Posted by: bree1972 | February 5, 2012

Ri’vah Livin’ 2/6/2012

There are dozens of reasons why we love living on the ri’vah in south Georgia.  Here’s one.

“Are ya’ll home?” Deb – a good friend at the lake – asked, just after I answered my ringing cell phone a little after 5 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

“Well, I am,” I said.  “Ted’s already left for Booger Bottom.”

“Of course he has!” Deb answered, laughing.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“We’ve got a boat full of people, and we’re a little bit down the ri’vah from ya’ll.  We ladies need to find a little girls’ room – fast!”

It was a gorgeous day on the ri’vah Saturday.  Temps in the high 70’s.  Sunny skies.  Perfect weather for a boat ride.  And yes, I knew exactly how it felt to be out on the water for a few hours, be a long ways from the house, and need to find “a little girls’ room”.

“Well, just pull on up at the dock!” I said, as I began throwing dog toys into a basket, making up the bed I had stripped at 10 a.m. that was still standing “unmade” at 5 p.m., and loading breakfast dishes into the dishwasher.

Luckily, it was 10 minutes before I looked out and saw their boat idling up to the dock.  The pontoon held at least eight people, and four of them were women.  They tied off, and one-by-one the girls and a couple of the guys crawled over or under the railing and headed to the house.  Bear and Maddie went nuts welcoming everyone, and all the girls spread out into the three bathrooms they knew we had.  Being gentlemen, the two guys waited their turn and then vanished into the house as we girls chatted on the deck, and the other guys sat on the boat.

In the 15 minutes they stayed, we covered tons of topics, our southern drawls ratcheted up into supersonic speed (my northern friends would not have understood one word we said).  One topic was Bear and his therapy work, and by the time they left, we had a possibility of two more places for him to visit – an assisted living home and a class of physically-challenged high school students.

The pups and I walked everyone back to the boat, and Bear hopped aboard, eager for a ride, but deciding at the last minute to stay home with mom.

As they pulled away, Becky shouted, “You ARE coming to the Super Bowl party at Booger Bottom Sunday night, right?”, and I yelled back, “Of course.  Are we supposed to bring something?”

“Some people are, some aren’t!” she yelled back.

“Ok!” I hollered, “Ya’ll come back now, ya hear!?”, and for the next two minutes or so our conversation floated across the water until they were too far away to be heard.

I laughed and waved and Bear, Maddie and I went back into the house.

And that’s one of the reasons we love livin’ at the ri’vah.



  1. I can just hear ya’ll talking 100 m.p.s. & not understanding a word you said!

  2. Short but sweet. I might have been able to catch every third word… maybe 😉
    One thing I do wish is that we had your temps!

    (Hi Jill)

  3. When I lived in California I was told by a couple of friends that my accent got as thick as molasses when somebody from Georgia called on the phone. I never realized it had changed. But I did know that I had to slow down my talkin’ if I wanted any one of my California friends to understand me! Guess they weren’t too quick, bless their hearts.

    • My friend Jill on Mackinac Island is the same way, Sylvia. Especially right after we get back from Georgia – she is always “slowing me down” so she can understand me. My funniest “accent” story is about the day Bear and I were going over on the ferry to the groomers. A man in line asked me, “What’s your dog’s name?” I said, “Bear”. “Bear?” he said. “Why’d you name your dog after an aspirin?” He thought I said “Bayer”. Oh well.

      • When we lived in Austin, Texas, we had a neighbor lady who was from England. She had married a Texas guy who was the librarian at the University of Texas when we knew them. Ordinarily, she spoke Texan with an English accent, but when her mother and/or sister came to visit from England, her Texan was gone. Wonderful people. Wish I could see them again and visit on the back porch on a summer evening.

      • Brenda,

        One thing I forgot to mention in my comment. When my family and I moved to Texas in 1947, my parents made their first visit to Watkins Grocery on Airport Blvd & East 53 1/2 Street. After they had done the shopping and checked out, they started to carry the groceries out of the store. The lady at the check out said, “Ya’ll come back now, ya hear.” Wondering why she had said that, they turned around and went back. My parents have been gone for years, but I still get a chuckle every time I think of that.

  4. Maybe I am Southern. . . .I love it when people drop by for a visit. I can remember taking Sunday rides with my parents and ending up at someone’s house for a quick visit. Now with cell phones, it’s even more polite to give a warning, but the concept’s the same. Happens at cottages, too. So nice to hear that people still live that way, and not at all surprized that it’s you and your friends!

  5. What a hoot! I can just see the pontoon loaded with your friends, docking and the ladies running to the house!

    Loved Lowell’s story about his parents in Texas……….how sweet!

  6. Love it! I have a friend who lives on Belleville Lake near me. Her house is on the way to and from the sandbar where people gather on weekend afternoons. Someone is always pulling up for a potty break or to just chat a minute. Someday we’ll have a lake house of our own and I think I’ll put a restroom in the boathouse down by the dock! Along with a refrigerator full of beverages!

  7. Saturday WUZ a beeyouteefull day….we headed nawth on the rivah! and the Sooper Boll pawtee WUZ fun too, WUZN’T it Brenda. I like your friend Annie’s idea about the restroom in the boathouse and the fridge full of beverages! Y’all should think about that when you need another project!!

    • LOL, Samille! The frig is already out there, but stocking it with beverages is a pretty radical idea! And we need new carpeting a lot more than we need a bathroom in the boathouse! Great ideas though!

  8. I would kill for some 70 degree temps up here in MI. Although we did get up to almost 60 last week, in January!

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