Posted by: bree1972 | December 15, 2011

Walkabout 12/16/2011

Oh my gosh!  Tonight I almost just said, “Nothing to write about folks – see you on Monday.” 

It has been a really, really, really busy week.  Bear and I worked in Albany on Tuesday, and we’re working again on Friday.  Dawn and I spent all of today in Warner Robins, GA Christmas shopping, and I am beat . . . and, I’m still not done.

But one day this week, in between doing online shopping and starting my Christmas gift-wrapping duties, I went outside and took a few pics.  Nothing to get excited about – well, maybe one is excitement worthy – but it was just such a beautiful, sunny, 70-degree day I wanted to get out and enjoy it. 

It's always fun to walk around the yard - when all the leaves have hit the ground - and find where the birds hid their nests during the summer. This one is in a little tree just on the other side of our fence. From its totally random and disheveled appearance, I'd guess it belonged to Georgia's state bird, the Brown Thrasher. How eggs ever survive long enough to hatch in the nests they build is beyond me - but they do!

From a bird bungalow to a squirrel penthouse. Do you think those squirrels could have picked a little less scary spot to build that nest than the highest branch in that big tree!

Standing underneath and shooting up to the nest made it even scarier! I can't imagine what it must have been like up there during one of our famous Georgia summer thunderstorms!

I wonder how far south birds fly before they think they gone far enough.

Bear - "pointing" out where he left the last tennis ball I threw for him.

One more nest - squirrels again. They had to jump from that first tree into the one where they built the nest. I wonder if squirrels can swim. I love this old cypress tree.

Tons of buds on all our camellia bushes. I''d guess they will be in full bloom by Christmas!

I sat down on the deck steps to try and photograph the birds at the feeder - Maddie made herself at home on my knees.

I bought this piece of stained glass on Mackinac the first year we were there. It usually hangs in a guest bedroom window, but I brought it out to the sunporch this week. I like it being where I can see it during the day, and it fits our lake house perfectly.

This is the photo I was excited about.

Other Random Shots from This Week

Bear on our Christmas rug.

I LOVE this! This is my Mackinac friend Mary's cat, Sophie. Sophie always jumps on Mary's keyboard when she turns on the computer. I think she's wondering, "What kind of cat would hold still for THAT ridiculous photo!"

One of the three little trees we put up this year. This one on the sun porch is always my favorite. I love how the glass multiplies it into three trees!

Bear in Ted's cap - with ball.

Maddie in Ted's cap - with look of disgust.

When I dropped Dawn off earlier this evening, the timer had just switched on their Christmas lights. Beautiful!

That’s all I have for now. . . . see you back here on Monday.  Have a great weekend, and God bless.



  1. LOL…maybe Sophie was saying “Mom, I can’t believe you put that picture online!”, because she looks alot like the one in the picture.
    Dawn your lights look wonderful!! Very pretty!
    I know Bear didn’t mind wearing the hat but poor Maddie, she looks like she’s getting ready to hide. 🙂
    Love your tree in the window Brenda, very cool the way it seems to multiply.
    Still haven’t started my shopping so I guess I have alot to do this weekend. I think I’ll put.. more hours in a day.. on my wish list. 😉

  2. Love the pictures, Stevie said thanks for posting the one of our house very nice.

    • It is beautiful! Ya’ll did a great job with the lights. Had ice cream with “sprinkles” tonight. YUM!

    • Dawn, love your house it looks like a postcard. The decorations are really nice.

  3. I also love the other pictures. Brenda you do the same thing to Bear and Maddie that I do to my dog, Millie, and all of my other dogs and cats, I put hats on them. I think all animals need a little hat or outfit ever now and then. The funny thing is I have a goose that we put outfits on and on of the hats fits Millie perfectly for Spring and there is a Halloween pumpkin outfit I put on Millie every year. I know Millie hates it but it’s better suited for her than the goose.

    Hey, we have to let them get a little embarrassed ever now and then.

    • Would love to see that goose in a hat, Judi!

  4. Stevie & Dawn’s house DOES look like a Christmas Card. At first I thought it was your house & TED was stringing lights ON THE ROOF!!!

  5. Have a wonderful holiday! Loved all the pictures, especially the ‘three trees.”

  6. I love that old cypress tree too! I wonder if the squirrels consider that nest their vacation home!

  7. Your Mackinac stained glass is great! I love to have things sitting around that remind me of places I’ve been and things I’ve done just like your stained glass reminds you of your beloved island.

  8. The picture of Bear on the holiday mat is especially cute to me. It reminds me of my Bear who is presently on his side taking his 4th nap of the day and it is only 11 a.m.!

  9. Love the cat photo!

  10. Love all of the photos. I’ve always loved photos of cypress trees. I have never seen one “naked”, nor in person. Very interesting root system. I feed the squirrels and birds, love seeing their nests. We have some of each in our yard which has very tall trees in the far back for the squirrels.

  11. I’m in shock…..the live streaming website is for sale. Could not bring up any live shots today. Did not ck yesterday or perhaps the day before. I’m really going to miss it. Please let all of us know if there is/will be a new website. thanks.

    • Judy, what website are you talking about? I just accessed the Mackinac Live site with no problem:

      • Now I see it’s for sale, but still working for the present. I just didn’t look well enough.

        Yes, Brenda, will you contact some of your Mackinac Island sleuthhounds and find out the real scoop is on what could be a terrible situation. Please!!! I can’t speak for others, but I need that daily fix.

  12. I’m using the same one you mentioned. Even clicked on it from this page. The only camera that will open for me is Main Street.

    • Yes, I know it’s only one, but at least it IS one. Last winter I think there were three, if I’m not mistaken.

      I hope Brenda can find out what’s going on with the site.

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