Posted by: bree1972 | February 13, 2013

Slices of Lake Days 2/13/2013

Since Bear wrote last week’s post, there seems to be a lot of lake news that’s built up over the last 14 days.  Here’s a glimpse into some of the events that made the most impact during that time . . .

Poor Maddie, Poor Bear . . . . Poor Ted

I was awakened at four a.m. one night last week by Maddie landing on the bed like a piece of falling ceiling tile.  She then scrunched up to me as close as possible, shivering so hard I thought she was going to shake the bed, and my first thought – before even opening my eyes – was, “Am I dreaming this?”

The next nerve impulse to my brain pried open my eyes, and I almost screamed.  There was a man hovering over the bed!  Whew – it was Ted!  Then my ears woke up.  “Come on, Maddie,” Ted was saying, over and over.  “Come on, little girl.”

Maddie shook harder and crowded in closer.  Finally my voice woke up.  “What in the heck is going on!?”

It seems Ted got up when he heard Maddie acting like she was going to be sick.  They walked into the kitchen so she could go out the front door (no deck steps that way), and as Ted reached out to move her off the new rug under the dining room table, his feet slipped out from under him and he fell.  In the process of going down and trying to catch himself, he flung out his arm and accidentally hit Maddie hard enough to send her skidding across the kitchen floor.

Bear, who had been right there with them the whole time, immediately became deeply concerned about Ted and started whining and poking his nose in Ted’s face, making sure he was ok.  Maddie, on the other hand, was not amused or concerned, and that’s how I ended up with eleven pounds of quivering, quaking wiener dog Velcroed to my flannel pj’s at four in the morning.

Even with all the coercing, Maddie was having nothing to do with Ted, and he finally had to pick her up and carry her outside.  As soon as her four feet hit the grass, she took off in a wild sprint to hide from her attacker.

Ted spent the next 30 minutes walking around the yard with a flashlight, trying to find a brown dog that perfectly blended with the brown grass.

Mission accomplished, we all finally got back to sleep around five in the morning.

By morning, Maddie had forgotten the whole incident, and Ted was once again her favorite person.  Yeahhh!!!

New Little Girl

Remember when I went to Colorado to visit Blake and showed you this pic?

Remember when I went to Colorado to visit Blake and his housemates Rich and Anna?

Little Emilia Faye was born 10 days ago - a beautiful, healthy little girl.  Mama Anna is fine . . . .

Little Emilia Faye was born February 3rd – a beautiful, healthy little girl. Mama Anna is doing fine . . . .

. . . and daddy Rich is in love.

. . . and daddy Rich is in love.

P.S.  Blake has not changed a diaper yet, but I’m sure that day is coming soon.  Oh please, someone get a pic of that when it happens!

Super Bowl – Booger Bottom-Style

Super Bowl Sunday at Booger Bottom is a BIG DAY!  It’s a huge party with a prime rib dinner.

A beautiful day at the lake for a Super Bowl party.

A beautiful day at the lake for a Super Bowl party.

Larry Chickwood is always the chef extraordinaire - prime rib grilled to perfection.

Larry Chickwood is always the chef extraordinaire – prime rib grilled to perfection and lots of Southern side dishes.  After the Falcons were out of the running, I don’t think anyone here at the lake really cared much who won, but we sure did have fun!

We Took the Plunge

Ted and I finally broke down and traded our flip phones for two iPhone 5’s.  Yes – we swore a million times we would NEVER be like those people who had phones in their  hands constantly, flashing fingers dancing over the world’s smallest keyboard – texting, calling, surfing, googling, amazoning, pandora-ing.

And yet . . .

. . . they are just so darned much fun!

. . . they are just so darned much fun!

Please note.  My phone is covered by a feminine, pink, sweet Otter Box (which promises to protect it if it hits the street as I fly down Cadotte Hill on my bike.  Ted's phone is encased in a black, military-grade case that will protect it if it's hit by a nuclear warhead at close range (or if he falls on the kitchen floor at four in the morning).

Please note. My phone is covered by a feminine, sweet pink Otter Box (which promises to protect it if it hits the street as I fly down Cadotte Hill on my bike). Ted’s phone is enclosed in a black, military-grade case that will protect it if it’s hit by a nuclear warhead at close range (or if he falls on the kitchen floor at four in the morning).

We’re both hoping we get over our pre-occupation with these things in a week or two.  Maybe a month.

From Aggravation and Anxiety to a Blessing

Last Friday I left the house at 8:30 a.m. with Bear and Beyla.  Bear and I were going to work this week with the Paws Patrol group, so he was going in to be groomed.  As my good deed for the week, I decided to take Beyla to be groomed as a surprise to  Jason.

I dropped them both off at the groomers at 9:30 and stopped at the school system administration building, where I worked for 982 years before retiring five years ago.  I spent a couple of hours visiting with friends, then went back to my car.  It would not crank.

Dead as a doorknob.

I was in a parking place where no one could jump off the battery unless they were parked right beside me, and I knew the odds of that happening were almost zero.  So I called the Ford dealership where I bought my Escape, and they promised to have someone come with battery cables within an hour (all covered under my extended warrenty).

“What if it’s not the battery?” I asked.  I could just envision having to wait another hour while a wrecker came.

“Do you want us to send a wrecker?” said Ford.

“I want you to send a wrecker with battery cables,” I answered.  “That way, if it’s not the battery, the wrecker will already be here.”

“Uh, huh,” said Ford.

Five minutes later my phone buzzed.  “This is the roadside assistance company that Ford called about your trouble. Is it ok to use the GPS service on your phone to locate you?”  I said “of course” and bit my tongue from asking why I couldn’t just tell her where I was.

“You will be getting a text from the wrecker service we call to let you know what time they will arrive at your location,” said roadside assistance company.

