Posted by: bree1972 | May 6, 2012

Last Weekend 5/7/2012

It’s been a lovely, lovely last weekend on the ri’vah –  filled with family, good friends, good food, good weather, and good times.  I still haven’t packed one single thing, and for some reason, I’m not nearly as worried about that as I should be.

We’re into our “use-up-everything-in-the-refrigerator” mode, so we had some rather eclectic meal combinations for Jason and Blair, but nobody seemed to mind.  We hung out on the sun porch, took the boat out, went to a wild and crazy Kentucky Derby party at Booger Bottom, and did what everyone else on the planet did Saturday night – photographed the Super Moon!

The sun porch is everyone’s favorite spot in our house – especially in the morning, especially with hot coffee, snugly dogs, the ever-present electronic devices . . .

. . . newspapers and magazines.

Maddie loves having Beyla around – one more dog she can dominate!

We ate at Daphne’s on Friday night, and on Saturday afternoon – Ted’s birthday – we left the house by boat for the Kentucky Derby party at the Bottom. It was a south Georgia scorcher – almost 94 degrees by 3 p.m.

Besides a pool table loaded with food, one of the Derby highlights at the Bottom is a race lottery which allows lucky winners to take home a few extra dollars. The line for lottery tickets was long and very vocal.

Outside, we talked, laughed . . . and swatted gnats!

Karen – in a beautiful Derby bonnet.

White polos and seersucker shorts seemed to be popular . . . with the cutest model being little Charlie!

A happy trio.

Ted gets a before-you-leave hug from Dawn.

Back in the boat, we decide to go see what’s happening at the Cypress Grill.

We go under the Hwy. 280 bridge. . . .

. . . under the old train trestle . . .

. . . and arrive at the Grill to find the outdoor deck packed.

We ate a light supper, listened to a few songs . . .

. . . and left just as the sun was going down.

All the way home, we watched as the super moon rose above the trees.

. . . and we stopped a few times to try and capture its brilliance, without the movement of the boat.

Ted took this final shot from our backyard, after closing up the boat house for the night.

We have an amazingly busy week ahead – countertops coming in on Monday (cross your fingers), trips to Albany and Sylvester, a few other errands – AND packing.  I figure by Saturday, when we leave, driving 1100 miles might be downright restful!

I’ll see you back here on Friday for one last post from the ri’vah.  Have an awesome week!  God bless.



  1. Are you leaving THIS Saturday (May 12th)? I am having anxiety for you! I can’t imagine packing for 6 moths! Have a good week and good luck!

    • Yes, Yvonne! We leave on the 12th!

  2. I can’t believe it’s that time already. Seems like you were just leaving the island and now your heading back that way. Before long we will be there too!! Can’t wait!! This will be a special year because I’m not sure if we will be able to be there next year. 😦 Oh, and that moon was awesome!

    • Hmmmm, Hilde. You’ll have to tell me later what’s going on next year . . . .

  3. I’ll be up there–Mackinaw City– over Memorial Day weekend for a book signing at True North Bookstore. Come to MC and watch the reenactment at Fort Michimackinac.
    Ps How’s Dudley?

    • Dudley and I are no longer companions. Will tell that story sometime in the future.

  4. PS. I’m in Niles, MI 🙂

  5. I absolutly love the picture of the moon and the flag together….so cool! I bet there is a lot going on before the trip, I bet you are super excited to be on the island again. I know I can’t wait!

  6. Another great entry Bree! Great pics too!

  7. Did Ted win anything in the horse race lottery? Looks like you had a wonderful weekend-you all look very happy and relaxed. Nice that the ‘kids’ could come visit one more time before you head up north. Nice shots of the moon on Saturday-wasn’t that awesome! We had a few clouds but when it peeked out-wow! Sending ‘don’t forget to pack anything important’ wishes for the week-hope you find all your lists!

    • Ah yes – the lists! Where are those? LOL – no, Ted nor Jason held any winning tickets.

  8. Beautifully written! Enjoyed it very much!!

  9. My sister and I will be on the island may 20th, we haven’t met you and Ted yet but hope to on this trip. Always enjoy reading both of your blogs since we use to live in Albany and love, love, love the island!

    • It’s a small, small world, Pam. Where are you staying on the Island?

      • We are staying at the Main Street Inn & Suites (6 nights :)). We have a 6 hour drive straight north on US 127 until it merges with I-75. We are up at 5am, on the road by 6 and having lunch on the island! I just love the drive, especially once we get past Lansing, the rolling hills, less traffic and all those beautiful trees. Hope to see you, Ted, Bear & Maddie. Have a safe trip!

      • Thanks, Pam!

  10. I’m glad you had a fun time at the derby party. That super moon was just so beautiful – we had a clear night here so got to spend some time outside watching it too – along with our friends the mosquitoes 🙂 Have fun packing and getting ready for your trip up North. Happy Tuesday!!

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