Posted by: bree1972 | April 19, 2012

Bear’s Hot . . . Spot 4/20/2012

Hey.  Bear here.

Mom’s letting me write tonight ’cause she thinks it will help keep my mind off my ow-wee.  She said for me just to tell my story in my own words, to just let it all out . .so here goes.

Mom wrote you on Sunday about how I sometimes get sick from taking medicine to make me well, right?  It happened again.  My vet gave me something called a stair-roid for my itchy, yucky hot spot.  Mom told me some of you “up north” folks never heard of a hot spot.  I’ll try to explain it.  Imagine a gazillion ants, hornets, and wasps stinging you at the same time.  Then imagine that they’re all stinging you in one spot under your ear.  Then double that – no wait – triple it.  If you can possibly imagine how bad that burns, stings, hurts, and itches . . . . go ahead and triple it again.  Now set fire to it.  That’s how a hot spot feels.

Anyway, back to the stair-roids.  Mom told the vet she didn’t think I could tol-er-rate (that’s a big word) stair-roids because the last time I took them she thought she remembered I threw up.  But the vet said, “Bear needs the stair-roids to stop the hot spot infection – along with some spray I already told ya’ll “burns like . . . yeah, it burns.”  Mom said, “Ok, we’ll just have to deal with the side effects.”  Huh.

Now let me just say I knew mom wasn’t right about me throwing up.  I KNEW what the stair-roids made me do last time, and I could not believe SHE didn’t remember.  After I almost collapsed from the pain of the spray, I tried to catch mom’s eye and signal her to NOT TAKE THOSE PILLS HOME.  But she was too busy yakking with the vet like they were best buds, so I just shook my head and thought, “I’m toast.”

When we got home, Mom fed me three pieces of bread as a “treat”.  I knew each little ball of bread held a stair-roid – I just knew it.  THREE of them – twice a day for three days.  So I’d had six pills before I went to bed.  Then I had three more Monday morning.  By late afternoon, I was drinking water by the gallons.  Then I got three more pills around six o’clock, along with my supper.

At 7:21 p.m. Monday night mom remembered what stair-roids do to me when I (excuse my bluntness, but I’m a guy after all) peed in the hall, peed in the den, and peed in the kitchen.  I also dribbled . . . everywhere.  I lost all control.  Mom would take me outside, and I would pee three or four times in five minutes.  Ten minutes later she was rushing me outside to do it all over again.

At 9 p.m. mom called the vet.  “Oh dear,” the vet said, “He must be super-sensitive to stair-roids.” Duh.  You think?  “Don’t give him any more of them,” she said.  “Don’t even taper off.  I gave him the dose I would normally give a 20-lb dog, so he doesn’t have that much in his system yet.  I can’t believe that little bit is affecting him like that.”  W – h – a – t – e – v – e – r.

Well, that was all just fine and dandy.  But what about bedtime, which was fast approaching?

Mom put waterproof pads down on the floor next to the couch in the den for me and brought her pillow and a blanket out to the couch and made herself a little bed.  She slept with one end of my leash attached to my collar and the other end wrapped around her hand.  She did that so she could feel me move and know I needed to go out.  It worked like a charm . . . except neither one of us got much sleep.  I had to go out at midnight, at 1:45, at 2:40, at 3:25, at 4:30 and again at 5:00.

It took all day Tuesday and all day Wednesday for the stair-roids to get out of my system.  We did the couch thing again Tuesday night, and I only had to go out four times instead of five, and I had almost stopped dribbling.  Do you know how embarrassing that is!   Mom bedded down on the couch Wednesday night for the third time, hoping it would be the last.  But . . . with the stair-roids out of my system, the itch came back  . . . . BAD.  I woke mom up around 2 a.m. Thursday morning scratching like crazy, and by the time she got me stopped, I had scratched myself raw again and was bleeding.

Mom gave me a Benadryl, and we finally went to sleep an hour later.  Thursday morning mom put me in one of those horrible halo cones.  She didn’t do that at first ’cause it’s hard to keep it from rubbing on my ow-wee, but she said, “We’ve got to try it and see if we can stop you from scratching.”    She also started me on another antibiotic, which the vet said would probably make me throw up ’cause I’m so sensitive to everything (well, she doesn’t have to get nasty about it).

Can you imagine what’s it like to want so badly to scratch something – and you CAN’T!

Me - miserable.

So now it’s Thursday night, and up until about an hour ago, we’d had a pretty good day.  The stupid cone-thing drives me crazy, but mom is giving me Benadryl on a regular basis, so the itchies haven’t been too bad.  So far (cross you fingers and toes), I haven’t gotten sick from the new antibiotic, but we probably aren’t out of the woods on that yet either.

But . . . . an hour ago, I’m sound asleep in the hall, and suddenly mom is saying, “Bear!  Oh my gosh, let’s go out!”  I had lost control again.  In my sleep!  What the heck!

Mom’s been on the computer since then, and she told me a few minutes ago she’d discovered that the powder the vet gave her to use on my ow-wee is ALSO a stair-roid.  Oh dear.

Mom was hoping she’d get to sleep with dad again tonight, and I was hoping I’d get to sleep back in my cushy bed instead of on those stupid pee-pad things (the indignity of it all).  Now it looks like we’ll be keeping each other company in the den again.

Mom said to thank all of you for your prayers, and we’d both appreciate you keeping them coming.  Hopefully, by Monday, we’ll be able to talk about something more interesting than my allergies. 

“Mo-om!  I gotta go again!”



  1. Sooooo glad Bear is feeling a little bit better and that he was able to write to us!! Hot spots sound like NO FUN!! We will keep the prayers coming!!!

