the height of the flood, the tressle stood.


Between our house and the dam is this plot of land on which once stood Fort Early. Built in 1812 and named after then Georgia Governor Peter Early, it was used by General Blackshear during the War of 1812. In 1818, General Andrew Jackson and his army arrived at the fort and used it in the campaign against the hostile Seminole Indians of Florida and Creek Indians of Georgia. Nothing remains of the fort today, and the site is owned and marked by the Fort Early Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.


Mama Duck and two baby ducks


"Sometimes I just want to get away . . . relax on the deck, listen to the birds, watch the squirrels, let the breeze blow through my hair . . . but then mom shows up with the camera and spoils everything."


We had two days of very gusty winds this week, and high winds stir up the wave action on our lake really fast. They pounded against - and over - the seawall . . .


. . . . swirled back and forth between the cypress trees . . .


. . . and crashed against the dock.


Blake and Beyla in Atlanta a couple of weekends ago. Beyla adopted Blake as his "second boy" when Blake lived with Jason & Blair while he was job searching.


"Life is good!"

Gotta go get a little shut-eye so I can get up early and watch the royal wedding.  I swore I wasn’t going to do it, but the closer it’s gotten, the more excited I’ve become to see this beautiful young couple start their married life with all the pomp and majesty of a fairytale.  I’m setting my alarm clock for 5 a.m. and will be watching with the other gazillion people around the world. 
Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you Monday! 




  1. Bear is just the most photogenic ever, the camera loves him! But he doesn’t seem to let it go to his head – he is as kind as he is gorgeous.

  2. Brenda!! I think I saw that the wedding coverage will begin at 4 am EDT, get up, get up!!!

    • LOL, Samille! Coverage starts at 4 a.m., but wedding is really not until 6 a.m. Thanks!

  3. I just love your random shots!! And what a lot of water! Seems like just last week the lake was being drained and you could see all the stumps!

    The royal wedding will start at 3 am our time! Don’t think it’s really worth it for me, since we have appointments in the morning! Enjoy! (and I’ll catch the reruns!)

  4. Well I wasn’t going to watch either but lo and behold, the tv is on and they are walking down the aisle.
    Love the random shots, but those pictures of Bear are just too adorable. He’s such a ham and I love it!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. No wedding for me-I’m at work by 6:30 am so no time to watch. Hopefully I’ll catch some highlights later this evening.

    Great photos of the water swirling around the cypress-I just love those trees!

    And, yes Bear, life is certainly good-especially if you’re a particularly handsome golden retriever!

    • LOL Annie. No worries – I’m sure they’ll replay it once or twice!

  6. I think it’s time for me to go back to sleep! Was up at 4 to watch the wedding – it was lovely! – and now I’m ready to finish up last night’s sleep. The Middleton’s may not be royal, but they sure are a lovely example that class doesn’t have to be inherited!
    Love your Maddie and Bear photos!

  7. I skipped the wedding and slept. Ahh! I’m sure I’ll see it all in re-runs anyway.
    I love the picture of hammy old Bear looking out through the deck. It just sings that old Englebert Humperdink song, “Please release me! Let me goooo!” He looks like he’s sufferin’ so much. 🙂

  8. I was up at 4am watching the wedding too. What a beautiful wedding. I wish I was over there with my friend who was at the Mall.

    I agree Bear is very photogenic, the camera just loves him.

    Can’t believe in 2 weeks you’ll be coming north bound. It’s getting a little warmer in these parts, but still pretty windy.

  9. Brenda,

    I liked the pictures, especially the one of Bear & Maddie.

    I got mixed up (nothing new for me) and thought the wedding was on Saturday, so I had to watch the reruns. I feel like we are part of the family since Faye & I were married the same day as Princess Margaret was married. My, that was a long time ago. And the odd thing is that they have never acknowleged us as part of the family.

  10. I love Bear’s “Life is good” picture. It is true–blonds really do have more fun!

  11. I enjoyed hearing about the old Fort. I like things historical and am also a DAR. Though the structure is gone, has anyone excavated the site?

    • Good question, Mary. After you asked it, Ted spent some time researching, and can’t find any evidence that excavation has been done on the site. Wonder why.

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