Posted by: bree1972 | April 29, 2012

Senior Musings 5/1/2012

If all goes as planned, two weeks from today (Monday, April 30), we’ll be pulling into Shepler’s Ferry parking lot, unloading baggage and dogs, and beginning our fifth season on Mackinac Island.  Looking back now, it hardly seems possible five years have passed since we bought our condo.

I was into my “that time of the year” list-making yesterday when I suddenly had one of those random thoughts that can stop you in your tracks.  The thought was this: With the passage of another five summers, Ted and I will enter our 70’s (well, five years for Ted, six for me).

I can remember thinking in my twenties, thirties – heck even my 50’s – that if I reached the age of 70, I was really going to be a very, very old woman.  I’d probably spend my days doddering around the house, reading in my rocking chair, and making sure I kept a good supply of liniment on hand for all those aches and pains that come naturally with age.  I mentioned all this to Ted later in the day, and we spent an hour thinking back to our own parents and how his mom had passed away in her 60’s and my dad and his in their 70’s.  We talked about how much more active we both are than our parents had been and chuckled when we imagined them biking or kayaking or hiking or exploring caves when they were our age.  I like to think that our activity level will keep us younger longer, but if I let myself dwell on it too much, it still astounds me how close we are to being very senior citizens.

When I look in the mirror these days, I don’t see a senior citizen; but it’s mainly because I don’t want to see one.  I’ve trained my eyes to embrace the lines (they give character to the face), and make sure not too many gray hairs are showing at my roots (better call for an appointment before I leave).  I’ve trained my legs to push back a little sooner from the table and my hands to spoon more veggies and fruits into my mouth than meats and sugar.  I’ve semi-trained my body to move more – sometimes when I really don’t want to (during the winter) and sometimes out of pure necessity (during the summer).

I guess all this is on my mind because Ted had a little health scare at the end of last week, and he and I swapped doctor’s appointments so he could get in faster (I knew nothing of the seriousness of his symptoms until he mentioned swapping appointments).  Thankfully, his exam and all his lab work came back normal; but if his symptoms persist, we’ll check it all out again in Michigan.

So, for now, I guess we’ll keep on at our present pace until the good Lord suggests we slow down.  Our lives are so full, and we are so blessed that the thought of doddering around the house, rocking, and rubbing in liniment as exercise sure seems a little tame.  I pray when that “slow down” suggestion does come, we will accept it with peace, grace, and thankfulness for all that came before.

Weekend on the Ri’vah

Backing out of the boat house on Saturday morning.

One of Ted's favorite happy places - behind the steering wheel of the boat!

First order of business - crank up the Oldies station!

Lots of lake traffic this weekend . . .

. . . all of it a lot faster than our little pontoon boat!

We stopped to pick up Ed and Sally . . .

. . . . then pulled in at Jackie and Ricky's house.

Pool party!

A full week ahead – three days of doctors’ appointments for me (just routine stuff), hopefully a whole day of shopping in Albany with my buddy Dawn (since she’s gone to work, we don’t have nearly enough time together), then expecting Jason and Blair in on Friday afternoon for the weekend.   By the time we meet here again (on Friday), the countdown to leaving will have truly begun . . . and, as always, I have mixed emotions about that.  (Sigh) . . . . wishing all our friends and family were coming with us.

Header Photo:  Lady Liberty, the Lake Blackshear Resort and Golf Club dinner boat, cruising down the ri’vah late Saturday afternoon.



  1. I’m counting the days until I go to the Island too…spending the weekend before my 40th birthday at the Chippewa to start the “BIrthday Extravaganza” 🙂 Can’t wait~it’s a magical place!! 🙂

