Posted by: bree1972 | November 10, 2011

A “60 Minutes” Special Edition with Maddie and Bear 11/11/2011

Hey!  Maddie Couric here!

Mom’s been really busy this week, and she hasn’t had a lot of time to find a story or take any photos.  She was all worried about that, but a few minutes ago I confessed to her the Fluffy One and I stole her camera one day this week when she wasn’t looking and made us a dog-u-mentary.  There’s things going in this yard that needed exposing, and with mom so busy and all, we dog-tectives got on the case ourselves.

Bear was my camera-dog, and this little expose’ is entitled “We’re Got Critters”, or “How to Rid Your Mom and Dad’s Yard of Critters in Three Easy Lessons.”  You might want to gather your dogs around your computer so they can read this with you . . . . or, if they can’t read (and, I’m sorry to have to say it, but if they can’t, whose fault is that), they can at least look at the pictures.

Now here’s the problem as the Golden Boy and I see it.  There are two main critters in our lake yard – one is the mole, and the other is the squirrel.  There is absolutely nothing the monster boy can do about moles because I – and don’t think I haven’t tried – cannot teach him to dig.  Oh, occasionally he’ll bury his favorite tennis ball under some pine straw in the flower bed, but when it comes to sniffing out moles, you’d think the good Lord forgot to put the mole-sniffing gene in his nose (instead, I think He gave him extra hair genes – but that’s another story).

Anyway, I’m totally in charge of moles (the squirrel problem story will air at a time to be announced later), and here’s what you have to do . . . . . all you little terrier dogs out there move in closer.

Wait, wait, wait. . . . . . “Bear!  Go back inside and get the tape measure!”

Lesson #1: Sniff out the mole. There's nothing I can do to teach you this. Either you can smell 'em, or you can't. This one here was right up next to our fence, and Bear had a hard time getting a good angle with the camera, so . . . .

. . . I had to turn around and dig from the other direction (which didn't work as well because I'm right-pawed). That little critter got away from me, and it was all Bear's fault. If the big goof-ball wasn't so dang B-I-G, he could have shot this from the other side! Sigh.

Lesson #2: Now here are two perfect examples of really GOOD mole-hole digs. Goldy measured this one as 14" across, which works when the mole takes off right under the surface of the grass. Other times . . .

. . . you have to dig deep, cause a real smart mole will think it can come out in China and be safe (I keep my passport current for just those occasions).

Lesson #3: Always rest in the sun after your labors. Could be you're wondering if I eat those little critters after I catch them. Good grief! Of course not! I just carry them gently over to the chain-link fence and push them over into the park, and say "Have a good day now, you hear!" (Smirk.)

That’s our little dog-u-mentary on Mole Catching.  I know you like to look at pretty pictures when you come here, so my camera-dog and I took some of those too (anything to keep Mom’s readers happy).

Mom's kinda obsessed with how tall our pine trees are (she ought to see them from where I stand), so I took this picture for her.

Goofy said he knew Mom's readers liked colorful photos, so he took this one of the big dogwood tree in the front yard.

Then Glamour Boy asked me to take his photo, so I framed him in golden leaves. It turned out so well, I asked him to photograph me the same way . . .

. . . so he did. I have to admit it, Bear, you did a dang fine job on this shot.

The Bearster and I hope all you folks have a real nice weekend.  Ya’ll have fun, play with your dogs a lot, and, for Pete’s sake, teach them to read!

This is Maddie Couric. . . . signing off.



  1. Maddie,

    I’ll have to admit that I did a lot of smiling as I read this blog, but right away I started to teach Nellie to read. That’s a really good idea. I started with the letter “A.” I’m not sure if she understood, but maybe. By the way, my dad used to say that as soon as Spot, our Beagle, learned to read the newspaper, he was going to teach him to use the indoor bathroom. I/m not sure if he ever succeeded You know what? I think I’ll save this blog so Nellie can use it when she learns to read.

    Before I finish, I must tell you that I especially enjoyed the pictures of the Dogwood Tree and the portrait pictures of you and Bear. You two sure do put out a fine blog. Thank you.

  2. Say, I forgot to mention that here in southern Michigan we have had some heavy snow showers today. It’s 31 degrees now and the ground is covered with snow. But I’m not ashamed to tell you that I hope it melts off in a hurry tomorrow.

    • We have our first frost advisory posted for tonight, Lowell. It’s 48 here right now, so there’s a long way to go before frost. And I’m not ashamed to tell you that I wish I was there to see the snow.

  3. Go Maddie! Amazing that you can dig a hole bigger than you! You aren’t trying to dig a big tunnel to lure Bear into, are you?

