Posted by: bree1972 | April 26, 2012

No “Do-Overs” Please

Whew!  What a week this has been!

Start with a miserable dog, add a sick laptop, put frustration with a certain home supply company into the mix, and then throw in a couple of almost freezing nights after several 90 degree days.  Long story short – I don’t want a “do-over” like this week any time soon!

First – Bear.  My sweet baby is soooo much better. His hot spot has dried up, scabbed over, and in several places he’s already losing the scabs to reveal new, pink, almost-hairless skin beneath.  We ended up sharing the den for four nights before the steroids were out of his system, and he could be trusted to have enough control to let us know he needed to go out.  Bless his heart, the first night we returned to our “real” beds, we both zoned out and never once moved for seven hours.  It was Heavenly!  On Friday, Bear will be back at the vet for a “dental” – getting his teeth cleaned while he’s sedated.  I like to have that done once a year, especially with him working like he does as a therapy dog.  It just makes it a lot easier to maintain his”fresh breath”, and later in his life it will hopefully help him keep his teeth!  He has to be at the vet’s by 8 a.m. Friday morning, and I’ll be picking him up around 5 p.m. – one groggy, sweet-smelling breath dog.  He had all his shots and blood work done on Tuesday this week, so once his dental is over, I’m hoping Bear is set for months and months and months of healthy, no-vet-cost living.  Please!

Next – the laptop.  When I closed my laptop down last Friday night, it was working fine.  When I turned it on Saturday morning, the icon I click to connect to our wireless internet had vanished.  I “fiddled” with it for several hours, trying to track down that darn icon, but it was nowhere to be found.  When the laptop got sick the last time, we were in Michigan.  I took it into a computer repair shop in Cheboygan, and they convinced me to change over from my Windows operating system to a Linux operating system.  I’ve been using Linux for months now with no problems, but I was warned in Michigan it might be difficult to find someone to work on it if anything went wrong (the main draw to my converting over was I needed no virus protection with Linux, which I thought was pretty cool).  I called a computer repair store in Americus, explained my problem, and told them I was running Linux.  The good Lord was looking after me, because they had an employee who was familiar with that system.  I took it in on Monday, and Lane at Barnett Computers spent a couple of hours telling me “in the five years he’d been working there, I was the first person to ever walk in the door with a Linux system.”  He was so impressed I had made it that long because (and I quote), “Linux is for computer geeks, not for ordinary people who just want to read their email and surf the net.”  Of course, Lane used Linux on HIS computer and wouldn’t have anything else.  I had encountered no problems with the Linux system, but because it could be pretty hard to find someone to work on it, I let him reinstall Windows for me.  I thought we were back in business after I picked up the laptop on Wednesday, but it didn’t quite work out that way.

Wednesday afternoon I was busily answering emails and replying to Facebook messages, and Ted was doing the same thing on his baby notebook.  Suddenly, out of the blue, we were both kicked offline.  We did everything we’ve always done before when that happened, and nothing worked – including Netflix on the tv, which has to be online also.  It was 10 minutes after our internet provider closed for the day when all this happened, but Ted left a message, and they called first thing this morning.  The repairman arrived around ten, checked everything in the house, and then went outside to find a broken wire where all the cable/internet stuff comes into the house.  It took him about 30 seconds to fix it, and – knock on wood – we’re up and running again.

The weather.  WHAT is happening?  I’ve been in shorts, sleeveless shirts and barefooted for over a month.  Then one day this week (don’t ask which one – the days have kinda all blurred together) we arose to temps in the 30’s, the wind blowing like crazy, and white caps on the lake.  Back out came the sweatshirts and blue jeans and socks and flannel pj’s!  Two days later everything switched again, and we’re back to 90.  CRAZY!

Renovation.  Remember our little “spruce up” project I mentioned in February?  The one that a major home supply company promised us would be totally completed by March 23rd?  Well, on March 23rd, the only thing completed on our project was the arrival of two drawer pulls.  On Monday, April 30, they are coming to finally put in our kitchen countertops and new sink, and we’ve totally given up on getting any new flooring done until after we return from Michigan in the fall.    We will get to enjoy our updated kitchen for a whole two weeks before we leave.  You know me.  I’m not one to mention names when I’m not happy with a store or a restaurant or a hotel, and I won’t do it this time either.  I will spell it though –  HOME DEPOT.  And that’s all I’m going to say about that!

Again, WHEW!  I bet you wish you hadn’t even started reading this post, don’t you!  Sometimes you just have to vent to friends, and since that’s what I consider all of you, I’m afraid you caught the full force of it today.  I promise by Monday, good Lord willing, I’ll be back to my normal, sane, unrattled self.  Come on back then!

P.S.  One really good, sweet thing did happen this week.  My best friend in the whole world, Helen, sent me a VERY early birthday gift.  It was this huge box, and when I opened it in the kitchen, Bear took off running down the hall – scared to death.  He quickly got over it though, and now he has a new best friend!

"Look, mom!" She's almost as big as me, she doesn't shed, she doesn't cost anything for dog food, and she doesn't get hot spots! You're not trading me in, are you mom?"