  2. Poor Bear. You are being a brave boy. I will pray that tonight is the last night you and mom are up so many times. I’m sure mom feels your pain and will do everything she can to get you back to normal.

  3. Oh Bear, I just can’t believe you’re having to go through so much. It really sounds terrible. And Brenda, hang in there. It’s got to be over soon.

    Hurry to Michigan because I don’t think there any hot spots here.

  4. Oh my goodness – poor Bear. hot spots are common up here too. Especially amongst the lab and retriever population. And the steroids, my,my. On my mommie’s Facebook page you will see a picture of my dear companion Gilmour, sleeping on a pillow of marigolds. He is in heaven now, but he used to have to go on steroids for his back, and they made him pee – A LOT!!!!!! So don’t feel bad my friend. Get well soon. You have a summer adventure coming up soon! When Chester’s mommie is home from work, we will find out what she is doing now for his hot spots and let you know. Wishing you a sleep filled, dreamy night. Love, Morgaine.

  5. Bear, Millie here. I feel for you. I never had a hot spot, thank goodness, but I’m 17 years old and every night I also have to sleep on the pee-pee pads because I never know if I am going to make it outside in time. Most of the times I don’t because I’m fast asleep. Be thankful they haven’t put a diaper on you, they tried that on me a couple of nights and boy did I hate it.

    Me and my mommy and human sister will be praying for you to get better. By the way I like your cone better than the one I had to wear once. Mine was plastic and hard to sleep with, yours looks a lot softer than mine.

    I wish that our parents would have to wear that cone for a few days to know how it feels, maybe they would never put it on us again.

    Get better, Bear.

    • Hi Millie. I forgot about the DIAPERS! Do you know my mom couldn’t find diapers for boy dogs so she bought MENS Depends. When she got them home and tried to put one on me she remembered that MEN don’t have TAILS! It was pretty darn funny – even from where I was standing (which was wearing a Men’s Depends with a hole cut out of the back of it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t sit and lie down wearing it.

      • Thank goodness about that. My mom found diapers for girls and I hated them. I refused to walk and when I was laying down, I pulled them off myself. After a couple days she got the hint and never put them on me again.

      • Bear, Judi hear, Millie’s human sister. Just in case your mom needs to get you diapers, tell her we only found them at PetSmart.

    • I tried this on my elder Lhasa who was incontinent the last few months of his life. I took a men’s incontinence pad and a length of ace wrap bandage like you put on a sprained ankle. Cut the ace wrap long enough to go around the dogs belly snugly but not to tight. Attach the pad to the middle then apply the pad over the penis. Wrap the ace around the belly snugly then secure it. I ended up using the handy mans helper duct tape as a fastener. It worked well. I would change it every four hours. My poor sebastian had kidney failure so he went a lot. I kept baby wipes and when I changed it I would wipe off the private area to prevent irritation. He left this apparatus alone but I am not sure how a young healthy dog will do with it. Oh the things we will do for our fur babies. I did this and more for my boy. We were together for 16 years. He truly was the child I was never blessed to have. I like to think of him chasing squirrels in the sunshine waiting for me at the rainbow bridge.

  6. .Poor Bear…………….I’m so sorry you are so miserable. You are still handsome as ever tho. Allergies are horrible! I hope by now you are feeling a lot better. I love your posts….think you and Maddie need to develop a site of your own. You have lots of friends in cyberspace. You and mom hang in there now. Love, kisses and prayers.

  7. Oh, poor Bear! Poor Brenda! Poor Ted! Sending lots of good healing thoughts your way. (I’d have the vet put big red letters on your chart: No Steroids!)

    Sure hope this is all over soon so everyone can get a good night’s sleep. Nobody rests well when the kids are sick!

  8. Aww poor Bear, I sure hope your feeling better. It sounds like you and mom need a whole day of sleep to catch up on all the sleep you’ve missed. Tell mom to hang in there, hopefully it will all be over soon and things will get back to normal. Thanks for letting all of us know what’s going on with you and I’ll keep my fingers (and toes) crossed that, that nasty hot spots goes away FAST!

  9. Get Better Bear!! Soon you have to patrol the Mackinac woods and help Maddie keep them clear from varmints.

  10. oohhhhhhh Poorrrr Bear! In the cone of shame! I hope you’re better real soon….poor baby! I bet ur both exhausted too!

  11. Hang in there, Bear! You have a wonderful Mom!

  12. Next week we need Maddie’s take on all of Bear’s trials and tribulation’s. I’m sure she can add a delightful prespective to Bears tale of woe.

  13. I feel so sorry for him and you….you are really a good mama…but where is Ted during all of this…tell him that Tedder said to “Step up to the Plate”……love you all….

  14. Bear, this is just between you and me so everybody else, close their eyes! I DO know the indignity of it all; I have been seeing some doctors to see if they can help me from getting up every hour during the night because I have to p e e. (and I do mean every hour or more) AND I don’t even take stair roids! ……. So far no hot spots though, Bear, and by your more than adequate description of what one is, I am sure you have a high place in Doggie Heaven all earned for you, for “bearing” through this miserable thing. I HOLD THE SPACE AND THE VISION FOR YOU AND MAMA THAT HEALING IS AT HAND AND YOU WILL FEEL YOUR OLD WONDROUS SELF SOON. Is Maddie helping at all?

  15. Oh, sweet Bear…I am so sorry to hear you are going through this horribly rough time. My big boy Teddie and even my little kitty Sophie and I send all of our positive thoughts for a speedy recovery.

  16. I highly recommend Dr A. Katz, veterinarian in Ashburn. We use him for all 3 of our girls. Get well soon Bear !

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