A few minutes later my phone buzzed a text to me saying the wrecker would be there at 11:37 a.m.  I wondered how they could possibly know that to the minute, but I wasn’t going to text back and ask.

At 11:47  the car parked beside me pulled out, and at 11:48 the wrecker pulled in (yes, I was watching the clock – not a bad estimate on their part).  What luck about the parking space!

Yes – it was the battery, but since the battery was less than two years old I decided to go to the Ford dealership and let them check it – and I might as well get the oil changed too.

Two hours later I pulled out of the dealership with clean battery terminals, new oil, and a leaky oil filter changed.  I couldn’t pick up the dogs until five, so I had time to shop!  I spent the next two hours in Pier I and found the perfect canister set for the kitchen AND a matching cookie jar.  Finally, things were going right again.

At five o’clock I picked up two sweet-smelling, washed and fluff-dried big dogs, called Ted to say I was on the way home and left the groomers.  Three blocks later a woman ran a stop sign and plowed into my SUV, throwing both dogs into the front windshield.  Thank God she was going slowly, and neither of them was hurt.  The lady driving the other car ran up to my window to see if I was all right and then started crying hysterically.  I looked out my window and saw her entire front bumper and one headlight on the street.  I asked if she was ok, she nodded and then asked if I would follow her to her place of business.  I refused and asked her to please call 911 while I checked on the dogs and called Ted to tell him I was going to be a little late.


When I got out, I found very little damage to my car.

The police and ambulance arrived.  The EMTs tried to calm down the lady who had hit me.  It turned out she was not driving her own car and tried to convince the police that the accident was my fault because she had not seen me coming.  The police failed to see the logic in that.

I got home around 7 p.m.

That night, tired and pretty bummed out, I posted a short note about my day on Facebook, and Andrea, a Facebook friend, wrote this:  Hope everyone’s OK this morning. Sometimes it takes overnight for the aches to settle in. I’m looking at it this way: God was trying to keep you off the road for some reason yesterday. He sent a dead battery and when that didn’t work, he sent a distracted driver (which DID work). Aren’t you glad you missed the REAL accident that could have hospitalized (or killed) you and/or the babies? I sure am! Glad to hear y’all are all right.

Suddenly I saw everything in an entirely different way.  Instead of remembering the frustration and the anxiety and the aggravation, I saw the whole day as a series of events where God was directing my path.

And even though I had said a “thank you” prayer on the way home on Friday afternoon, I offered up another prayer of thanksgiving right here at my laptop.  And thanks, Andrea, for opening my eyes.

Chris Ann Update

I spoke with Burton this morning.  He shared that Chris Ann is mostly sleeping now.  She remains pain-free, thanks to some really high-powered meds, and that is such a blessing.  Their two children who live in Michigan are alternating coming on weekends, and Hospice is visiting on a regular basis.  I asked Burton to please give Chris Ann a hug and kiss for me and to let her know that prayers continue to lift upward from all of you. 


Ted and I are joining several couples from the lake for our annual Valentine’s group dinner at Daphne’s.  Hoping all of you have an awesome Valentine’s Day and get to share it with someone you love.  God bless.



  1. What a little darling! : ) I love babies!

  2. lol I have to say…as I read this… at first I thought…OMG IT HAPPENED AGAIN? Then it occured to me…this was the blog version…and not a repeat! lol Again,,,glad ur okay…glad the dogs are okay..and glad Maddie & Ted recovered from their nightmare “trip”!
    Beautiful baby too!

  3. Brenda I am so glad you and the dogs are alright. Boy what a week you and Ted have had(hope he has recovered from the fall). Little Emilia Faye is adorable. Happy Valentine’s Day to the Hortons!

  4. Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Boy, I am really behind the times…I didn’t know this was all happening..I’m so glad Ted is fine and that you and the furbabies are alright, oh and Maddie too! Isn’t it great how people try to blame other people for THEIR mistake.
    Little Emilia is a cutie and what a sweet name.
    We just got our first smartphones a few months ago too. Still don’t know how to use it all. lol
    Thank you for the update on Chris Ann…I miss her postings.

  5. Wow-that was quite a day you had! Very, very happy for you that none of you were hurt in the fender bender and I think Andrea has great perspective. Hope it’s smooth sailing from now on!

  6. Brenda,

    After some difficult days, I’m glad you, Ted and the boy and girl are doing well now.

    I think it was so nice of the young couple, Rich & Anna, to name their new little girl after my Faye. That was quite thoughtful on their part.

    Only 108 days until we see you on the Island!

    • Lowell and Faye, Have you started packing yet?

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Brenda,

        We haven’t started packing just yet, but I did buy some luggage from Wal-Mart earlier this week. I didn’t think it would look very “cool” to arrive carrying our belongings in plastic grocery sacks.

        Our son, Timothy, who you met, bought new rechargeable batteries for the camera, but they won’t take a charge and we didn’t keep the cash register receipt. Nevertheless, we’ll have to get more batteries.

      • I forgot to tell you that our son, Travis, gave us one of those phones that does everything. I don’t know if it’s an iPhone or not, but I use it
        to make calls – period! As I understand it, a person needs to be a child to learn how to use one of those things, so when I get to my second childhood, I’ll give it a try.

      • OMG Lowell, I just e-mailed my niece today(who I am taking to Mackinac Island for her first visit) telling her that we leave in 108 days. It is nice to know that there are other people out there who get just as excited about going to the Island as I do.

      • Lora, will you be staying on the Island, and if so, where?

  7. Yes, Lowell my niece and I will be staying at the new Bicycle Inn for 5 days. I would like to stay longer but I have to get my her home for the start of Volley Ball practice. I hope you and your wife will be able to stay for a few days. I know you haven’t been able to make it to the Island for a while.

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