Posted by: bree1972 | April 9, 2012

Easter at the Lake 4/10/2012

Hi everyone!  The decision NOT to post on Sunday night turned out to be great thinking on my part!  Wow – what a weekend we had, and by Sunday night Ted and I were tucked into our recliners – two tired, but extremely happy grandparents.  Three days of fun with friends and family – I’ll just let the photos tell the story.

On Friday afternoon Julie, Matt, Jordan and Matthew arrived and so did the Baileys - from Michigan. You've heard me mention Brian Bailey a gazillion times - he's the general manager of the Chippewa and Lilac Tree Hotels on Mackinac Island. He and wife Jeri-Lynn and children Kyle, Mary and Nora were on their way back to Michigan from spring break in Florida and stopped in for the night.

Lack of space prevented them from staying with us, but when they arrived at the Lake Blackshear Retreat, Ted went over on the boat to pick them up. The guys went to Booger Bottom for hamburgers for the crowd, I added my famous baked beans, and we all had a blast around the dinner table that night. Julie and her family know the Baileys from our trips to the Chippewa before we bought on the Island (and many nights in the Pink Pony since then). They all arrived safely back in Gaylord, MI late, late, late Saturday night (make that early Sunday morning).

Saturday morning dawned sunny and cool, but that coolness quickly turned into the most awesome 70-something temps. Perfect for swinging in the back yard by the water . . .

. . . and perfect for Jordan and Matthew to go kayaking with G-Daddy!

Maddie stood sentry until everyone came back in off the water . . .

. . . and even Bear watched until they were out of sight. Then he found better things to do - like sleep in the shade.

Ted took his camera out on the water with him and the kids and got some great shots. They checked out this old osprey nest that we thought was empty this year.

As Matthew kayaked in closer . . . .

. . . an adult osprey's head popped up over the edge. And you see that "dot" in the sky coming in from the left?

That was either the male or female osprey coming in to join its mate. Great shot, Ted!

Nice photo of Jordan and Matthew paddling toward Ted.

After lunch, everyone jumped on the boat for some tubing. Matthew, bless his heart, was given the task of testing the water . . .

. . . and after five minutes, he declared it "way too cold!" Smart boy!

We branched off the main lake into a canal along the Spring Creek waterway. It's a totally different world back here, with beautiful Spanish moss hanging from huge cypress trees . . .

. . . but after we spotted a water moccasin swimming alongside the boat, we headed back for the big water.

We surprised Matt with a birthday cake on Saturday - a few days early - but who cares when the cake is chocolate under all that white icing!

Easter morning. Sunrise service, then breakfast at the church.

What fun to hide Easter eggs for the grandchildren . . .

. . . and being at the lake provided some creative spots for egg-hiding!

Matthew went about the business of hunting eggs like he does everything - fast and VERY competitively . . .

. . . while Jordan's method was to slowly and patiently comb through each hiding spot.

After it was all over, their baskets were almost identically full - happy kids!

Proof positive that it's time for the Hewitts to add a dog to their household!

The best grandchildren in the world and their BeBe.

Easter and Matt's birthday weren't the only two celebrations this weekend. It was also Julie & Matt's 17th wedding anniversary!

Only one thing could have made the Easter weekend better, and that would have been the addition of Jason, Blair and Blake.  Hopefully next spring, we can get them all here at the same time!

Matt captured this wonderful photograph of the full moon over the lake on Saturday night. Moonglow!

Hoping you and yours had a most excellent Easter weekend.  See you back here on Friday!



  1. Looks like everyone has a GREAT time and some awesome pictures to go with it. I also love the fact that everyone is wearing shorts, or short sleeves, heck even going in the water. I wanna live there too! We’ve had a few cool days here and miss the warmer weather we had back in March. That sounds so wierd, doesn’t it, but March was definitely nicer then April has been. Oh well, it will get warmer again…won’t it?

  2. The picture of Matt, Julie, & the kids with Bear & Maddie was perfect! The dogs sat so good for the picture. Also the picture Matt took of the flag at night was breathtaking. You and Ted take so many pictures, how do you keep them organized?!

    • They’re not organized, Yvonne. They’re all on camera cards in a little pouch I keep. Whenever I want to find a certain photo, it can take hours. I’m not a very organized person!

  3. Well, Brenda, I’ll just let you go on thinking you have the “best grandchildren in the world.” I wouldn’t want to burst your bubble. However, I hope you’ll allow me to think the same thing.

    It looks as though you had a wonderful Easter weekend. I may envy the fact that you could be on the water (well, just a little).

    • LOL, Lowell! I think that’s an opinion every grandparent everywhere shares!

  4. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time! Just what it should be like when families get together.
    We had 13 for Easter, and the weather cooperated with sunshine and warmer (if not real warm) temps so the kids could play outside. I just wanted to let you know that not only was our crabapple out in full glory along with the redbud and the tulips, but that the lilacs were spreading their perfume all over town! It smelled like May! Strange weather this year, but what a beautiful Easter day!

    • Lilacs! Oh my goodness!

  5. Is Brian originally from Ann Arbor? If so, I think his mom was one of my Girl Scout leaders! I remember her having a son named Brian who was my sister’s age.. It has to be him-he looks just like his mom!
    Glad you had such a nice Easter weekend. Those grandkids get better looking with every new batch of photos.

    • Don’t know, Annie – I’ll ask him.

      • Annie – here’s the reply I got from Brian: “I grew up in Ann Arbor, graduated from Pioneer in 1980. My sister Anne was in girl scouts and I believe my mom was involved as well. She is in her early 80’s and lives by herself in Suttons Bay, MI. My father passed away two years ago. What a small world!”

      • Wow-that was fast detective work! Small world for sure….I now remember that Anne was in my first troop at Burns Park School and I believe I got a hand-me-down uniform from her! Thanks for the flashback to a very fun time in my life. Next time I’m on the Island, I’ll find him and say hello.

      • Brian would love that, Annie!

  6. I am glad to hear your pictures aren’t organized either! My bucket list (though I am only 44) is to get my pictures put in photo albums someday!

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