Posted by: bree1972 | March 16, 2012

A Newsy Week! 3/16/2012

I’m a little late getting this one published – crazy day yesterday, and I was pretty tired last night.  But – better late than never, right?  Here you go . . . .

What a crazy week!  Our house renovation finally began on Thursday when an electrician installed our new microwave over the stove and ran wiring for under-the-counter lighting (now I can see to chop!).  A new ceiling fixture for the kitchen had a shiner finish out of the box than it looked in the store, so it went back to Home Depot.  With the lighting now under the counter, I’m considering just leaving the old ceiling fixture.  We’ll see.

Unfortunately, there’s one installation that has to be completed before anything else can continue, and it still hasn’t happened.  We’ve ordered a new cabinet for the kitchen that will create a counter bar where we can sit and eat.  It still hasn’t come into Home Depot, and until it does, everything else must wait (new countertops and sink).  We’re getting a little worried if it all will be done before we leave for Michigan, and we’re pretty positive now that the new flooring for several rooms won’t get done until we return in November (floors will be the last thing to go in).  We will have a extremely full house for Easter weekend (family and friends), and I can just imagine them all arriving, and there being no countertops in the kitchen – or no sink.  We should have started this project a lot earlier!

A good thing is we’re fairly certain (emphasis on the “fairly”) that new sun room furniture will be here before Easter, along with new guest room mattresses and box springs.  The last time Jason and Blair were here they laughingly said they had to hold on to the sides of the mattress to keep from rolling downhill into the middle.  We figured it was time for a change.

Ok – enough of that.  Here’s a few more pics from our Florida visit . . .

The Casements (named for the beautiful casement windows) was bought by Standard Oil billionaire John D. Rockefeller in 1918. After his retirement in 1911, and after golfing during the winters at Augusta, GA (home of the Masters), his doctor recommended he move south to enjoy the warmer Florida climate. Rockefeller lived at The Casements during the winters until his death in 1937 at the age of 97.

Photo: A section of the sun room. Rockefeller enlarged the house somewhat, but is remained unostentatious. His sophisticated family failed to see the charm of The Casements and rarely visited.

Rockefeller lived a very quiet life at The Casements, surrounded by his devoted staff and guards. He golfed, rode around the countryside in his chauffeured car, and attended Sunday night concerts at the Ormond Hotel, which once stood opposite The Casements.

Rockefeller was very much a part of the small community of Ormond Beach and over the years hosted celebrities such as Will Rogers, Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone in his home. In this great hall, he also hosted an annual Christmas party for friends and neighbors.

The stunning stained glass atrium skylight.

After Rockefeller's death at The Casements in 1937, the home was purchased over the years by several different owners and used at one time or another as a college for women, a retirement home, and an apartment hotel. It was left vacant in the 1970's and partly gutted by vandals. It seemed at one time that the old house was doomed . . .

. . . but - in 1972, it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. The City of Ormond Beach purchased The Casements, restored it with a grant received in 1977, and opened the house to the public in 1979.

We visited The Casements early Saturday morning before Matthew's soccer game. The front of the house looks out over a beautifully landscaped area and the Halifax River, part of the Intercoastal Waterway. So peaceful.

Watching Matthew play soccer was a blast! It took me right back to the days I watched hundreds of baseball games when Jason and Blake were involved in city sports.

Matthew is quite the competitive athlete . . .

. . . and his team won 4-0, with the help of this goal by Matthew! Yeahhhhhh!

Lunch Saturday was on the water at the Inlet Harbor Restaurant in Port Orange.

Lots of boats . . .

. . . and lots of pelicans.

Beautiful Jordan.

Back home, Girls Night Out at the ri’vah was Wednesday night, and we celebrated St. Patick’s Day early!

We had a HUGE crowd! It's in the 80's here now - beautiful ri'vah weather, and everyone has already put their boats in the water. So much fun!

That’s the news for the week.  I can’t wait for Monday to write about a special place in my hometown of Sylvester.  Best Friends Humane Society is a little shelter for dogs who are looking for their “forever” home, and I’m driving down there this afternoon to meet the director, photograph some dogs-in-need-of-loving, and meet a a friend from Mackinac Island who now lives in Savannah.  She’s coming over to hopefully adopt a dog – this should be a really neat story!

See you on Monday!



  1. That’s my theory too Brenda – – “Better Late Than Never”. And I might add . . . well worth the wait.

    I guess Jill has told you that our temperatures for 2 days this week were in the 70’s. So strange for this time of year, but very welcome.

  2. Wonderful pictures. It’s nice to see that a city will restore a place back from the ruins to the glory of its old self.

    Here in Michigan (Detroit area) we’ve been in the 70’s all week and we are to be staying in the 70’s into next week as well. Spring has definitely arrived.

    Oh as for your kitchen redo, if part of it is not done by Easter, just have the guests help pitch in. Tell them if they want to eat, they have to help work. LOL.

  3. Yes, I agree, it’s nice to see that the Casements were restored. I hate to see old buildings in ruins. What a beautiful place. Matthew looks like a soccer star and Jordan looks so grown up in that picture. Very, very pretty.
    We have had tempts in the high70’s and low 80’s for this week and it is suppose to last into next week. I’m so happy….I LOVE Spring. This weather could last forever and I wouldn’t mind. 🙂
    HAPPY ANNIVERSERY BRENDA AND TED!!!! ( I remembered! )

    • Thanks for all the anniversary happy wishes! Ted and I are truly blessed.

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