Lake Blackshear is a man-made fresh water lake created when the Crisp County Power Dam blocked the Flint River near Cordele, GA.  When I was a little girl growing up in Sylvester, GA, and folks talked about going to the “river”, they meant Lake Blackshear.

Ted and I moved here in 1995 from Albany, GA, soon after our last child graduated from high school and went off to college.  Both of us are retired now, and spending six months on Lake Blackshear in the winter and spring and 6 months on Mackinac Island in Michigan in the summer and fall is like having the best of both worlds. 

Living on the river, or “ri-vah”as we say here in the south, is relaxing and peaceful – it’s also exciting and fun.  Come share our little world here in south Georgia with us.  We’d love for you to drop in!



  1. Hi Bree! I know your enroute to Georgia, but I wanted to see if I could get on this blog and I did. Nice picture above, by the way. Take care!

    Michelle in Michigan

    • Thanks, Michelle. I had to “lift” a home picture out of an album on Shutterfly, and it didn’t transfer very well. I’ll do better once we are there in person. See you soon!

  2. The pictures of The Smokies was beautiful, but the prettiest one was the one off your back deck, becouse that means “Your Home.” See you soon.

  3. Glad you are back home safely. I am your “next door neighbor” in Alabama!!! I am looking forward to your upcoming blogs. You do an amazing job!!!!

    • Hi neighbor! I’m glad I’ve got a true Southerner looking over my shoulder!

  4. Hi Bree— I thought you had been in MY kitchen here in MN!! I have a blue 3 ring binder JUST EXACTLY like yours, also filled with recipes- some tried & true, others waiting to be tried out when I have time (if that ever happens!).

    Have followed you from Mac. to GA, and am sooo enjoying learning things about your life on the “riv-ah”!! Love the pics.

    Pls. settle an on-going debate, since you are in the heart of pecan growing country…is the proper pronounciation “pee-can” or “pee-kahn”?? Smiles! Us midwesterners certainly want to be correct in our speaking..ya sure- you ‘betcha!!


    • Hi Jane. Ah – the question of the ages – Pee’-can or Pa-cah’? Truth be known, I have no idea. I grew up calling them Pee’-cans. In my adult life, I have tried being a little more “adult” and usually call them Pa-cahs’ (but I do slip up – especially when I’m being silly and really laying on the southern accent – and say “I sure would like to have me some Pee’-can Pie!” Didn’t help you one bit, did I.

  5. Looking forward to hearing about Lake Blackshear, but will miss the tales of Mackinaw.

  6. Updating my email so I can keep following post Mackinac!

  7. Where is the best bass fishing on Blackshear in late June?

    • Sorry, Henry, I have no idea. We don’t fish. I would think if you called the Georgia Veterans State Park office, they could help you with that.

      • LOL, thought I would give it a shot… Thanks.. Love the writing… Great blog..

      • We’re on Mackinac Island in Michigan during the summer. You can visit us there at http://bree1972.wordpress.com

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