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Springtime in Dixie 3/26/2012

“The Earth laughs in flowers.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

What an unbelievably beautiful weekend we’ve enjoyed here on the ri’vah!  After a 10-minute spring storm blew through on Friday afternoon the temperatures dropped, the humidity went into hiding, and Saturday and Sunday turned into everyone’s vision of perfection.  As I write this on Sunday afternoon, birds are singing like little divas outside our open windows, and Ted is enjoying his afternoon nap under the swirling blades of the sun room ceiling fan.  Bear is trying to play tag with a visiting neighbor’s dog on the other side of our fence, and Maddie is curled up on the porch sofa, where she can alternately nap and keep watch out for a rabbit that mistakenly thought our back yard was a safe place earlier today.  This morning we enjoyed our morning coffee on the porch, then walked the dogs about two miles down a little dirt road near our house.  “God’s in His Heaven, all’s right with the world” has popped into my mind several times in the last few hours – that is just the feeling days like this inspire.

The fast-moving storm on Friday went a long way toward ending one of the most beautiful azalea seasons we’ve had in the last few years.  That made me doubly glad I’d taken the camera out last week and documented our street’s bounty of spring-blooming plants and flowering trees.  That walk around the neighborhood, our anniversary dinner at the Lake Blackshear Retreat, and a little boat ride to capture on camera a few lawns along the ri’vah, provide today’s post of spring on Lake Blackshear.  Hope you enjoy!

It's hard to believe that two springs ago, after they bloomed, we cut these azaleas back almost to the ground. Last spring that drastic cutting meant very few flowers, but they sure made up for it THIS spring!

It was the same with this multi-colored bed on the side of the house.

Two or three houses before ours is an old ri'vah house that is basically abandoned. The yard has gone wild, but every spring the azaleas that someone once lovingly planted come to life and show off for the whole neighborhood.

Nearly all the azaleas in that yard are this vivid shade of hot pink.

To all that red and pink and purple, add the crisp white of blossoming dogwood trees . . .

. . . and our little country road is transformed into something quite worthy of an artist's paintbrush.

Azaleas in the yard of a part-time neighbor at the end of our road.

On Monday Ted and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary with dinner at the Lake Blackshear Retreat dining room (notice we were both wearing green in honor of St. Patrick's Day). Three teenagers were walking up to the retreat behind us, giggling because we were holding hands. I stopped to take a photo of some geese, and one of them said, "Would you like me to take your picture? Ya'll are just so cute!?" I'm sure we reminded them of their grandparents.

The geese - they were "so cute" too!

A little shelter used for picnics at the edge of the marina at the Retreat.

A beautiful sunset over the ri'vah on the night of our anniversary.

A couple of days later we took the boat out late in the afternoon. With Maddie's help, Ted cruised slowly up the east side of the ri'vah.

Everywhere we looked, trees were in bloom . . .

. . . and azaleas were trying to outdo themselves in beauty. From yards with only a few of the flowering plants . . .

. . . to yards boasting dozens, it was impossible to say whose yard was prettier.

Before we headed home we puttered into Cedar Creek, which is straight across the ri'vah from our house. When I turned around for the backward view, this is what I saw. Peace on the ri'vah . . .

With Maddie's head barely visible behind the windshield, we came back up Cedar Creek and crossed the ri'vah, east to west.

Bear went over and mentioned to Ted that it was an hour past his supper time . . .

. . . then crawled on the seat next to me and hunkered down as ducks flew over the boat. "That one looks like he's going to land on me, mom!"

As I mentioned, the storm did a lot to dampen some of the beauty, but that’s why we have cameras – to capture moments like we enjoyed this week . . . Springtime in Dixie. . . love it!

See you back here on Friday – maybe it’s time to talk about books you’ve been reading.  Sometime before Thursday, would you email me ( the books you’ve read lately that are “pass along” worthy?  I’ll share them on Friday with everyone, along with a couple I’ve liked.  See you then!



  1. OMGosh! How beautiful!! I love how everything comes back alive in the Spring and brings so much color with it. The azaleas are gorgeous, every color of the rainbow. Love the boat ride and I do have to agree with the 3 teenagers…Ya’ll are just so cute! 🙂

  2. Love your pictures of the beautiful flowers and the sunset. My flowers didn`t do well this year becouse we cut them to the ground last year but hopefully next year they will shine in all their glory.

  3. There are no Azaleas more beautiful than those in the south, they grow so huge! Beautiful pics, thanks for sharing.

  4. Brenda,

    Does “BEAUTIFUL!” mean anything? It sure does. It means your blog tonight.

    Our rhurbarb is all leafed out, the asparagus is coming up, the maple leaves and the wild cherry leaves are opening, the lilac buds are getting bigger every day, our one healthy little lavender rhododendron is in full bloom, the grape hyacinth and the narcissus are blooming – and I’m so afraid everything is going to get frosted. I may be borrowing trouble, but I don’t think so. The forecast for Monday morning is for clear skies and 33 degrees, and for Tuesday morning it’s for 29 degrees. Nevertheless, God has blessed us big time and we have so much to be thankful for.

    • Oh, Lowell, I’m hoping that freeze doesn’t hurt all those wonderful plants. When everything is in full bloom, please send me a photo!

      • Well, Brenda, when I got up this morning (3/27/12), the thermometer said 25 degrees. I tell you, I was afraid to even look outside. Of course, it was still dark then, so I didn’t have to, but finally I couldn’t put it off any longer. Imagine my extreme surprise when I saw no damage at all. Now, that’s something to be thankful for. Talk about hardy plants, shrubs and trees!

      • That’s wonderful news, Lowell! So glad nothing was hurt.

      • Glad to hear that, Lowell! My plants and trees all made it without damage as well. Not so much for my neighbor-her freshly bloomed Magnolias turned brown and fell off the tree.

  5. Those are the most beautiful azaleas I’ve ever seen! Lucky you! As Lowell noted, Michiganders will not be so lucky if we get the frost that’s forecast for tonight. I’m trying to decide if I want to blanket anything or just hope for the best. My flowering plums and the lilacs are what I’m most worried about and I’m thinking they may be ok.

    Looking forward to hearing what folks are reading!

  6. What a sweet photo of you/Ted! All of the blooms are just fantastic. What gorgeous colors! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. It looks like your day was perfect indeed.! Many more!

  7. Your husband, Ted reminds me of an older version on my husband, Tony. They both have small smiles. You and I are alike when it comes to pictures. We both have big smiles and then we have husbands that can barely smile. It is just their style. When Tony & I are having our picture taken I have to yell at him (in a not too freindly tone) to smile and act like he is enjoying my company! LOL!

  8. Beautiful!

  9. Those azaleas are all so pretty!! What a nice way to spend some time walking down the road seeing God’s paintbrush among all the lovely flowers.
    What a sweet photo of you holding hands -Congratulations on your23rd anniversary also! Happy Wednesday 🙂

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