Posted by: bree1972 | December 18, 2011

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells . . . . . 12/19/2011

Merry Christmas Week!  Can you believe it!

With very few exceptions, I’m done with my shopping, and I’ll finish up on Tuesday when I take Bear into Albany for his Christmas grooming.  I’ve spent the majority of this Sunday afternoon wrapping presents, and I’m almost done with that too.  I have never been this late getting packages under the tree, but finally the house is set for the holidays (it never looks “finished” until the the Christmas tree branches are resting on ribbons and holiday paper).  Even though we went with a small tree this year, it’s looking pretty festive around here!

A couple of our Christmas Village houses. Ted began giving me these our first Christmas together and added one each year until we ran out of room to keep adding them. I love each one!

So much news to tell you – but I think I’m going to wait till Friday to give you all the details.  Hint:  Two trips planned between now and the middle of January – one someplace very sunny, and one someplace very snowy (and no, it’s not Mackinac).

Just a few pics today from around the house and around the lake.  Last night was the Christmas Boat Parade of Lights.  There were only about five boats, and once again – even with Ted and I both trying our best – we really didn’t get any good shots (our cameras just aren’t made for night shots).  Steve Fridley – we really needed you here last night with your magic camera!

It was a little chilly last night (I actually wore a fleece jacket), but the Cypress Grill, usually closed during the winter, was open just for the Boat Parade. Yep - people sat outside, and there was entertainment planned a little later - after Santa's arrival.

The Grill looked really pretty from the marina docks.

The Lady Liberty, our lake dinner boat, was all dressed up for the occasion. She led the other boats up the river to the Lake Blackshear Resort Marina. Most of the pontoon boats you see there in the shadows are rentals for the summer - but there are some private boats sheltered there also. Santa Claus arrived on the Lady Liberty, to the delight of all the waiting children!

This was one of our favorite decked-out boats - Santa Claus and a couple of soaring reindeer - taking to the skies after leaving presents under the Christmas tree.

This photo doesn't do justice to the creativity of this boat/Christmas train. There were lights strung from the smokestack that created "smoke" curling up into the air. We missed the "smoke" entirely - so you'll just have to take my word on that. It was a real crowd-pleaser.

Ted captured this sunset Saturday night from the marina, as we waited for the Parade of Boats to begin. I love everything about it - the color, the peacefulness, and the one perfect star in the sky.

I’m off to do a little more wrapping before bedtime.  Have a wonderful week, and I’ll see you back here on Friday.  God bless.



  1. Went today and did almost all of my Christmas shopping…had to order something online and can only hope it comes before Christmas. Keeping my fingers crossed. Having started any wrapping yet so your ahead of me in that department. Love the pictures as usual. Not sure about your trip going someplace sunny but have an idea about the snowy trip. If it’s what I think it is, I’m sure you will be very happy! 🙂

  2. I’m going to take a guess as to where the warm and snowy places are going to be. The warm—hmmm—Hawaii????? That would be nice. And for the snowy—-hmmmmmmm——Alaska!!!!!! You can’t get more opposite than those two.

    That’s it!! Ted’s going to take you, Bear and Maddie to Alaska and Bear and Maddie will be your sled dogs, I can see it now. Bear as the lead dog charging the way and Maddie unfortunately not able to touch the ground. Now those would be some great photos.

    Then to warm you all up a trip to Hawaii and doing some hula’s, but then you see Bear and Maddie running off with the luau pig and everyone running after them. Of course you and Ted head back to the hotel room saying, “I don’t know those dogs.”

    I’m sorry, I don’t know where that came from. I love the pictures Brenda as always. I want to wish you and everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

    • Wow, Judi, you need to write a book girl. That was some imagination going there! I loved it, but nope – wrong on both locations – not quite that far west or north.

      • Well I was first thinking North Pole for the snowy place. I thought you were going to see Santa and get a head start on your list for next year. Then that’s when Alaska and Hawaii popped in my head. It would be a sight to see Maddie and Bear being sled dogs though.

        I saw on Facebook for Mackinac Island they have snow. Hopefully it stays around for Christmas and more of their friends come too.

  3. Gatlinburg, TN Panama City, FL?

  4. Wow-I’d never have been able to pull off a boat decorating job like any of those in your photos. Such creativity! My shopping’s done too, and everything’s stashed under the tree. I’m so very thankful that Pixel is such a good boy and can resist shiny paper and ribbons!

    Judy W-what a great story!!!! We’ll have to wait and see if any of it comes true!

  5. Hey Brenda, what happened to the webcam? I watched the tree lighting ceremony live and always enjoy checking on the Christmas tree. Now the link says that is for say and the cameras don’t work? Now how can I see the snow and the Christmas tree?

    • Marianne – I have no idea what’s going on with the cameras. I’ve put out “feelers” to some folks on the island, but no one that I know “knows”. Will keep trying.

    • Bree, I think your cameras did pretty well for your boat show! What fun to have this on your very own lake!! (Could you have seen them from your house or don’t hey go that far? – I know, it’s more fun to share it with your neighbors!)

      Marianne, try the Horns Bar camera (stills retaken about every 10-20 minutes)
      or the new Chippewa camera #2
      Camera #1 is theboatnerds cam and is controllable.
      It does not surprise me that the ‘Main Street Cams’ are for sale. They don’t work on a Mac in ANY browser so I have never used them.

      Incidentally, the snow has melted. 😦

  6. I think you’ll be headed to Colorado to visit with Blake. Warm will be Flordia to visit Jason, Blair and the grandkids.

    • Correct on both locations, Charlotte – but it’s to visit Julie, Matt and grandkids in Florida. Jason and Blair are in Atlanta (no grandkids there yet – bummer).

  7. Bree, forgot to mention Liz’s blog and the post of the school Christmas program. I loved it. Hope you saw it.

    • I did! It was wonderful!

  8. Enjoyed the photos. Loved Judi’s post….funny. It made me laugh out loud thinking of Maddie sailing along, not touching the ground. We had a dog years ago, just like Maddie, very hyper too! I really miss seeing the island on the cams also. Can only see Main st. up thru last night. Always ck it out after reading your post. Trips will be so much fun!

  9. Enjoyed all ya’ll’s pictures today. You and Ted are better photogs than you think. The boats made me think of our home on the bayou. Santa would come and visit if you built a fire in the backyard near the bayou. He had elves for deck hands and lights and Christmas carols. They gave out candy and small gifts to the kids and kisses and doubloons to the adults. It was all very festive. I think my mother enjoyed it more than the kids.

    • Now that sounds like a really fun idea!

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