Posted by: bree1972 | May 1, 2011

The Countdown Begins 5/2/2011

Two weeks.

The last overnight visitors of our winter “season” in Georgia came and went this weekend, and the business of packing and closing the lake house has begun.  This week will include doctors’ visits for Ted and I (just the annual checkups our internists insist upon before we travel north to begin six months of Mackinac Island’s mandatory aerobic exercise that changes us each summer back from couch potatoes to fit  and semi-lean senior citizens).  We’ll be updating the addresses on our favorite catalogs and magazines (because the postal service doesn’t forward those) and filling out the forwarding form at the post office for our regular mail.  I’ll be making lists – and more lists – because without them I will forget something important – like making reservations at Whitmore Lake, MI for our one night on the road (which I just this second thought about and have to write that down right now before I forget it again).

George and Tom West, two high school buddies of Ted’s, arrived on Saturday morning.  When we attended the party at Paula Deen’s home in Savannah last October, Ted and Tom had reconnected, and Ted talked to him about coming for a visit.  He finally got around to making the invitation “official” a month of so ago, and Tom asked if he could bring his brother with him.  As you know, at our place “the more the merrier” is the official Horton motto, so of course we said yes!

I can’t tell you what went on with these three on Saturday because they left the house around noon in the pontoon boat and didn’t return until 10 p.m. that night.  From listening to them for two hours after they got home, and again Sunday morning over breakfast, all I can say is I think they had a large time getting to know our friends on the ri’vah. 

Tom, Ted and George. Cooler stocked. Ready to spend a lazy day on Lake Blackshear.


I think I remember Ted asking, "Do you want to cruise the river and go see the dam, or do we need to go straight to Booger Bottom?" I give you three seconds to guess the answer.


Tom and George couldn't have had a nicer weekend to visit. After all the bad weather last week, a nice cool front moved in, and our temps were in the low 80's. Gorgeous day!


"Mo-om! Dad went off in the boat and didn't take me!"


Breakfast outside Sunday morning. Bacon & egg casserole and fresh fruit. Another beautiful day, with cool breezes.


Tom - getting some "therapy" from Bear.


George - discussing books.

It was a great weekend for these three – reliving old memories (how any of them survived being teenagers, if they truly did everything they told me they did, is beyond me) and catching up on the 45 years between then and now.  We invited them to visit us on Mackinac Island, and I think they just might come! 
Hope everyone had a good weekend.  I’ll see you back here on Friday with news from our next-to-last week at the ri’vah.  See you then!


  1. I’m glad you had such a nice weekend with friends and such good weather! We are having spring up here in Indiana finally – my flowering CrabApple tree bloomed this weekend too. Hooray for Spring!
    Happy Monday!!

  2. I can only imagine the great time these guys had together, not to mention all the stuff they had to talk about. Sounds like they really enjoyed the visit. Only 2 more weeks…I mean I knew that’s how much time was left, but when you see it in writing, it’s like ..2 MORE WEEKS! Heck that will be here so fast. I can already see you guys getting off the ferry and Jill there to take the pictures 🙂

  3. So nice the “guys” could get together again. I’m sure they had a ball! Poor Maddie. She looks sad coming up that dock. Enjoyed your photos from the “Random Friday” post. Our area is finally a lush green now and trees are slowly “budding” and early flowers in bloom. It is still very cool some days, but soon we’ll be complaining it is too hot! Happy packing. I’m sure you have it down to a science by now!!

  4. Brenda,

    It sure was nice to see 3 guys enjoying themselves as they re-lived the “old days.”

    Less than 2 weeks until you will be on the Island. It’ll go fast, so don’t wish it to go any faster. I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying about wishing your life away. And just think: you and Ted will get to have your second Spring for 2011. The maples are just now getting their blossoms, so I’m sure it’ll be at least 2 weeks before that happens on Mackinac.

    And poor Maddie. To be left like that.

  5. All I could think of seeing those pictures of everyone enjoying the boat and deck is take your snuggies. It’s been cold here in Kansas.

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