Posted by: bree1972 | February 2, 2012

Dog-Sized Hissy Fits 2/3/2012

Hi.  Maddie here.

Sometimes Bear and I get so mad at mom and dad we just have to roll over on the floor, stick all eight of our feet in the air, and pitch pint- and gallon-sized hissy fits!  Take last Saturday morning, for instance.

Mom and dad were sitting out on the sun porch, drinking their coffee and talking about how busy they’d been and how happy they were the weekend was finally here.  I mean, really.  They’re retired!  Every day is Saturday to them.

Anyway.  When mom and dad have a busy week, Bear and I have a boring week.  They go off and “work”, and Bear and I sit around the house and look at each other (Bear tells me all the time that he gets the short end of the stick on that, since I get to look at a lot more than he does – referring, I am sure, to my petite form vs his massive, hairy bod.   To which I always point out, “The best things in life come in small packages.”  To which he always replies, “Bigger is better.”

Anyway, After one of their “busy” weeks, we are ready for some action, and all they want to do is rest.  Good grief!

First we had to listen to them chat about the beautiful sunrise that morning - not that mom saw it in person. Dad took this photo, and as soon as mom's feet hit the floor, he showed it to her somehow on the back of his camera and waited for her to say, "That is soooooo pretty." She did say that a little later, but when he showed it to her the first time, she said, "You know I only have one eye open until half-way through my first cup of coffee. Why are you showing me this now?" Well, dad DOES know that, but I guess he keeps thinking one morning she will wake up with both eyes open. Fat chance.

Mom went to get her first cup of coffee, and dad followed her into the kitchen for his second cup. By the way, what is it about coffee that is so fabulous? Dad left his cup next to his chair once, and I lapped up some of it, and it was gross! So gross, in fact, that dad couldn't even tell any difference in it when he drank the rest - and I'm sure I left a little dog spit in there. Anyway. While they were in the kitchen, Bear and I hatched a plan to get them off the porch and outside.

While we were waiting for them to get back to the porch, I cleaned up Bear's face (being a guy, he doesn't worry as much as I do about personal hygiene).

I always paying special attention to those eyes he always gets so many compliments on (I can't help it if my eyes are the same color as my fur and don't stand out like his do. My eyes are pretty too - just ask dad). As I was finishing up, mom and dad start back down the hall. "Ok." I say to Bear, "Remember what we talked about."

We knew dad was going to pick up a book and start reading . . . .

. . . and the plan was for Bear to come around on the other side, . . .

. . . take a look over dad's shoulder at the book . . .

. . . and show dad just how B O R I N G it was to spend a perfectly beautiful day inside reading.

Then dad was supposed to say, "Baby (don't ask me why he calls mom 'baby' - cause if there's one thing mom's not, it's young), let's take Maddie and Bear for a walk." That was the plan.

Instead, all of a sudden, dad jumps out of the chair like the house is on fire and starts saying to mom, “Look, look! Up in the tree!”  Mom, who finally has both her eyes open, says, “What?”  But dad’s out the back door and heading over to the fence.  Mom looks where he’s going and says, “Oh my gosh!  Look at that!”

"What?! Look at what?!"

And that’s when I spotted it . . . . the biggest squirrel I have ever seen!

But wait, it can't be a squirrel. It's not twitching. It's not running. It's head is way too big. It's tail is way too naked. I went beserk! Bear went beserk! Dad was standing right under a tree, close to the biggest, slowest, most unafraid "creature" we'd ever seen. Mom followed dad outside, and just as Bear and I are about to bust through the open door, she says, (AND - YOU - ARE - NOT - GOING - TO - BELIEVE - THIS) "You can't go out!" WHAT!

There's TWO of them! One on the ground . . .

. . . and the one in the tree.

We couldn’t believe it.  Stuck on the porch while mom and dad photographed what they later told us were possums.  Don’t most people shoot possums!  Then at least we’d be able to SMELL them close-up!  But not our weird parents.  They came back in the house and did RESEARCH on them.  Found out a possum is the mammal least likely to carry rabies.  Found out they aren’t afraid of people.  Found out they are afraid of dogs (well, duh).  Found out they usually are seen at night, but in the winter might come out in daylight to look for food.  Found out to leave them alone, and they’ll go away.

Which is what they did – about an hour later.

When mom and dad came back in the house and found us on the floor with our legs in the air pitching our hissy fits, they felt bad.  After the possums went away, they took us on a long walk, and then mom brought out new toys she’d bought for us and had been saving for a special occasion.

She filled  them up with treats, and we worked ourselves silly rolling the toys around the room for 30 minutes to get one tiny little morsel of food to fall out.

30 minutes of work for a tidbit.

Good grief.

I told you they were weird.

All right, Bear, on the count of three . . . HISSY FIT!



