Posted by: bree1972 | March 1, 2012

Wet Birds, Wet Dog, Dry Eagle 3/2/2012

Ok, gang.  When I start talking about birds and dogs taking baths, you know it’s been a slow week.

You know that photo of the robin behind our chain-link fence on Monday's post? Well, yesterday he and all his buddies dove into a puddle across the street and had themselves a fine old time taking mud baths.

One cardinal crashed the party, but no one seemed to mind.

Sometimes I have to bathe Bear between groomings, and usually I do it outside. This week though I tried out a new shower head with a detachable wand we bought for one of the guest bathrooms. I wanted to see if I could get him clean without getting myself soaked in the process. As you can see, I ended up halfway in the tub with him, but it was still better than when we try this outside!

Coming home this week, we turned the last curve before our house and came upon a bald eagle in the middle of the road, helping himself to some yummy roadkill. Geez, I wish I could have gotten my camera out of my purse faster! He was already in the trees by the time I focused, but this is still a pretty close encounter with America's national bird!

All of ya’ll put your heads together and hope that something newsworthy happens over the weekend I can write about (GOOD newsworthy, of course).  I know we’ll in that “after New Year’s, before Spring” lull, but gracious, it’s been slow as pouring syrup around here.

See you on Monday!  God bless.



  1. Some misguided robins have appeared up here recently – I think some didn’t even head south for the winter – they are no doubt regretting that decision now as winter has re-appeared and we’ve had a fair bit of snow and winter weather over the past couple days. I bet they’re wishing they were with their kin in your puddle!!

    • I heard the Island is expecting 4-8″ of the white stuff this weekend, Deb. Yep, I don’t think any mud baths are in your northern robins’ near future!

  2. Spring is a comin…first robin in the yard today! Yeeeah. My most favorite time of the year. 🙂

  3. Brenda,

    I’ve seen no robins yet. I think they must all be in your neighborhood. Can’t really blame them. I have been seeing Canada Geese flying though. My brother in law heard a red winged black bird a few days ago. Can Spring be far behind? The Bald Eagles fascinate me. Here is the address of the best webcam for eagles that I have found: The picture is in color in the daylight hours. Have a look. I think you’ll enjoy it.

    Bear, I hate to say it, but in that picture you look like a huge, light brown, drowned rat. It’s really a shame what we guys have to go through to attract the ladies. I don’t know why they can’t just accept dirt and scraggly hair. Of course, I’d be happy just to have some hair, scraggly or not.

    • Dear Mr. Lowell, I might look like a giant rat, but it sure feels good to get soaking wet – especially since mom won’t let me jump in the lake! Your friend, Bear

  4. I tell you not only birds, but dogs and cats look funny when they are wet. Don’t worry about something happening Brenda, just look around and something is bound to pop up.

    Oh, by the way, I belong to The Henry Ford Museum and I know that when you, Ted, Bear and Maggie are heading up for your summer residence on Mackinac in what, about less than 90 days is it?? I thought I would give you something that you could to see. The Henry Ford Museum, starting March 31-September 30 is having an exhibit on the Titanic. The say that they are going to be having a replica of the grand staircase where people can have their picture taken on that. There is an extra cost to see it and they do recommend a ticket in advance to schedule the time to see the exhibit. (You’re only allowed in the exhibit at the time on your ticket.) Just thought I would tell you in advance in case the two of you would want to see the exhibit.

    Here is The Henry Ford’s website:

    Here is the Titanic: The Artifact website

    • I would LOVE to do that, Judi, but Ted is like a wild man when we get on the road to Mackinac. I can barely get him to stop for potty breaks. AND, with Maddie and Bear along, I just don’t think it’s in the cards. What a great exhibit that will be though!

  5. Brenda,

    Are those pine cones on the pine tree in your header picture? Is the tree a yellow pine? Georgia and Florida have the best pine cones I have ever seen.

    • Yes, Lowell – those are pine cones. I took that pic back in November, and I think every one of those pine cones ended up on the ground in our backyard. Ted says it’s a southern yellow pine.

  6. I adore the robins/cardinal pic. I feed the birds and truly receive hours of enjoyment watching them and the squirrels! We have had a mild winter here so far!

    • Me too, Judy! Love our birds!

  7. The eagle was awesomeee! They are soo majestic. Lovedddd the robins in the puddle…they were having big fun. lol and poor Bear! He looked like pitiful pearl!

    and heres the big news……………are you ready? are you sitting down? well if you are…stand up!

    WE HAVE ROBINS UP HERE IN MICHIGAN! They are very cold…very very cold…but they are BACK! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    I’m sooooooooo excited! I bet the female robin is giving her mate the business tho….”Why did we come back so early? My mother warned me about you! Its freeeeeezing up here!”

    😉 have a great week Brenda lol

    • Loved waking up to your comment this morning, Nancy! I can just hear that robin wife!

  8. Nothing appears sadder than a wet dawg. Bless you Bear.

    Well maybe a cat getting a good soak 🙂 But then again….they usually just look madddd!

  9. Love this one….and I don’t mind sharing that guest bathroon with Bear:) when I come to see you all in april.

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