  2. You’re not getting older; you’re getting better! 🙂 Glad to hear everything worked out with Ted!

  3. Brenda, age is just a number…I’m sure you’ve heard that numerous times, but its so true. Your only as old as you feel and in my mind, I don’t feel 59 even if I do look it. LOL. ( I’m with you on the looking in the mirror) Last year when we were on the island and on the way to Soldier’s Garden, we stopped to talk to some friends. ( We just met them last year, even though they had stayed at the Murray the same time the year before as us, and found out we had alot in common, especially big fans of the movie Somewhere In Time)Anyway, as we stopped to talk to them, a biker came by several times at a high rate of speed on his bike, always yelling “biker” as he zoomed by us. We finally ended up just clapping everytime he came by. Finally he took a moment out of his time to stop to talk to us and thank us for our applause. He told us he was doing time trials for the senior olympics. We asked him how old he was and he said he was going on 71!! So there ya go! Even I couldn’t catch or keep up with him if I tried 😉
    I don’t know exactly what’s going on with Ted, but I’m sure the island will have a cure for it. I know that when we see you guys in August, there will no longer be any problems. Love ya’ll!

    • Love it, Hilde! That’s a great Mackinac story!

    • Hoping Ted is symptom-free before we even leave for the island, Hilde!

      • I do too Brenda and I have all the faith that he will be!

  4. I will consider myself a VERY lucky woman, if I look half as beautiful as you do, when I am your age.

  5. Look forward to seeing you on the island soon. We will be there for the first Little Stone Church service on May 20th.

    • So excited about seeing everyone, Kay. Safe travels to India – our daughter-in-law was there for two weeks on business last year. Such a different culture, but she loved her trip and has wonderful photographs.

  6. Time is moving to fast. Once you get to the island I know we have about 5 weeks until we arrive for our 2 days.
    Praying things will be fine with Ted before you leave for up north.
    I often wonder how I got to be 69. I don’t feel that old. Today with had breakfast with 10 of our friends from the Class of “61. We have such a good time that it’s hard to believe in June it will 51 years since we graduated.
    Because our oldest son passed away at age 34 I feel thankful for everyday I have on this earth.

  7. You live and blessed, magical, and inspirational life, Bree. Stay in your wondrous “Moments” and you’ll never know you are old. The Moment is ETERNAL. 🙂

  8. I meant to say, you’ll never know WHEN you get old, for you are not old now. I am exactly 6 months from being 70…….and I’m going to celebrate, grateful beyond words for getting there and being able to CREATE how I want to BE 70. 🙂

  9. One of the best things people can do to stay young is to stay active socially. You’ve got that covered!

  10. As old as you get, I’ll still be older!!!! Or gone!!! Or on my scooter!!!!

  11. Brenda,

    Being serious, which is kind of difficult for me somtimes, seventy sounds pretty good to me. I don’t know what Ted’s symptoms were (are), but whatever they may be, make sure both of you take care of your hearts. I didn’t do that and I’ve been paying for it. However, I’ve had a bonus of over 11 years since a very serious heart attack that almost put me under, and hey, physical blessings don’t come any better than that.

    I had to smile when Hilde said, age is just a number, and you’re only as old as you feel. Every time anyone says that to me, I always answer by asking them why they want to say such a mean thing to me.

    I want you to know that you have had a lot to do with making the last few years an enjoyment for me. Your blog has greatly blessed me. Thank you more than I can say.

    • Lowell, that last paragraph brought tears to my eyes. I am the one who feels the blessings of your words, your wonderful Mackinac memories, and the joy with which you celebrate each day. I think we are just going to have to meet this summer, Lowell. I’m going to make it happen.

      • Brenda, it sure would be nice to see you, Ted, Bear and Maddie, but I don’t see how it can be “in the cards,” unless you have something “up your sleeve” that I don’t know about.

      • My lips are sealed, Lowell.

  12. You and ted seem so young and in love! You are a great example to your children!

  13. I just turned 53 and I certainly don’t feel ‘that old’…I’m now older than my mother was (she passed at 51) and it’s a bit surreal sometimes. But like Hilde said, age is just a number and I hope we all feel well and are able to be active for a good long time! Hope Ted continues to do well-crossing my fingers for him.

  14. You are my inspiration!! My goal in life is to live it as fully as you & Ted.
    If I’m as active as you are (in the few short years it will take me to catch up to your current age) I’ll be living lavita loca! Its more than being active in activity, its being active in spirit, and in mind! You both aspire to learn from others & that in itself, will keep you forever young. 🙂 That rocking chair is comfortable for sure, but I see it as always being a choice for the two of you!

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