Posted by: bree1972 | February 16, 2012

Pet Visit – by Bear 2/17/2012

Hi.  Bear here.

Mom’s been busy on something called Jury Duty the first part of this week, and I was worried we weren’t going to be able to go to any of the Pet Partners appointments we signed up for.  But she came home Wednesday and said she’d been “dismissed” and seemed all happy about that (when I get “dismissed”, it makes me sad because it means nobody will throw the ball for me anymore).  Anyway, mom and I visited two assisted living homes in Albany today, and mom told me I could write about our visits as a reward for getting in the car ALL BY MYSELF this afternoon (without anyone having to pick me up) – AND I was a little happier in the car also.  If I had known I’d get to write on mom’s blog as my reward, I would have acted better a lot sooner!

I don’t think mom has told ya’ll that we have more people and pooches working as Pet Partners now!  Boy, that sure makes all the folks we visit happy!  When there are more of us to go to each place, that means there are more heads for people to pat, more ears to scratch, and more tails to wag!  Today, all our tails got to wagging at once, and we practically stirred up a tornado!  It’s a good thing those places don’t have a lot of those things mom calls “knick-knacks” sitting all over the place, ’cause we would have swept them clean off the tables!

Here's one of our rookies - Charlie. Now THIS Charlie is a girl (Mom says there used to be a perfume called Charlie Girl - I wonder if that's where her name came from). Anyway, she's a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, and she is a real cutie-pie. Her mom's name is Miss Barbara - she's a cutie too!

This is our other Charlie, and like most "Charlie's", he's a boy. He's gold-colored like me, but his hair is curlier, and he's not as big. Charlie is the senior citizen of the group (among the dogs, I mean). Charlie's first mom, Miss Pat, lives in Heaven now, so Miss Marty adopted him, and he lives with her and Happy Jack. Nobody knows exactly what kind of dog Charlie is, and we surely don't care, 'cause he just loves going to visit, and everyone loves him! On the other side of Charlie is little Buddy (Buddy is white, and nobody knows what kind of dog he is either, but we think he's a mix of a terrier and a poodle). His mom is Miss Linda, and her family rescued Buddy, and they've been loving him ever since. Buddy and I go to the same groomer - sometimes we're even there at the same time and get to talk to each other in side-by-side cages. We love it when that happens!

You might have noticed in the photos that there are lots and lots of those walker things where we go visit.  That’s something we all have to be able to be around without getting all in a dither about it.  A lot of the folks we visit use those walkers to help them get from one place to another, and some of the wheels squeak or make rattly sounds when they’re moving.  That doesn’t bother us at all, except we do have to wait till the people sit down so we can get around those walker legs to get petted . . . .

. . . . as Happy Jack is demonstrating here. (Happy Jack belongs to Miss Marty, but Miss Marty's mom, Miss Liz, brought him today because Miss Marty brought the boy Charlie - I know that's confusing, but in Pet Partners, it's one dog and one human - in other words, one human can't bring two dogs.) Happy Jack is a yellow Labrador Retriever. Do you know why he's called Happy Jack? Because he is HAPPY all the time! You already knew that, right? Sometimes Miss Marty has Happy Jack jump in my mom's car ahead of me - to entice me in. It works too because everyone wants to be around Happy Jack! That's Buddy looking on.

Here's our other King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. Her name is Dewar, and I don't know WHAT kind of shampoo her mom, Miss Virginia, used on her today, but I could NOT stay away from her! Gee whizzers, she smelled good!

This is another one of our rookies - an American Staffordshire Terrier named Georgia - LOVE that name! Georgia is loved by her dad, Mr. Steve. Mr. Steve used to rescue Pit Bulldogs who were about to be put down. One day he got a call about a Pit Bulldog who was MINUTES away from going to the Rainbow Bridge - not only because she was a Pit Bulldog, but also because she had mange really bad, had lost all the hair on half her body, and had a horrible eye injury that was infected. Mr. Steve rushed down to the shelter, and instead of a Pit Bulldog, he found Georgia! She was 11 months old when he took her home. He worked on her mange with the vet until it cleared up and had her eye operated on. Now she is seven years old and such a sweet little (you notice I call all the dogs "little" because next to me, they all are . . . little) dog.

Here's me getting my ears scratched by the lady I call my "Favorite Ear Scratcher". I run straight to her every time we visit this place. Man, you can tell she used to have big dogs! She knows EXACTLY where to scratch us!

Here's little Georgia running around outside right before we got our picture taken. Can you BELIEVE somebody wanted to put down this sweet girl? Geez, that just really ruffles my fur!

Here our whole group - except for Miss Marty, who was taking the picture (Miss Marty is in the header picture on the right side with Happy Jack). (l-r) Mom and me, Miss Linda and Buddy, Miss Barbara and girl Charlie, Miss Virginia and Dewar, Mr. Steve and Georgia, and Miss Liz with boy Charlie. And that's Happy Jack in a perfect "stay" while his mom snaps the photo.