  1. Awesome story! Wonderful photos!

  2. Tell Ted I saw the book he was reading and he better not send it to the library. LOL

  3. You’ve outdone yourself. Maddie told the best story, and Mom’s photos were the best (of two of the cutest dogs I’ve evere seen) ever! What a nice way to head off to sleep. Thanks! Absolutely love the photo of Maddie cleaning Bear’s face!

  4. Brenda,

    Thank you, Maddie, for a great start to my day. The blog was worth the wait. I guess I would have thrown a hissy fit too. Just think of it. Those were critters you and Bear could have caught. What fun that would have been. At least for Bear it would have been fun. Those critters have very sharp teeth, but I think his fur is thick enough that it would have kept him safe. I don’t think you would have fared so well, so I guess it’s best that your mother wouldn’t let you out. When our Nellie is outside, critters enter out yard at the risk of their lives. She does NOT share her yard with other animals.

    Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention that those new toys with the treats that wouldn’t come out sound like torture to me. Getting treats from the human hand is much better. At least I would think so.

    • Brenda,

      I apologize. I addressed that comment to you, but it was actually for Maddie. However, I think you should be sure to save it and use it in the book.

      Those pictures are so good. I don’t know how a dog’s face can look so expressive.

  5. Oh Maddie, your such a great writer I don’t understand why mom doesn’t let you do it more often! You really know how to grap someone’s attention. I was glued to the story the whole time. I love the pictures too. You and Bear are sooo cute. AND your both ALOT cuter then them ole possums, believe me!

  6. Adorable! Thanks Bear and Maddie!

  7. I always love your blog, but today’s post was extra special and so cute and fun! Thank you! 🙂

  8. Thanks for lightening up my day. Been a very stressful week here, and I needed one of your ‘dog’ stories to lighten it up. Great pics: yours or Ted’s? I look forward to your return to Mackinac when I check in every day. Have a good weekend.

    • Those are all my pics, Dave! Sorry you’ve had a bad week, and so glad it’s Friday for you. Try to de-stress over the weekend. God bless.

  9. Thanks very much Maddie! You brightend up a very rotten day. You really don’t want a closer look at that possum-they are not very nice to doggies! Hope you have a great weekend. No more hissy fits, ok???

  10. Maddie & Bear: I would really like to stop by the museum this summer at Mackinac to meet your mommy and to thank her for this wonderful blog but it would be a real thrill to meet the both of you also! I will see how your doggy schedule looks when I am visiting Mackinac and maybe I can do a doggy visit. Take care!

    • Dear Ms. Yvonne, Bear and I would love to meet you (so would mom), but we can’t come to the museum (workers aren’t allowed to bring their dogs – believe me, mom has asked), but the museum is doggy-friendly to visitor dogs). Maybe we could meet somewhere else while you’re visiting.

  11. wow, that was great…..I love your stories…your close up pictures were great….did you get a GoPro? Give Ted my love, I am still planning on coming down to visit you guys before you go back north.

    • Sounds great, Dianne – but what about coming north too!

  12. Love reading what Maddie and Bear have to say. I enjoy their perspective on life. They are the reason I now own a maltese named Tessa. I can tell what she is thinking too.

    • How old is she now, Debra? If she’s a year, it’s time to think about therapy dog work for her.

  13. Hi pups and pup-mom!
    What kind of toys are those? Looks like something Chili and Buzz would enjoy.

    Here’s to pup hissy fits performed by princess dachshunds!

    • They’re called TreatStix, Sue. Saw an ad for them in Bark Magazine. Ordered from You can google Treatstix and find a lot online about them. Both Bear and Maddie were playing with the small one (pink) in the pics, but Bear has a large one (blue). They wear themselves out with them!

      • Thanks! Always looking for something to slow Chili down and get Buzz busy!

  14. Oh Maddie what a great story and I love the pictures of you two that I assume your Mom took! You are such a talented little gal and thanks for sharing you Saturday with us.

  15. Dear Maddie- So nice to hear from you. The cute furry white faced possums will try to bite you and then lay down and roll up in a ball.Don’t listen to Bear, they do not taste like chicken. Say hello to the people you watch out for.

  16. I always said that two dogs can get into more than twice the trouble as one dog because they collaborate. Now you’ve gone and proven it! 🙂 You guys are so cute! Hope you enjoyed your walk…and I agree 30 minutes for one treat is totally unfair!

  17. Maddie, you need your own blog! 🙂 Great story and pictures!! I love it when Maddie guest blogs!

  18. Bear, Maddie- I’m typing this for my trio of dachsies that totally feel your pain. How were you supposed to keep Mom and Dad safe from the pink nosed invaders from the porch? It’s just wrong- I’m glad you got to go on a long reconnaissance mission to make sure the perimeters stayed safe.

  19. Hi guys
    Read your post Maddie and laughed until I almost cried. Did not dogs had hissy fits. You and Bear are adorable. Bet Mom and Dad spoil you two rotten.

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