"I think we should name her Cinnamon - 'cause she's so sweet."

"Cinnamon, Spinnamon. Where's the squeeker in this thing?"

Note:  Header is a photo of Mackinac Island wild flowers.  Sorry, I just haven’t gotten out much to take any pics this week.  I’ll do better.



  1. Oh my – it doesn’t rain, it pours! You seem to have dealt with all the challenges this week with your usual wit and composure intact (though Ted will have to affirm those facts!). For the rest of us from “far away land” – glad to hear things are looking up. Bear – please put up with one more visit to that darn vet and you’ll be good for a few more months! Cinnamon will keep Maddie company while you’re sleeping. Have a fantastic weekend folks!

  2. I bought a life sized black lab stuffie to use when I teach my Pet Partner workshops, and when she (Louie) came in the mail, our dogs immediately sniffed her butt. Good grief. She is beautifu, though, which is why I named her Louie, after my sweet rescued black lab mix girl who died in 2007.

  3. So glad to hear that things are getting back to normal ?? well maybe at the Horton home. Sometimes it just pours. Rest easy this weekend. Next week you’ll be thinking about packing for your trip norh.

  4. Ah Brenda, sane is over rated…no worries. 😉 So happy that Bear is better, the laptop…you gotta get an Apple (love mine), the weather, MUCH better then ours believe me! Bears new plush buddy is awesome, the island wildflowers are beautiful and Home Depot is…well…Home Depot. 🙂

  5. hahahahaha I laughed out loud at the thought of Bear running from Cinnamon! He looks like he feels better!
    Glad your computers better and Bear too.
    We too have had issues w/that company u spelled out. SIGH Vent away! I feel your pain/frustration!
    Sounds like you wont miss a lot of the spring flowers up on the island. I was down on the campus of Notre Dame yesterday & they were already diggin up their tulips.

    • Oh no! Haven’t seen any photos of the Grand Hotel tulips yet, but the ones at Mission Point Resort are just beginning to bloom.

  6. Brenda,

    If that was your venting, I think you need some lessons. Sounded rather tame to me.

    So glad to know Bear is getting back to normal. They say dogs live in the moment, but I’ll bet he’s just a little more satisfied with his life now.

    You may be thankful to know it’s 42 degrees at our house at the moment and headed down to 28 degrees before morning, so don’t be surprised if you get freezing temperatures after you get to the Island.

    By the way, our little lilac bushes had very skimpy flowers this year, although they were about a month early. I don’t know if the extremely mild winter had anything to do with that or not. I hope the Island fares better.

    • I’m getting excited, Lowell! Good Lord willing, we’ll be on the island in 18 days!

  7. I agree with Lowell: you’re a very polite vent-er! And I am delighted that Bear is better and you all got to sleep in your own beds until you wanted to wake up. That’s a joy we don’t always appreciate enough!
    BTW, our lilacs were early this year (almost a month!), but they were full and lasted a long time. The alleys smelled heavenly! Hope you get the full benefit of the lilacs on the island this year. It won’t be long. . . .

  8. Bear is so photogenic! He is posing so fantastic with Cinnamon!

    I could tell you horror stories about our “simple” bedroom renovation in our 20 year old home but to make a long story short we moved out of our bedroom for 4 months, our walls were reconstructed, and we spent several dollars. After all of this we had freshly painted walls and new carpet. Nothing is ever “simple” when remodeling!

  9. So glad Bear is feeling better. Cinnamon will keep him company. It is so sweet that his new pal is more his size! Love the photos of both dogs saying hello to Cinnamon! The flowers are beautiful.

    Sorry the “do over” was so traumatic. We paid extra $ for a builder to do some touchy “home repairs” last fall and everything went smoothly. I was very concerned about two drywall jobs that needed a “re do” but they turned out beautiful.

  10. Hope Cinnamon is adjusting well to her new family. Love the pic of Bear kissing her..Glad to hear the hot spot is healing. We’re heading into the time of year when something in the air or yard makes Pixel’s feet turn red and itchy. I’m going to start him on Benadryl early this hear and hope it helps keep the misery to a minimum.
    Good luck with the laptop repair-I’d agree with Hilde on getting an Apple product. That’s all we use at home. No viruses and no swearing when installing new software! And I also concur with Lowell that you’re quite a tame venter. But if it helps, then good for you. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    • LOL Lowell and Annie. My sweet Ted gets the “real” vent, so my readers get only the tame version.

    • Annie,

      My son who works in a computer shop building, rebuilding and repairing computers just told me recently that the “wonderful” virus builders have now started targeting Apples, as well as PCs.

      It would probably be a good idea for Apple users to get virus checkers for Apple.

      • Annie,

        Correction. It’s not viruses. It’s key loggers, trojans, spyware, etc. But beware. They can all do you damage.

      • Thanks, Lowell. I’m lucky enough to have my own ‘in- house tech support’-my husband is a programmer and already installed all of the virus checking apparatus. And those key loggers, etc can really do a lot of damage.

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