  4. I have heard y’all talk about digging holes for the moles before, Miss Maddie, but I had simply no idea that you were a championship digger! My, oh, My! Congratulations on regaining your position as ruler of the yard. And kudos to that handsome Bear for his picture-taking ability. You two are quite the pair! Hope to hear from you again.

  5. Wow Maddie that was a great post..I think I will have to talk to your mom and see if she will rent you out to me..we have enough moles to keep you busy for a LONG time!! Of course it would help if Bear would learn how to help…but he did take great pictures!!
    Thanks for a fun filled post!! Keep digging!!

  6. What a wonderful dog-umentary, Maddie and Bear you did great with the pictures. Maddie, you remind me of my dog, Millie, she is a 16 now and we got her from the Michigan Humane Society. She’s part Dachsund and part Beagle and boy when we first got her she would dig the holes in our backyard just like you. Oh, how I miss seeing her do that, but I can relive those days through your pictures.

    I can’t wait to read your second part of the dog-umentary on the squirrels. Now Maddie you go and get rid of those moles for your Mom and Dad and Bear, watch Maddie with the digging, maybe you will learn how to do it and help her catch them.

  7. I’ll have to admit that I did a lot of smiling as I read this blog, but right away I started to teach Nellie to read. That’s a really good idea. I started with the letter “A.” I’m not sure if she understood, but maybe. By the way, my dad used to say that as soon as Spot, our Beagle, learned to read the newspaper, he was going to teach him to use the indoor bathroom. I/m not sure if he ever succeeded You know what? I think I’ll save this blog so Nellie can use it when she learns to read.

  8. Maddie, you sure have a way with words. I was feeling a little blah this morning, but you just put a big smile on my face! 🙂 You and Bear take really good pictures of each other too, but be careful with those holes. They look mighty big for such a little thing like you. Wouldn’t want you to get lost.

  9. All I can say is children’s books. Love it.

  10. Thanks Maddie! Pixel has taken notes and is well prepeared should the moles ever revisit his yard. Big sister Clio cleared them out a few years ago and they’ve never come back. We do have squirrels though so Pixel is eagerly awaiting the next installment of ‘We’ve got Critters”! Nice teamwork on the photos by the way… Hope you guys and your mom and dad have a nice weekend too!

  11. Maddie and Bear are geniuses!

  12. Always good to hear from Maddie & Bear. Thanks for the photos. You both always make me smile!

  13. Maddie – not only can my Jack Russell read AND spell (as I’m sure you can too – R-I-D-E anyone?); but she says she is humbled by your molexpertise (it’s a real word, I’m sure). Here in the north, the winter months are a challenge as the malicious moles burrow quickly through the light snow and can get away faster than in the dirt. But she still gets them! There are mole graveyards all over the property. (and truth be told, a few chipmunk, squirrel and bunny cemeteries too). Thanks for the enjoyable dog-umentary. Morgaine says woof woof grrrrr sniff sniff bow wow – I am sure you can interpret that.

    • Dear Morgaine – you sound like my kind of friend!

  14. Dear Maddie and Bear, I miss you both very much. I can’t wait to see you next spring. Scooter and I read your blog Scooter got very excited when you mentioned Squirrel (said she can’t wait to read that one!) She said next time the two of you meet you could talk about squirrel stories together. We both loved the pictures, You and Bear by the leaves is great! Well tell Mom and Dad we said hello! Miss you all.

    • Dear Scooter! Can’t wait to share squirrel stories with you on the Island next summer. Please tell your mom she needs to bring you more often – you can spend the day at our place! Mom and Dad say hello back to your Mom and to Mike. We wish we could be there to play in the snow this winter, but Dad doesn’t like the white stuff. Bummer.

  15. Absolutely loved the dog-umentary! Buddy, our golden, sadly has never been able to dig out our moles either…..maybe he’s just too big and goofy, like Bear!

  16. Love it when the furry ones blog. Have a great and toasty weekend.

  17. Too cute. Way too way too cute.

  18. Maddie and Bear, I loved your story, you see I too, use to live at “the Lake” many dog years ago…I still miss it so much…you tell your mother and daddy that I hope to see them real soon. Keep up the picture taking as well…your mother must be so proud.

  19. Great story today! Loved it, please pass it along to Maddie!

  20. Thanks Bear and Maddie. Great dog-u-mentary!

  21. What a great dog-umentary! Katie can smell the moles too…but she doesn’t dig for them….once she caught one and it squealed and I got scared and made her drop it. Sill human, that’s me!

  22. Brenda, as usual, this was great! Love the dogs.

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