We really, really had fun today and got to visit with so many nice folks.  It made OUR day, and I kinda think it made THEIR day too!  They sure hated to see us leave!

Well, I think that about wraps it up from here.  I think this is where mom usually says, “Have a great weekend!”

Bear . . . .  out.

Oops – one more thing.  Mom just told me to let you know that all of us – even Maddie and I – are leaving Saturday going somewhere called the “beach”.  I have no idea what that is, and neither does Maddie, but we’re happy to be going along instead of going to (gasp!) the kennel.  Mom said that just for this ONE TIME, there wouldn’t be a Monday blog. cause we’re not coming back home until Tuesday, and she isn’t taking her laptop.  Tune in WEDNESDAY to hear all about our trip to the beach – whatever that is.

“What, mom?”

“There’s sand at the beach?  Sand is for CATS, mom, not dogs.  NOOOOO, I don’t want to go to the kennel instead.  I LOVE sand!”

Mom says, “God bless.”



  1. LOL, Bear, that last comment about the sand just gave me a chuckle before bed time. Thanks! I don’t understand sometimes how people can treat animals, it’s so sad. That’s why I think it’s so cool to have people like Mr. Steve and all the others who do so much. Also I think all of you are very talented to make it through all those walkers without any accidents. Love to hear your stories of your visits Bear!

  2. Bless you Bear, and all your special canine pals. You have a special role here. In my younger days I too had some wonderful times visiting seniors at the retirement homes, but I was never comfy enough with other dogs to attain my therapy dog designation- being a Jack Rusell,I wasn’t always happy about other dogs being in my space! But I had a great career with racing, and hunting trials, and earth dog trials, sigh…I am retired now. I will be 16 years old tomorrow -February 17th, so I rest a lot now. But I am still the best mouse and mole catcher in the area! Maddie knows what a special job that is. have a great weekend with your humans. see you next week. Love Morgaine.

    • Wow, Morgaine, you sound like just my kind of dog! Happy birthday tomorrow! Your friend, Maddie – the best mole catcher at the ri’vah.

  3. Oh, Bear, what a marvel you are. I hope if I have to go to a nursing home or adult foster care home some day, you or someone like you and your friends will come to see me. It would really help.

    I don’t want you to worry about that sand. I know you’ll love it. You know, it’s not just for cats. Even humans seem to like it.

    Say, I’m so glad you got into the car by yourself and even enjoyed it a little. See, it wasn’t so bad, now was it? However, I think I understand how you felt in the past. Our Nellie refuses to get into any car, but when we come home she runs all around the yard and looks into the woods to let us know that she has been taking care of everything while we were gone. She doesn’t allow any strange dogs or wild animals on the property.

  4. Hi Bear. I just love that sharp red collar of yours. It is gorgeous against your beautiful blonde hair! Congratulations on feeling better about getting in that vehicle. Having company along always helps doesn’t it! I’m sure Happy Jack is a very good friend. Friends help us to relax! Keep up the good work. You have very loving parents and friends. You gave me a nice laugh so early in the morning.

  5. Hi Bear – you did an awesome job of telling us all about your adventures and I’m so very glad you and Maddie get to go to the beach and play in the sand – hope you all have a very fun relaxing weekend!!

  6. Thanks Bear! Sounds like you had an awesome visit. You and all your friends made those folks very happy. Congratulations on getting into the car all by yourself, I’ll bet that made Mom very happy. Have fun at the beach! We’ll be waiting for some good playing with sand stories!

  7. Bear you are so adorable and a great writer! Those older people just love to see you. Wow, you and Maddie get to go to the beach! I am so envious! You will love feeling sand betwen your toes (paws). Have a great weekend!

  8. We had a fun day, too! Always enjoy hanging with my dog buddies. I love the beach, especially chasing the seagulls and jumping in the waves. Later, Happy Jack

  9. I love it! Ya’ll have a safe and fun trip!

  10. You do good work Bear…kind of making me all teary up her in Michigan. Have a safe and wonderfully fun trip. I think you’re gonna LOVE sand!

  11. Well, I’m sure Brenda, Ted, Maddie and Bear are all having a wonderful time at the “beach,” but I’m not sure I’ll be able to get through this 16 degree day without a blog from Brenda. I’ll tell you, “It’s really been torture so far! I just hope I can make it to Wednesday.”

    • Well, I’ve made it this far. I have the swiss steak in the slow cooker and it’ll be good over mashed potatoes, if I say so so myself. (And I do!!!)

      By the way, Brenda, at the risk of messin’ with your ego, I thought I should tell you that Bear & Maddie may just write better blogs than you do. However, I sure am looking forward to yours when y’all get back from the beach. Don’t forget to tell us what Bear thought of all that sand. And I hope the cats stayed away.

      I’ve turned the corner toward wellness after having a terrible cold, aching and a little fever, and I sure do feel good today. Bet you couldn’t tell.

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